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v3.75 - January 26 2011

 + Actions: render stems pre-fader now preserve pan law
 + Actions: move media items down now properly creates tracks when starting with a single track
 + Item lanes: fixed overflow bug with large numbers of overlapping items
 + Media item loading multiproject status fix
 + MIDI editor: filter dialog now draws correctly with nonstandard font sizes
 + MIDI editor: undo state saving on CC lane insert
 + MIDI editor: fixed clearing sysex/text lanes causing crash
 + MIDI overdub recording: fixed noteoffs on 0 tick length notes
 + OSX: screenset stability fixes
 + OSX: better looking bullet-mark on MIDI editor CC lanes
 + OSX: Safer unloading of projects
 + Project rate envelope: better sound with PDC/anticipative FX and editing envelope
 + ReaFir: fixed analysis range inaccuracies
 + ReaXcomp: fixed threshold smoothing bug when automating to extremely low thresholds
 + VST: calling getOutputLatency() on resume until first audio block processed now produces more sane results
 + VST: audioMasterGetOutputTime will not return negative values
 + Other cleanups/stability improvements

v3.74 - December 24 2010

 + API: fixed support for modifying very short items via certain API functions
 + Actions: fixed loop length halve/double 
 + Master track: channel count now reset on new project, able to save in project defaults
 + MIDI recording: prevent dropped notes in MIDI replace record mode
 + MIDI editor bank/program select: don't sort program banks alphabetically
 + Mixer: fx parameter scroll button positioning fixes
 + Nudge/set: fixed bug when duplicating grouped items
 + Project templates: default project template is now stored with relative path in .ini (for config import/export)
 + ReaControlMIDI: fixed manual text entry of pitch and pan values
 + Track locking: fixed unlocking of track not changing undo state
 + VST: more handling for VSTs that resize themselves
 + VST: fixed window sizing bug causing some FX to open in a too-small window
 + Update arrange view periodically while bringing media online: better update frequency for OSX
 + Various small potential memory corruption fixes (thanks, nitpicker!)
 + WINE support: properly detect newer versions of WINE

v3.73 - November 17 2010

 + API: added GetCurrentProjectInLoadSave() for context when loading project-specific extension state
 + AU: fixed some AUs going blank when floating/unfloating the window (thanks, Camel Audio)
 + AU: avoid opening bridges to scan for plug-ins (keep cached copy -- hit F5 in fx browser to force rescan)
 + Batch file converter: fixed dropping files on OSX
 + Preliminary configuration import/export support (ReaperConfigZip), accessible via action or preferences/general
 + Drag and drop of .ReaperThemeZip (or .zip with theme files) files to REAPER's arrange now installs the theme 
 + Envelopes: fixed editing of first envelope point
 + Envelopes: when hiding pre-fx volume/pan envelopes, values are no longer applied to main volume/pan 
 + Items: show take numbers for items without take names
 + MIDI editor: fixed marquee including too many items when zoomed very far in
 + Mixer: fixed positioning when adding first visible track icon or removing last icon
 + Mixer: fixed resize of hidden extended mixer components with track icon visible
 + Ripple editing: fixed ripple on first track when pasting/inserting multiple items
 + SMPTE LTC sync: leave framerate blank to use project framerate setting (default for new projects)
 + Tooltips: fixed a bug that would cause some pan envelope tooltips to display incorrectly
 + Theming: fixed stretch configuration for button images
 + Update arrange view periodically while bringing media online

v3.72 - October 19 2010

 + API/ReaScript: added SetMediaItemPosition/Length, with the option to suppress screen redraw
 + API/ReaScript: better portability between Windows and Mac (strip Windows newlines) 
 + API/ReaScript: API functions for item/marker setting should now perform better on OSX
 + Armed actions: show special cursor and tooltip only when clicking will trigger the action
 + Armed actions: do not cancel armed action on undo
 + Feedback routing: fixed stopped monitoring with feedback
 + Feedback routing: decreased memory/CPU use
 + MIDI recording: fixed some overlapping note issues with replace and overdub recording modes
 + MIDI editor: moving CCs/events now updates pre-quantized positions
 + MIDI editor: reduced memory use when opening/closing many editors
 + MIDI editor: fixed memory leak when reusing MIDI editor and switching between MIDI items
 + MIDI editor: fixed stuck velocity display on reopening some MIDI editors
 + Media items: disabled "copy loop of selected area" action for MIDI items
 + Media items: recalculate autocrossfades for beat-based media items when changing time signature
 + Media items: selecting items via shift+click respects option to select all grouped items
 + Media items: allow copying loop of selected area when the time selection includes the item end
 + OGG support: improved stability/playback of corrupted OGG files (libvorbis 1.3.1 bug)
 + Performance: Reduced thread locking when recalculating item information
 + Shift+click time selection on items now obeys edit cursor moving preferences
 + Shift+click item selection now use range of clicks rather than range of items
 + Shift+click item selection no longer unselects other items (hold ctrl in addition for this)
 + Stability: Improved MIDI note previewing threadsafety
 + VST: better resize notification support

v3.71 - September 28 2010

 + ASIO: requested audio block size: fixed power-of-two rounding mode
 + Media items: drawing fix for empty items

v3.7 - September 27 2010

 + ASIO: support for requesting audio block size (many drivers will ignore, though)
 + Arc/roundrect drawing: fixed bugs, smaller code
 + Floating toolbar: fixed refresh on update of theme
 + MIDI editor: avoid unsafe memory access on undo
 + Themes: fixed drawing glitch on docker tabs (and potentially elsewhere) introduced in 3.69
 + OSX: fixed potential crash under certain focus conditions (impl IsWindow())

v3.69 - September 20 2010

 + Media item labels: option to show/hide text label based on item height
 + Media item buttons: option to show/hide buttons based on item height
 + Nudge/set: pass space bar through from nudge dialog to main window
 + OSX: avoid blinking cursor and tooltip when holding down a modifier key
 + OSX: fixed VST-shell project loading on PPC
 + OSX: fixed drawing issues (primarily related to docked media explorer)
 + Parameter modulation: fixed problem when using latent plugins
 + Project: safer writing of long lines to project file/undo memory
 + Themes: background stretching fixes

v3.68 - September 11 2010

 + Dynamic split: fixed forced reduction of splits during calculation
 + Media items: better rounding of timing of certain start offsets 
 + Media items: fixed undo/redo of take deletion broken in 3.67
 + MIDI editor: tick accuracy improvements when pasting MIDI
 + MIDI editor: fixed scrub preview for CC messages on channels other than 1
 + MIDI editor: fixed checkmarks in customized menus
 + MIDI editor: respect preference to prevent single-click CC event selection when holding shift or control
 + MIDI editor: create undo point when changing CC lane (prevent undoing back to the previous lane)
 + Mute: fixed UI inconsistency when undo/redo on tracks with no items
 + Peaks: fixed zoomed in peaks display of waveforms with active MIDI take
 + Pencil mode: fixed flicker when starting to draw looped MIDI items
 + Project load: fixed loading of certain third party generated RPPs broken in 3.67
 + Project load/save: better default paths  
 + Save as: in copy modes, if a full project path is set, clear it (as it will not be used in the new project)
 + Tooltips: added preference to show tooltips when hovering the mouse over an envelope
 + Video: improved initial CPU/RAM use on load of projects with video items

v3.672 - August 30 2010

 + More item fade mouse modifier tweakage (fully back to 3.66 behavior)

v3.671 - August 29 2010

 + Restored default item fade modifiers

v3.67 - August 29 2010

 + MIDI editor: smoother editing for swing grid handles
 + MIDI editor: snap pitch/pan CC bars to center
 + MIDI editor: don't create extra undo point when moving/copying events
 + MIDI editor: fixed advancing cursor when step recording with swing grid enabled
 + MIDI editor: fixed crash when double-clicking collapsed CC lane
 + MIDI editor: fixed paste preserving position in measure in first partial measure of a media item
 + MIDI editor: new theme color for octave grid line
 + MIDI editor: update display immediately after event list context menu action
 + MIDI editor: when a single CC event is dragged, display the actual event time/value in the lower right
 + FX: adding FX via quick-add menu floats the FX window (if the user preference is to show the FX window at all)
 + FX: double click a floating FX title bar to return the FX to the chain window
 + FX: double-click empty space in the FX chain list (under the current inserted FX) to open the FX browser
 + FX: fixed potential flood of FX automation messages
 + FX: optionally show the current track FX in the FX button context menu, click to float/unfloat individual FX
 + FX: when adding an FX chain, auto-float each FX window if the preference is set
 + OSX: fixed a graphic glitch when updating track I/O window
 + OSX: fixed drawing behavior when tabbing through tracks to rename
 + OSX: fixed plug-in pin connector dialog not showing [+] button
 + OSX: fixed tiny font and odd alignment in track IO dialog, MIDI CC lanes
 + OSX: fixed too-large font on track meters
 + Video/FFmpeg: better audio seek mechanism
 + Video/FFmpeg: fixed duration on broken MPEG-1 files
 + Video/QuickTime: added sample accurate seek when using Quicktime decoder
 + Video/Windows: added EVR output for Vista+ machines (improved video display when using Aero)
 + Video/Windows: fixed hang when using REAPER over RDP
 + Video: better peaks display when zoomed in on videos that use compressed audio
 + Action: scroll view vertically (midi CC): prevent scrolling offscreen
 + Action: split items at timeline grid affects offscreen items properly
 + Action: toggle mute for track sends or receives 1-8
 + API: export Help_Set function (show help text in the area below the track panels)
 + AU: fixed occasional noise blast from plugins that can't handle anticipative processing (AUPeakLimiter)
 + AU: better support for multi-output AUs (thanks, VSL)
 + Cues: fixed drawing of extra cues on unlooped items that are longer than the underlying media source
 + Envelopes: pan envelope lane slider direction is consistent in trim/read vs write modes
 + External editors: when passing a region to Sound Forge, round to the nearest sample
 + Grid: fixed actions to split at grid, move cursor left/right to nearest grid position
 + Grouped items: more consistent behavior when editing grouped item edges
 + Help: when modifier keys are down, show what action is about to occur when editing items and envelope points
 + Item crossfades: shift+alt drag moves the crossfade and stretches both items
 + Marquee: shift overrides snap when selecting items and time together
 + Media explorer: options for default action (insert media, preview media, do nothing)
 + Parameter modulation: smoother audio control signal modulation with very short attack/release
 + Playback: fixed play cursor positioning when starting near end of project/loop
 + Preferences: moved volume/pan fader range settings to Appearance/VU Meters and Faders
 + Preferences: preference to suppress splitting all items at the edit cursor if nothing is selected
 + Project parsing: less heap use when parsing projects (faster loading of large projects)
 + ReaEQ: Cockos VST extension support for manually editing envelope points
 + Render: added minimize button to minimize REAPER during renders
 + Render: fixed rendered items sometimes being one sample too short with certain sample rate/buffer size settings
 + s/SVN/Git/: new revision IDs in about box
 + Takes: actions to rotate take lanes forward or backward for selected items
 + Takes: copy/preserve take FX when new recording splits an existing media item (obeys preference to copy take FX on split)
 + Takes: internal changes to take processing
 + Theme support: background images with yellow lines (outer-areas) now properly supported for track name, vol, pan labels, etc
 + Theme support: better detection of theme changes (faster)
 + Theme support: button images can now have pink lines for stretching
 + Tooltips: action to toggle on/off tooltips for media items and envelopes
 + Tooltips: multi-line tooltips for envelopes, items, item fades
 + Tooltips: multi-line tooltips for track IO, ENV, FX buttons 
 + Undo/Save: safer behavior when loading media item state
 + Undo: don't create extra undo point when control+drag copying media items
 + VST: ensure "show VST folders" option is persistent
 + VST: when VST folders enabled and VST names disabled, don't show path twice in FX button right-click menu
 + Windows: fix for waveOut latency going off after many hours

v3.661 - August 25 2010

 + MIDI editor: fixed possible crash or corruption when deleting MIDI text events
 + OSX: fixed default shift key mappings in MIDI editor

v3.66 - August 4 2010

 + MIDI editor: action to reverse events also reverses CC, works in event list view
 + MIDI editor: actions that target a CC lane will target the top lane if no CC lane has focus
 + MIDI editor: advance edit cursor correctly after paste preserving position in measure
 + MIDI editor: better blink cursor appearance
 + MIDI editor: clicking to the left of a CC lane will set focus to that lane without deselecting notes/CC
 + MIDI editor: fixed CC events on one channel erasing events on other channels when moving CC with notes
 + MIDI editor: fixed splitting notes in looped MIDI items
 + MIDI editor: fixed step input actions when inserting X semitones below the current note
 + MIDI editor: immediately refresh event list when correcting overlapping notes/CC
 + MIDI editor: option to disable single-click selecting CC events
 + MIDI editor: paste preserving position in measure will not paste duplicates
 + MIDI editor: quantize, humanize, event properties, and filter windows stay on top of the editor
 + MIDI editor: swing grid support
 + MIDI editor: swing grid strength is set/edited by dragging handles on the upbeat grid lines
 + MIDI editor: text box for manual entry of swing strength
 + MIDI editor: when correcting overlapping notes, also correct CC events at the same time/channel
 + MIDI editor: when correcting overlapping notes/CC, always preserve the selected note/CC
 + MIDI quantize: actions to quantize note position, or position and end, to grid
 + MIDI quantize: added actions and options to quantize notes only, or all events
 + MIDI quantize: added bypass checkbox to quantize dialog
 + MIDI quantize: checkbox to fix overlaps on commit
 + MIDI quantize: notes will move with grid changes if quantize dialog is open when changing grid or swing
 + MIDI quantize: overhauled quantize dialog
 + MIDI quantize: when quantize grid is set to editor grid, quantize swing setting is linked to editor swing
 + MIDI: fixed MIDI notes sometimes not being played when coinciding exactly with a time signature change
 + Custom colors: action to reset random color generator (also resets default.palette if it exists)
 + Custom colors: if default.reapalette file exists, use those colors instead of random colors
 + Custom colors: default.reapalette (resource dir): text file of R G B values, one color per line
 + Custom colors: organized default custom color menu entries
 + Custom colors: preference for media item background tint strength, for selected/unselected media items
 + Custom colors: preference to automatically color any recording pass that adds takes to existing items
 + Custom colors: support for setting all takes created in the same recording pass to a custom color 
 + Custom colors: support for setting custom colors per-take
 + API: allow extensions and ReaScript to get/set take custom colors, recording pass ID
 + Automation: higher recording speed for FX parameter automation
 + Automation: refresh track volume/pan sliders when deleting a track envelope in read/write modes
 + Color theme: added themeable colored bars to optionally display on selected items, active takes  
 + Color theme: added themeable colors for MIDI note/CC text colors (light and dark)
 + Custom menu editor: action list automatically switches to the correct section when changing menus
 + Envelopes: drawing optimizations when zoomed out
 + External sync: option to only use external sync on playback or recording, or both
 + Master VU: fixed inaccurate RMS meter calculation with some window/audio buffer sizes
 + Media items: draw media source end notch slightly differently for unlooped items 
 + Nudge/set: checkbox to preserve relative item positioning in set mode
 + OSX: better text field coloring
 + OSX: fixed 2GB+ file peakfile generation/reading
 + OSX: fixed a few graphical glitches relating to docked windows
 + OSX: selecting default system devices now allows differing input/outputs
 + Preferences: new tab for path settings (default render path, default recording path, alternate peak cache path)
 + ReaControlMIDI: fixed reading .ins files that contain trailing blank lines  
 + ReaGate: checkbox to invert gate output (when loud, duck wet signal vs dry)
 + Recording: organized options for behavior when recording over existing items
 + Recording: recording over existing items can split the old items and add takes, create new items, or trim existing items
 + Recording: ensure that loop recording creates correct length files when "add new files on loop" enabled
 + Recording: fix for loop recording sometimes being slightly off the loop edges
 + Recording: new preference to discard incomplete first/last takes if at least one full loop was recorded
 + Scrollbars: improved zoom button sizing
 + Takes: action to activate take under mouse, mapped to "Y" by default (for "yes")
 + Takes: media item drawing optimizations 
 + Takes: media items can be locked to the active take (to prevent mouse clicks from switching takes)
 + Takes: preference to link or unlink all takes when editing start offset (slip editing)
 + Toolbar: refresh custom toolbars after linking/unlinking loop points and time selection via preferences
 + Tracks: "Options/Show overlapping items in lanes" creates as many lanes as necessary
 + Tracks: when showing items in lanes, items whose audio will mask other items are drawn in a higher lane
 + Tracks: automatically remove tracks created by accidentally moving an item down too far
 + Tracks: added preference to remove or retain tracks created by moving an item below the last track and back
 + Transport menu: fixed checkmarks on submenu items (such as external sync, etc)
 + Video: preliminary support for flip/rotate of video (video source properties)
 + VST: inform plugins if transport repeat is enabled
 + Windows: better audio device closing behavior when minimizing REAPER and stopped

v3.651 - July 15 2010

 + Action window: better behavior after adding actions to custom menus (close or restore the action window properly)
 + Actions: run LICEcap
 + Actions: set item mix behavior to project default
 + Actions: move or copy items to time selection, trim/stretch/loop/duplicate to fit
 + Actions: move position, edges, contents, duplicate of selected item (or item under mouse) to edit cursor 
 + Actions: select all locked tracks
 + Actions: set track record path to primary, secondary, primary+secondary
 + Actions: show record path/secondary record path in explorer/finder
 + API: added MIDIEditor_GetTake, to get the MIDI take that is being edited in the active MIDI editor
 + API: added SetCurrentBPM function
 + Automation: fixed recording of send automation via mixer (broken since 3.3)
 + Automation: preference to reset write mode to another automation mode after one recording pass
 + Envelope panel: remove mouseover highlight when mouse leaves window
 + Envelopes: fixed action to move envelope points left/right by grid size
 + Envelopes: lane trim fader and add-4-points actions create points 0.5 ms apart
 + Envelopes: remember envelope armed state when unbypassing
 + Envelopes: when recording automation in loop, keep the exact recorded values at loop start and end
 + External sync: optional flashing window to warn when recording and waiting for timecode 
 + FX: when docking/undocking fx chain, hide/show plug-in config window (some plug-ins don't like being moved)
 + Help: changed "Help: keyboard shortcuts" to "Help: Mouse key modifiers and action shortcuts"
 + Help: added MIDI editor mouse modifier behaviors to output of Help/Mouse modifier keys
 + Item notes/project notes: fixed Unicode character support
 + JS: added ts_num, ts_denom variables (time signature numerator and denominator)
 + JS: fixed x64 issue when used with third party plug-ins compiled with buggy MS CRT (fmod() needs fclex, etc)
 + Main menu: audio status now can optionally show record path, can disable showing of device info/record format
 + Master track: deselect all other tracks when clicking master track TCP
 + Media explorer: don't process REAPER hotkeys when renaming items (Windows)
 + Media explorer: replace media source for selected items, optionally stretched/looped to fit
 + Menus/Actions: cleanup of many action descriptions ("selected tracks" becomes "tracks", same for items, etc)
 + MIDI devices: added a button to reset all MIDI devices, in Prefs/Audio/MIDI Devices
 + MIDI editor: actions to insert note or advance cursor by various note lengths
 + MIDI editor: actions to move edit cursor by measures
 + MIDI editor: actions to zoom view to selected notes/CC, or to project loop selection (double-click piano roll ruler)
 + MIDI editor: don't fix overlapping or duplicate notes until after quantize/humanize is done
 + MIDI editor: don't shift+select notes that are adjacent to the current selection (they must overlap)
 + MIDI editor: double-clicking existing text/sysex events always edits the event (rather than creating a new one)
 + MIDI editor: dropdown setting for length to use when inserting notes (can be set when drawing/selecting a note)
 + MIDI editor: fixed flicker when using humanize
 + MIDI editor: fixed snap to grid in looped items where the loop length itself is not on the grid
 + MIDI editor: fixed snap to grid when project time signature is not x/4
 + MIDI editor: fixed some note/CC editing actions not refreshing event list view
 + MIDI editor: fixed changing channel filter not refreshing event list view
 + MIDI editor: inserting/extending/pasting past the end of a looped MIDI item will extend the loop in source beats mode
 + MIDI editor: inserting/extending/pasting past the end of an unlooped MIDI item will extend the item
 + MIDI editor: MIDI preview scrub (middle mouse button in ruler, or click+drag the edit cursor handle)
 + MIDI editor: mute actions affect all selected notes and CC
 + MIDI Editor: option to disable automatic correction of overlapping notes
 + MIDI editor: option to only move edit cursor when clicking ruler or CC lane dividers, not note/CC area
 + MIDI editor: removed piano roll-specific actions from the event list view action list
 + MIDI export: adjust embedded tempo map properly when exporting time selection rather than entire project
 + MIDI items: fixed bug when splitting unlooped MIDI item across tempo changes  
 + Mixer meters: better justification of peak value text when it is larger than the width of the meter
 + MPx decoder: fixed multiple simultaneous decodes of MP2
 + MPx decoder: file parsing optimizations/cleanup  
 + Nudge: added right edge option (to nudge or set item right edge without trimming item length)
 + OSX: added a button to open system Audio MIDI Setup utility, in Prefs/Audio/Device
 + OSX: better Core Audio multidevice support (though it is still better to use aggregate devices)
 + OSX: changed audio device configuration storage, existing users will need to re-select their audio device(s) (REAPER will prompt on startup)
 + OSX: fixed midi editor refresh of CC lane boxes
 + OSX: improved Prefs/Audio/Device, now strongly encourages user to use a single device (and create Aggregate devices as needed)
 + OSX: more window compositing fixes
 + OSX: support for automatically building output routing for multi-output AUs
 + OSX: fixed color picker rounding bug
 + OSX: color picker and font picker now have proper ok/cancel buttons
 + OSX: fixed REX on PPC, improved REX loading code
 + Per-take envelopes: action to insert 4 envelope points at time selection respects take play rate
 + Play cursor: better positioning at start of playback
 + Play cursor: better positioning with short loops
 + Play/loopskip: fixed problems with very small time selections, improved accuracy, fixed issues with PDC
 + Project: default item mix behavior is properly saved with default project
 + ReaControlMIDI: fixed UI loading when bridging enabled 
 + ReaEQ: preserve existing wet/dry and bypass automation when resetting bands to default
 + Scrollbars: fixed vertical scrollbar theme change update issue
 + Splash screen: more useful startup status display 
 + Toolbars: remove mouseover highlight when mouse leaves window
 + Tracks: actions to increase/decrease selected track height (shift+control+mousewheel by default)
 + Tracks: actions to minimize/maximize track heights will toggle back to the exact previous track heights
 + Tracks: don't allow a hidden track to become a folder track
 + Tracks: mute/solo modes (clear, exclusive, grouped, etc) now will not affect tracks that are not visible in the same context as the click
 + Tracks: track controls can be locked
 + Tracks: themeable color/alpha for locked track control panel 
 + Undo system: increased default RAM limit to 256MB
 + WAV: basic support for MP2-WAV
 + Windows: add project to Windows recent file list properly when creating subdirectory
 + Windows: fixed unicode issues for launching files after render, etc
 + Windows: option to use Windows Explorer (default) or generic listview for Media Explorer
 + Windows: changed installer requested privilege level to admin

v3.63 - June 20 2010

 + VST: bridged plug-in automation improvements, especially with plug-ins that dominate main thread
 + VST: fixed deadlock on certain bridged plug-ins on Windows

v3.62 - June 19 2010

 + API: fixed GetIconThemeStruct() offsets that had changed in 3.6
 + JS: optimized tan(), fixed tan() on OSX/i386

v3.61 - June 18 2010

 + Action: duplicate selected items, duplicate selected area of selected items
 + API: export ApplyNudge function
 + Envelope lanes: display envelope value in envelope lane control panel
 + Envelope lanes: more consistent behavior of slider in trim/read mode
 + Envelope lanes: respect user preference to not arm envelopes automatically when adding
 + Envelopes: enable visual feedback from hidden envelopes by default
 + Envelopes: user preference to enable writing automation to hidden envelopes
 + Envelopes: more consistent behavior of action to add 4 envelope points at time selection
 + Envelopes: preference for double-click to edit the envelope point (vs adding or resetting a point)
 + Menus: fullscreen mode and always-on-top moved from Options to View menu
 + MIDI editor: action to set or insert CC event at mouse (double-click)
 + Nudge/Set: window opens on startup if it was open when REAPER was last closed
 + Nudge: account for take play rate when snapping contents to grid
 + OSX: AU PDC fix
 + OSX: graphics optimizations and drawing glitch fixes
 + Scrollbars: drawing improvements when UI scaling or Windows scrollbar scaling is used
 + Timestretch: low quality windowed mode quality fixes
 + VST: fixed automation recording with certain plug-ins

v3.60 - June 10 2010

 + Transport: show editable playback tempo and time signature
 + Transport: mousewheel adjust play rate, tempo, selection start/end/length
 + Transport: alt+mousewheel to adjust time selection by beats
 + Transport: mousewheel over time selection length to move the entire selection
 + Transport: theme images for BPM tap-tempo button (transport_bpm, transport_bpm_bg)  
 + Transport: theme images for playspeed and selection edit fields (transport_group_bg, transport_edit_bg)
 + Transport: theme images for status box (transport_status, transport_status_err)
 + Nudge/Set: move items by precise time/beat/sample/frame/selection units
 + Nudge/Set: move cursor or copy items by precise units
 + Nudge/Set: actions to nudge left/right by last nudge dialog settings
 + Nudge/Set: actions to save/recall up to 8 configurations (assign to shortcuts or toolbars)
 + OSX: much faster graphics updating (thank you, Apple, for your fantastic documentation)
 + OSX: better edit cursor displays (matches Windows)
 + OSX: fixed mouse option for mousewheel to target window with focus
 + OSX: menu shortcut display support for control key modifier, other special keys
 + OSX: faster configuration file access
 + OSX: fixed action to reset all MIDI devices crashing on some MIDI devices
 + OSX: default text drawing is now faster
 + Accessibility: expose basic track, envelope, transport control to screen readers via MSAA
 + Action: go to marker 11-30
 + Action: reset soft takeover for all MIDI controller assignments
 + Action: unselect all tracks, items, and envelope points
 + Action: adjust all tempo markers at once by various units
 + API: added GetMasterTrack
 + Batch converter: better support for unicode filenames
 + Custom menus: much faster import of menus and menu sets
 + Envelope control panels: respect global UI scaling preference
 + Export: automatically prevent trim/convert on REX and video files
 + FX browser: renaming item preserves selection, and resorts
 + Keyboard entry: preference to disable applying typed-in edit changes after 1 second (in some places)
 + Keyboard entry: cancel changes on escape, commit changes on tab or enter key (in some places)
 + Media explorer: action to show source properties for current media preview (right-click preview display)
 + Media explorer: unload stopped preview media if user preference is to offline media when switching away
 + MIDI editor: fixed grid snapping when project contains odd-length time signature changes
 + MIDI editor: action to toggle locking MIDI item to fixed tempo, or follow project tempo changes
 + MIDI editor: fixed grid snapping, note insert length when MIDI is locked to a fixed tempo
 + MIDI editor: optimized edit cursor display
 + MIDI editor: update toolbar step sequencer buttons on enable/disable
 + MIDI file writing: more compatible ASCII conversion for some UTF characters
 + MIDI file writing: new option to write text events as UTF-8 (preferences/media/MIDI)
 + MIDI items: fixed source properties reported media item length
 + Mixer: show MIDI hardware outputs in send/hardware output list (themable: mcp_sendlist_midihw) 
 + ReaEQ, ReaDelay, ReaPitch, ReaXcomp: correct automation behavior when adding/removing bands
 + ReaScript: x64 Python support
 + Relative snap: fixed occasional reset of item snap offset
 + Selection sets: actions to save/load up to 10 sets of item selections
 + Solo defeat: receives are always audible even if source tracks have sibling solo
 + Startup: faster
 + Tempo: more efficient rebuilding of complex project tempo maps when adjusting tempo quickly
 + Tempo: better multithreaded time map access (faster tempo information delivery to plugins)
 + Tempo: tap tempo creates only one undo point  
 + Time selection: preferences to clear time selection and/or loop points by clicking ruler or arrange view
 + Tooltips: fixed occasional stuck tooltip on certain mouse movements
 + Tooltips: many tooltips now also appear in main info box
 + Tooltips: simplified tooltips that appear when moving media items
 + Trim behind items: support toggling on/off within custom actions
 + Video: added "Video window follows edits" setting in Prefs>Media>Video
 + Video: muted items, muted tracks are not displayed
 + Video-FFmpeg: added YV12 and YUY2 colorspace decoding support (makes video decoding faster)
 + Video-FFmpeg: bundled OSX versions are now 10.4+ compatible
 + Video-FFmpeg: improved video frame display when seeking during playback
 + Winamp visualization plug-ins: default option to disable WA plug-ins completely
 + Winamp visualization plug-ins: various bug fixes
 + Windows: fixed file open issues on pre-XP operating systems

v3.52 - May 19 2010

 + Action dialog: when switching action sections, enable running actions in the new section if possible  
 + Action: move items to time selection, stretched and looped to fit
 + Action: render all queued renders
 + Added Quick Start Guide (PDF), accessible via Help/Documentation menu
 + Bridging/firewalling: fixed PPC bridging on OSX 10.4/10.5
 + Bridging/firewalling: fixed a bug where bridging would sometimes be disabled
 + Create measure from time selection: better behavior with existing tempo markers
 + Docker: better track resize behavior when showing/hiding/resizing docker
 + Drag and drop: fixes for various plug-in related crashes (Maschine and others)
 + Dynamic split: use preferences/editing behavior/tab-to-transient sensitivity, for consistency
 + Envelopes: when adding volume/pan envelopes, don't create point at cursor (consistent with other envelopes)
 + Grid settings: more consistent display of grid sizes (notes, not beats)
 + Media explorer: action list and custom shortcut support
 + Media explorer: actions for play, stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, play from last seek position
 + Media explorer: actions to play previous media (for A/B comparison), browse up/down the list of files 
 + Media explorer: context menu item to insert media at time selection, stretched and/or looped to fit
 + Media explorer: display media embedded tempo, if any
 + Media explorer: leave peaks preview active until Media Explorer is closed
 + Media explorer: media can be previewed/inserted at project tempo if it is suitable length in beats/bars
 + Media explorer: media with embedded tempo (REX/ACID) can be inserted at either project tempo or source tempo
 + Media explorer: mousewheel adjusts peaks gain (vertical zoom)
 + Media explorer: option to always display waveform peaks even if autoplay is disabled (note this creates .reapeaks files)
 + Media explorer: option to display preview position in tenths of seconds
 + Media explorer: option to preview/insert media tempo matched 1x, 1/2x, 2x
 + Media explorer: pause button
 + Media explorer: peaks preview can be dragged into project to insert media
 + Media explorer: restart tempo-matched preview playback if project tempo changes
 + Media explorer: support for looping media that is 1/2 bar long
 + Media explorer: support for Windows shortcuts (browse folder shortcuts, preview media shortcuts)  
 + Media with embedded tempo: import behavior preference to use project tempo or source tempo
 + MIDI devices: improved action to reset all devices   
 + MIDI editor: more precise note/grid drawing when in "source beats" view mode
 + MIDI items: handle multiple takes properly when resizing unlooped MIDI items
 + Missing file searching: logic for how to pick missing file, whether to autoclose and search other missing files
 + Missing file searching: support for reaper-media-searchpaths.txt with SEARCH lines to specify additional paths
 + Mixer: better fxparm/fx/send resize behavior, can now use ctrl+shift to modify all tracks dividers absolutely
 + Mixer: can now hide the master track from the mixer
 + Mixer: fixed some visual issues in panflip mode
 + Optimizations: improved CPU use when moving track faders, zooming, writing envelopes
 + OSX: fixed potential crash when dragging media from Finder after closing REAPER's Media Explorer
 + OSX: fixed some internal Cocoa issues
 + Pitch shift: set default mode to elastique 2.1 Pro for new users 
 + Pitch shift: note, existing users can change default mode via File/Project Settings, save as default  
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: apply attack/release to playback, not start/end of looped samples
 + Recording: can now set tracks to record simultaneously to primary path and invisibly/backup to secondary path
 + Regions: support for copying regions immediately to the left of the original
 + REX: all-slice items can now set tail mode in source properties
 + REX: draw peaks properly in all-slice mode when there is silence between slices
 + REX: option to chop all slice tails will remove tails rather than muting them on playback
 + Snap to grid: avoid certain types of rounding error
 + Tempo markers: do not insert a new marker on top of an existing one
 + Theme support: configurable tcp_folderindent (22 is default)
 + Time selection: set edit/play cursor when time selection changes via alt+marquee (if user wants)
 + Tooltips: more descriptive tooltips on track labels, number, sends, FX
 + Track panels: better FX parameter positioning when meter disabled
 + Video: FFmpeg: added 16/24/32bps audio PCM modes to AVI/MOV/MKV export formats
 + Video: FFmpeg: added MJPEG and DV video codecs to AVI export format
 + Video: FFmpeg: added support for large filesizes
 + Video: FFmpeg: added unicode support for file renders
 + Video: FFmpeg: bundled basic LGPL/free FFmpeg for better basic playback support
 + Video: FFmpeg: faster seeking on source video items when rendering video
 + Video: FFmpeg: fixed audio seeking issue in some DV AVI video files
 + Video: FFmpeg: fixed seeking hang bug on some files
 + Video: FFmpeg: fixed video rendering hang issue
 + Video: FFmpeg: renderer codec list will now only list available codecs from the installed FFmpeg librairies
 + Video: LCF support (LICE Capture Format)
 + VST: option to disable saving VST bank is now per-VST rather than global (right-click in FX browser)
 + WAV: option to embed project tempo (ACID chunk) in rendered files, if project has a single tempo
 + Windows: File resolving: full paths now autoscan all fixed disks for matching path
 + x64: fixed video on systems without correct VC2005 runtimes installed

v3.51 - May 2 2010

 + Action: move items to edit cursor, stretch item to fit time selection
 + ReaControlMIDI: update dropdown boxes when loading a preset
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: fixed crash on sample change
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: better release behavior on looping samples
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: lower CPU use on very short looping samples
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: better all notes off behavior, better multiple noteoff behavior
 + ReaSynth: better all notes off behavior
 + Render dialog: updated file browsing code
 + Ripple editing: fixed ripple all of markers when moving left
 + Themes: fixed themes with overlay images causing crashes on unload

v3.5 - May 1 2010

 + Action: fully unload unloaded VSTs (useful if preferences/VST/fully unload VSTs is disabled)
 + Action: fixed potential crash when manually resetting MIDI devices
 + Action: toggle show/hide all floating windows except floating toolbar
 + Action: crop to time selection handles MIDI and other beat-based media properly
 + Action: insert multiple new tracks allows entry of any reasonable number
 + Actions dialog: better support for finding by gestures and mouse hwheel
 + Color theme: use tcp_solodefeat_on, mcp_solodefeat_on button images if they exist
 + Import: added option (prefs/media) to not autoname tracks when importing media
 + Media item crossfades: fixed slow shift+drag of crossfades in one direction when zoomed out
 + MIDI editor: better handling of horizontal zoom when edit cursor is not onscreen
 + MIDI editor: fixed list editor broken event deletion (since 3.4)
 + MIDI editor: more accurate drawing of MIDI events when dragging right to left
 + MIDI editor: properly export events that occur on the last sample of the media item  
 + MIDI editor: support for Device Name and Song Select messages
 + MP3: encode audio that has peaks higher than +0dB without clamping
 + Multiproject: no stop of background recording projects when stopping current and sync option set
 + OSX: fullscreen is now by default set to Cmd+F11 rather than (non-working in stock OS X) F11
 + ReaXComp: properly recall which band is soloed when loading projects
 + ReWire: slave support for projects with tempo maps
 + ReWire: better behavior when authenticating for ReWire device install on OS X
 + ReWire: better slave synchronization with various other hosts
 + ReWire: per-project slave settings for tempo map, loop point handling, buffer block offset
 + ReWire: slave can automatically build tempo map as master plays back
 + Solo defeat (set tracks to always play even if other tracks are soloed)
 + Trim behind items: fixed possible hang when editing left edge of multiple selected items
 + Video: added "mp4" and "m4v" filetypes to the video decoder plugin
 + Video: added setting to disable FFmpeg decoding
 + Video: the "FFmpeg" subfolder will now be scanned for FFmpeg DLLs in both the program and user folders
 + Video-FFmpeg: added support for rendering into FFV1 and Huffyuv lossless video codecs
 + Video-FFmpeg: fixed crash when importing certain video files
 + Video-FFmpeg: fixed video files containing a 24bps audio stream
 + VST: plug-ins that are not fully unloaded are still unloaded at exit (fixes Yellow Tools plugins)
 + WAV: when reading files that are growing, autodetect length changes

v3.451 - April 25 2010

 + Resampling: fixed a bug added in 3.45
 + Fixed a bug in peak-cache reference counting in certain instances when recording

v3.45 - April 24 2010

 + Action: added show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder (in options menu)
 + Action: reset all MIDI devices (brings OSX missing MIDI devices back to life)
 + Action: remove fadein/fadeout for selected items
 + Action: enable/disable default media item fadein/fadeout
 + Action: snap selected media items to nearest snap point left/right/either
 + Action: move selected envelope points left/right a little bit or by grid, up/down a little bit
 + Actions: support for (Windows) logo key / (OSX) control key for shortcuts
 + Actions: creating chromatic MIDI from selected items now respects tempo changes
 + Actions: item nudging (up/down/left/right) actions now affect envelope points if an envelope is focused
 + Actions: Update main window immediately following actions when non-lazy updates enabled
 + API: Added track FX window showing/hiding APIs
 + Cursors: item fadein/fadeout cursor is easier to see, new xfade_move cursor for crossfade shift+drag 
 + Dual trim: editing a shared edge between selected items also edits other selected item pairs
 + Envelopes: do not change envelope point selection when opening context menu
 + Envelopes: do not focus envelopes on many operations (such as moving env pts from track to track)
 + Envelopes: fixed envelope state changing on y-move of media items
 + Envelopes: fix for hard-to-edit envelope point when snapping to many small media items on the track
 + Envelopes: user option to double-click to add points to take envelopes
 + Envelopes: avoid creating duplicate envelope points when moving items
 + Free item positioning mode: preserve auto-crossfades when automatically repositioning items
 + Free item positioning mode: preserve existing item arrangement when recording new items
 + FX: last touched parameter is updated only on mouse move, not controller move
 + Help menu: pdf/chm files can now be read from REAPER appdata Docs/ folder (or exe path on Windows)
 + Item and waveform drawing: draw items more consistently opaque when their audio masks other items
 + JS: fixed time_adjustment flipping stereo channels
 + JS: removed configuration for JS path -- always uses common (installed) resource path 
 + Media explorer: fixed end of loop glitch on preview of certain items
 + Media explorer: smoother preview looping when starting preview on the bar
 + Media item fades: alt+click deletes fadein/fadeout
 + Media item fades: shift+drag moves entire crossfade region regardless of auto-crossfade setting
 + Media item fades: shift+right click a crossfade to change the fade shape of both sides at once
 + MIDI editor: reduce flicker when marquee selecting in piano roll
 + MIDI editor: reduce flicker when changing selection in event list
 + MIDI editor: fixed CPU hang on some builds when scrolling to C-1
 + MIDI editor: mousewheel/relative controller actions to adjust selected event times or values 
 + MIDI editor: shift+mousewheel (reassignable) adjusts selected event values (piano roll or event list)
 + MIDI editor: shift+horizontal mousewheel (magic mouse) (reassignable) adjusts selected event times
 + MIDI editor: update CC lane usage indicator immediately when adding or deleting in CC lane
 + OGG/Vorbis: updated to libogg-1.2.0, libvorbis-1.3.1
 + OSX: support for passing all keyboard input to plug-in, for Carbon-based plug-ins
 + OSX: removed excess processing on startup when switching between architectures (intel/ppc/64)
 + OSX: fixed themed play cursor drawing bugs
 + OSX: themed cursor support, cleanups to cursors to match Windows
 + OSX: changing modifier keys without moving the mouse updates cursor immediately
 + OSX: 64-bit VST UI support
 + OSX: safer closing of VST configurations when unloading (force autorelease)
 + OSX: fixed AU cocoa views for some plug-ins
 + OSX: avoid trying to use PPC bridging if rosetta is not installed
 + OSX: fixed underscore entry in JS editor
 + OSX: fixed ReaMote bridge support
 + OSX: screensets save/restore the docker height
 + Peaks: show preview peaks on items currently being recorded and inserted in project/other projects 
 + Peaks: better logic for building when using multiple projects and recording
 + Presets: now stored in appdata/presets by default (old preset- filenames still work in their existing paths)
 + Recording: project secondary path, can set per track option to use secondary path
 + ReaControlMIDI: added UTF8 support for UI
 + ReaScript: fixed Python support on OSX (broken in 3.4)
 + Resampling: internal cleanups, freeing of unused memory when changing modes
 + REX: faster peaks display
 + REX: can now change tempo in all-slices mode via source properties
 + SoundTouch: fixed processing of single sample blocks (fixes media explorer loop glitch when tempo matching)
 + Splash: better behavior when relaunching while splash is still open
 + Splash: show splash screen in taskbar when launching
 + Themes: zipped theme image support, ReaperThemeZip support (for combination of theme + images)
 + Themes: default themes are now included in the new format for faster installs/USB copies/first runs
 + Trim behind items: option to always trim behind active items when editing (prevent overlaps)
 + Trim behind items: option to always trim behind new items when recording (prevent splitting/takes)
 + Trim behind items: options can be changed via Options menu or actions (can be placed on toolbar)
 + Trim behind items: editing option applies when pasting, importing, drag/dropping media
 + Video: improved stopped behavior, scrub behavior
 + Video: native FFmpeg support if installed
 + VST: do not unload plug-in code from RAM, unless new option for old behavior is set
 + VST: fix for broken plug-ins that send NULL VstEvents
 + Windows: faster display updating on some actions
 + Windows: installer installs start menu/desktop icons to all users rather than current user 
 + Windows: installer file type registrations separate for x64 and x86
 + Windows: user-editable content (themes, JS, etc) are now installed to user profile directory automatically
 + Windows: file reading: if a file cannot be read because it is being written, try to open anyway

v3.4 - March 24 2010

 + Action: adjust last touched FX parameter (mousewheel/MIDI CC)
 + CPU usage: optimizations with high track counts (solo sibling calculation caching)
 + Elastique: updated to v2.12 (fixes x64 quality issue)
 + Envelopes: preference for double-click to add envelope point, or reset existing point to center
 + Item properties: better-looking fadein/fadeout menus
 + MIDI controllers: fix for occasional disappearing action mappings
 + MIDI editor: action to show raw MIDI data
 + MIDI editor: better drawing/editing for CC events that occur at the very end of the item
 + MIDI editor: CC lane marquee selection, drag or copy selected CC events
 + MIDI editor: CC lane context menu (select/unselect all events in lane, nudge events, etc)
 + MIDI editor: correct overlapping notes whenever they occur
 + MIDI editor: ctrl+drag to resize one CC lane only, shift+drag to accordion all CC lane sizes
 + MIDI editor: finer control of mousewheel vertical zoom
 + MIDI editor: fix for resizing notes up to the left or right edge of the parent item
 + MIDI editor: fixed marquee selection for drum-mode notes
 + MIDI editor: fixes for vertical zoom when user preference is to center on mouse cursor
 + MIDI editor: improved event list properties dialog
 + MIDI editor: many actions apply to all selected note and CC events
 + MIDI editor: preferences for sweeps/ramps to affect only selected CC/velocities
 + MIDI editor: preserve CC event selected/unselected state   
 + MIDI editor: remove CC events with duplicate times and the same status/channel
 + MIDI editor: support clipboard copy/paste between piano roll, event list, and some external applications
 + Mixer: save/restore exact visibility of FX, FX parameters, and sends
 + Mousewheel: enable relative zoom for mice that send finely-grained mousewheel data
 + MP3: fixed poor quality render with VBR encoding on OSX and Windows x64
 + Multi-touch: Windows 7 and OSX 10.6 multi-touch gestures can be mapped to REAPER actions
 + Multi-touch: per-gesture options for reverse, scaling, disabling inertia, improved zooming
 + OSX AU: bridging/firewalling support, with per-FX options (similar to existing VST bridging)
 + OSX AU: pass through REAPER key commands shortcuts when plug-in GUI is focused
 + OSX: 64 bit is now, better dmg label (shows arch)
 + OSX: enable text entry in edit fields, pass through other keystrokes for Carbon-based plugins
 + OSX: improved CoreAudio samplerate changing, detect changes on the fly and reinit device
 + OSX: improvements to plug-in loading code (fewer crashes when plugins are missing dependencies)
 + OSX: more consistent AU GUI updating when playing back FX automation
 + OSX: preliminary bridging support (to run 32 bit plugins on 64 bit, PPC plug-ins on Intel, etc)
 + OSX: ReaNINJAM: better support for removing / readding VST
 + OSX: ReWire slave support (enable slave mode in prefs/plug-ins/ReWire)
 + OSX: spawn new REAPER instance is now supported, basic command line option support
 + Preferences: save/restore last preferences page visited when closing/opening REAPER
 + RAM usage: drastically reduced memory use when drawing waveform peaks in certain instances
 + Resampling: fixed resampling for media of more than 32 channels
 + Resampling: internal checks to behave better when out of memory/address space
 + Resampling: decreased RAM use in higher quality modes
 + ReWire: workaround for Pro Tools crashing on exit when REAPER is ReWire slave
 + Ripple editing: better behavior moving items left/right followed by up/down
 + Ripple editing: better behavior when moving items left (configurable in prefs/editing behavior)
 + Ripple editing: better behavior when using ctrl+drag copy of items
 + Ripple editing: fixed ripple all moving via action, with locked items affecting rippled markers
 + Tempo maps: lower CPU use for projects with large tempo maps (helps VST time info as well)
 + VST: fix for occasional dropped keystrokes that are meant to be passed through to REAPER
 + VST: internal scanning/resolving tweaks
 + Windows: better handling of ASIO reset messages when project samplerate is set
 + Windows: fix for unicode characters in new Vista+ file open/save dialogs
 + Windows: prevent errors on audio devices that display error messages via MessageBox
 + Windows: Vista+ file dialog for source properties and save track template file dialogs
 + x64: support bridging/firewalling of x64 VSTs, including 32-bit REAPER in WoW64
 + x86/x64 bridging: internal improvements and bugfixes

v3.35 - March 3 2010

 + Action: dock/undock currently focused window
 + Action: move cursor to start/end of all selected items
 + Action: added reversed versions of mousewheel/CC actions for zoom and scroll
 + Auto crossfades: fixed fades incorrectly created on item deletion
 + Filename generation: now tries up to 10,000 times to find an unused file number
 + FX add window: returned to forward slashes for paths for JS, VST, chains (changed in 3.21)
 + LAME support: simplified configuration settings
 + MIDI editor: action to correct overlapping notes, avoid creating overlaps when humanizing
 + MIDI editor: easier to select diamond/triangle notes at the edge of the MIDI item
 + MIDI editor: fix for occasional disappearing CC events when moving notes
 + Mousewheel: horizontal mousewheel support (including OSX magic mouse)
 + OSX: fixed bug where dragging project from titlebar to new tab caused crashing
 + OSX: improved text rendering/measuring, better fallback support, 64 bit OS support
 + OSX: respect preference to select track when clicking faders or track control panel buttons
 + OSX: fixed tcp window reordering with hidden tracks for efficiency and odd behaviors
 + OSX: fixed bin/cue rendering on PPC
 + OSX: better initial positioning of popup windows
 + OSX: magic mouse multitouch swipe can be mapped using the action system
 + OSX: preference to use opt+drag to copy items, command+drag to slip content
 + OSX: show render progress in system dock
 + OSX: fixed plugin wet/dry knob display going to zero when switching to generic plugin UI
 + OSX: command+H hides REAPER
 + OSX: JS editor keyboard usability enhancements, drawing cleanups
 + OSX AU: fixed Apple DLSMusicDevice
 + OSX AU: ignore extra output busses that are labeled as unused, or if the plugin is marked buggy
 + Parameter modulation window: updated UI to expand as needed
 + Parameter linking: link parameters of FX to other parameters in chain
 + Preferences window: remembers its last position
 + Project load: improved resolving file names for missing media
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: clicking the activity light triggers samples
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: fixes to pitch and all notes off handling in certain modes
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: doubleclicking MIDI note slider chooses last seen note on current channel
 + Save as: trim/convert now handles looped items with start offsets correctly
 + Transport/big clock: better icons when using large window frames
 + Video: fixed imported video length being rounded down on Windows
 + Windows: New Vista+ file dialog for open project (coming soon, others)
 + x64: fixed errors relating to browse for directory dialog
 + x64: now requires libmp3lame.dll or lame_enc64.dll (old x64 lame_enc.dll was broken)

v3.31 - February 19 2010

 + Action: move cursor left/right to nearest media item edge
 + Action window: can be docked
 + Action window: options to preserve action filter, show/hide command IDs
 + Arrange view: themeable divider lines between tracks and between envelope lanes
 + Command line: fixed -renderproject option with some old projects
 + Envelope lanes: optional horizontal grid lines
 + Glue: fixed unnecessary creation of empty audio file when gluing muted MIDI items
 + Grouping: support select-all-grouped preference in marquee selection
 + MIDI items: editing item edges resizes source contents for unlooped in-project MIDI items
 + MIDI editor: optional horizontal grid lines in CC lanes
 + MIDI editor: fixes for note move/resize actions when notes hit other notes or the end of the item
 + MIDI overdub loop recording: avoid extending items past the end of the loop
 + MIDI playback: avoid double note-on when time signature changes result in incomplete measures
 + Missing files dialog: better behavior when ignoring missed files
 + OSX: fix for AU with long name/description fields failing scan
 + Preferences: split peaks/waveforms and meters appearance preferences into their own pages
 + ReaNINJAM: better paths for configuration files, session files (unprivileged user support)
 + ReaStream: fixed multi-instance bug with MIDI receive
 + ReaScript: safer handling of GetSetObjectState when called from audio threads
 + Render: autosave on render causes saved project to be loaded by default on next run
 + Render: Windows 7 taskbar progress support while rendering
 + Trim behind items: preserve grouping of split items
 + VST: avoid preset list flashing in some plugins
 + x64: fixed JS issues (bad invsqrt, failure when using large amounts of RAM)

v3.301 - February 13 2010

 + FX browser: initalize VST path tree collapsed, preserve tree state after rescanning VSTs
 + OSX: allow plugins that do not export a description field to pass scan
 + OSX: fix for system specific crash on exit
 + Windows: user preference to terminate immediately on detecting buggy or malicious plugins

v3.3 - February 10 2010

 + Action: write current value on envelopes from edit cursors to start/end of project
 + Action: unarm all envelopes
 + Action: write current value to time selection on all armed, write-enabled envelopes
 + Automation: improved write mode (no read when stopped/seeking)
 + Automation: improved latch mode for mute envelopes
 + Automation: smoother redraws when moving envelope trim slider
 + Automation: copy/cut/paste items with envelopes obeys preference to add points at item edges
 + Automation: if first envelope point is moved, no longer draw nonexistent first point
 + FX add dialog: added optional VST physical directory path folders, with right click options
 + FX add dialog: resizable panes
 + Loop sections: fixed loop length rounding bug
 + Menus: fixed edit menu take list, improved support for take list in customized menus
 + MIDI editor: docker tab updates correctly
 + MIDI editor: fixed toolbar issue when reusing existing MIDI editors
 + Mixer: reduced flicker on Windows when modifying sends, etc
 + OSX: right clicking track volume fader properly sets focus on volume field
 + Solo in front: better support for routed solos
 + Track I/O button now shows themable highlight for sends, receives
 + Pitch shifting: added safety mutex for initialization of some pitch shifters
 + Preferences: consolidated DX, ReWire, JS preference settings into one pane
 + ReaVerb: better CPU distribution in ZL mode
 + ReaVerb: improved quality when switching between mono/stereo/silent content
 + Scrollbars: prevent invalid draws with overlapping windows
 + Undo: improved tracking when tracks are auto-named via media explorer import
 + VST: fixed issues with undo state saving on parameter edit on non-chunked plugins
 + Wave64: fixed writing of W64 files that do not have BWF chunks
 + Windows: fixed some redraw issues on tab+listview (ReWire tabs, screensets, etc)
 + Windows x64: fixed support for rx2 with unicode filenames

v3.22 - January 30 2010

 + Fix for crash in some take related actions
 + Grouping: project setting for selection to follow grouping (right-click group button on toolbar)
 + Import: prompt for behavior on first import of REX or multichannel MIDI
 + Media items: optimized item memory use
 + MIDI: allow sending all-notes-off from plugins and MIDI items
 + OSX: better keyboard behavior in key assignment window
 + Project load: faster filename resolving/caching, better handling of missing files
 + ReaSamplOmatic: avoid artifacts when looping very short samples
 + REX: fixed possible loop glitch, buggy peaks drawing when importing as a single looped item
 + REX: properly save/load imported looped item tempo
 + Save as: save with trim now looks for overlapping regions and does not save duplicates
 + Sends: MIDI CC actions to set/adjust selected track send volume/pan
 + Tempo: MIDI CC actions to set/adjust tempo (coarse and fine)
 + Undo: better memory limit targetting (even if it means fewer undo points kept)

v3.21 - January 26 2010

 + Action: cascade all floating windows
 + Actions: show/hide all envelopes
 + Custom actions: fixed possible corrupted action list when deleting custom actions
 + FX automation: fixes for automating via controller when plugin UI closed
 + FX browser: fully recursive finding of FX chains, JS FX
 + FX browser: new folder appears on plug-in rescan if new plugins were added without restarting Reaper
 + JS: slider_automate command, to write slider automation from within JS code
 + Master track: maximum RMS level is more accurate on playback start
 + Media explorer: import MOGG and REX files consistently via drag+drop or double-click
 + MIDI import: prefs to import multichannel MIDI to separate tracks always, never, or by prompt
 + Mixer: freely arrangeable tracks, autoarrange can be enabled/disabled
 + Mixer: if autoarrange is on, arrange view ordering follows track moves in mixer
 + Mixer: optionally show folder compact (hide children) button for folder tracks
 + Mixer: optionally show icon for the last track in a folder (mcp_folder_last)
 + Mixer: click on empty space to deselect all tracks
 + OSX: fixed reading .ins (instrument patch/bank) files
 + OSX: fixed loading of chains with JS saved on win32
 + ReaSamplOmatic: properly loop very short samples
 + ReaComp/ReaXComp: better RMS calculation on playback start
 + ReaVocode/Voice/Verb[ate]/SamplOmatic/Insert/Gate/Fir: smooth changes in various gain/pan parameters
 + ReaScript: RPR_Include directive to include other ReaScript modules
 + ReaScript: GetSetChunkState chunk length limit increased to 1MB
 + ReaScript: added GetUserFileNameForRead function
 + REX: preferences to import as dynamic slices or single loopable item at project tempo
 + REX: preferences to chop slice tails on import
 + Screensets: track views can save/restore custom mixer track order
 + Toolbar: key shortcuts fixed in tooltips
 + Track control, routing, envelopes, param mod dialogs: enter key closes dialog
 + VST/AU: ignore automation messages when loading/restoring plugins (avoid hang on startup)
 + VST bridging: fixes relating to manually editing automation  
 + VST scanning: faster scanning, better subdirectory search order  

v3.2 - January 12 2010

 + Actions: FX last touched parameter: show TCP knob, envelope, param mod, MIDI learn, or alias 
 + Autoload last project: does not load last project if it crashed on last load
 + Envelopes: fixed random crash when adding many points via pencil mode
 + FX: tempo-synced plugins account for project play rate
 + FX: Undo/redo on floating FX windows no longer restores window position
 + Item edge editing: update edge edit/timestretch cursor while editing
 + Screensets: save/restore extended mixer details with track views
 + MIDI editor: restore secondary sources on multiproject switches
 + Misc: fixed erratic ntdll crash when scrolling the arrange view
 + Missing media prompt: search button
 + ReaComp: smooth changes in wet/dry, automakeup gain
 + ReaDelay: smooth changes in tap volume/pan, wet/dry
 + ReaEQ: smooth frequency, gain, bandwidth changes (sweepable filters)
 + ReaPlugs: denormal management improvements
 + ReaXcomp: smooth changes in gain, band frequency/threshold/ratio/gain
 + ReaXcomp: fancier ratio indicator
 + ReaVerb: OSX deconvolution support
 + ReaXcomp/ReaComp: RMS optimizations
 + ReaScript: GetSetChunkState chunk length limit increased to 1MB
 + ReaScript: added GetUserFileNameForRead
 + OSX: better CoreAudio samplerate setting (should not override bit depth, too)
 + OSX: huge performance improvements (denormal management, alignment fixes)
 + Save as: separate trim/convert options 
 + Scrub: avoid runaway scrub when using arrow key navigation
 + Tab to transient: stop at media item start when tabbing backwards through transients
 + Tweaks to missing filename resolving (always resolve relative filenames to full)
 + VST/AU: record automation from closed plugins that have internal MIDI control
 + Windows: added readahead buffer for live CD playback in Media Explorer

v3.161 - December 24 2009

 + FIPM: fixed control+drag copy behavior when dragging only vertically
 + Fixed auto-beat-timebase when project set to time timebase on MIDI items
 + Fixed snap offset preservation when adjusting item left edges
 + MIDI editor: actions to toggle channels 1-16, with toolbar support
 + MIDI editor: fixed missing toolbar when more than one MIDI editor open at once
 + Tab to transient: optionally tab through MIDI notes as well as audio transients

v3.16 - December 22 2009

 + Actions: increase/decrease tempo various amounts
 + Arrange: clicking below tracks follows mouse preference for track selection
 + API: TrackFX_FormatParamValue works for current values on most VSTs
 + API: track receives are now stored in order
 + Batch file converter: fixed list flickering during conversions
 + Batch file converter: options to force channels, rate, resample mode
 + Batch file converter: safer threading on media opening
 + Batch file converter: support sidechaining when using FX
 + Color themes: classic (1.x) theme support improvements 
 + Cursors: themeable cursors on Windows (soon for OSX)
 + Dual trim/timestretch: allow editing left, right, or dual edges regardless of selection
 + Elastique Pro: updated to v2.11, added Synchronized modes
 + Explode by channel: handle custom media item take playback rates
 + Explode by channel: use project file format setting for exploded media items
 + FIPM: item y-position/height adjustments affect all selected items regardless of visibility
 + FX automation: better handling of very sharp envelope changes
 + MIDI editor: action to split notes on grid
 + MIDI editor: better behaviors when editing notes while quantize/humanize dialog open
 + MIDI editor: customizable toolbar, armable actions     
 + MIDI editor: better behavior when resizing notes to loop start/end
 + MIDI editor: more consistent shift+click note selection behavior
 + MIDI export: more descriptive error message on failure
 + OSX: better handling of queued repeated-key events
 + OSX: default file menu is now the same as Windows (minus Quit)
 + OSX: fixed issue with dragdrop of fx and autoclose fx window option enabled 
 + OSX: improved redraw of many composited plug-in windows
 + OSX: virtual keyboard fixes for held keys repeating note hits
 + ReaControlMIDI: always send bank select message when program changes
 + ReWire: opening panels on project load is deferred until load completed
 + TCP: clicking below all TCPs unselects all tracks
 + Toolbar: preferences to prevent scaling buttons up and/or down
 + Toolbar: support for separators
 + Toolbar: themeable armed toolbar button color
 + Toolbar icon picker: better resize/scrollbar behavior
 + Version check: made notification dialog bigger
 + WavPack: updated to 4.60.1

v3.15 - December 12 2009

 + Actions: select previous/next adjacent non-overlapping items
 + Auto-crossfades: more consistent logic when moving, trimming, copying items 
 + Automation: preference for first click on envelope to select envelope, or add point immediately
 + Automation: action to add point at current time position to all visible envelopes
 + Dual trim/timestretch: acts on all selected items, unless both sides of shared edge are selected
 + FIPM: preserve item positioning when moving items across tracks
 + License key: automatic import of license key text from clipboard on startup
 + Marquee selection: fixed some random issues, better small-move behavior
 + Media items: shift+drag edges bypasses snapping regardless of whether shift or drag happens first
 + MIDI devices: avoid clearing device alias when disabling device
 + MIDI editor: fixed occasional CC data drawing bug
 + MIDI items: more consistent logic for which track receives new empty MIDI items
 + Noise shaping: noise contour is slightly gentler in high frequencies   
 + OSX: JS editor usability improvements when OSX keyboard dialog navigation enabled
 + OSX: no media explorer peaks for audio CD .aiff files 
 + OSX: fixed crash on selected track delete from mixer context menu
 + OSX: fixed item notes window 
 + OSX: fix for multimonitor context menu issues
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: fixed bug where sample is left marked as used on plugin remove
 + ReaScript: Fixed RPR_AddTakeToMediaItem causing crashes
 + Sends: shift+drag IO button or extended mixer send area to send all selected tracks at once
 + Sync: added 23.976 as predefined framerate for LTC
 + Themed tab fixes (x64 etc)
 + Takes: fixed splitting unlooped MIDI take beyond loop end in odd time signatures
 + Track panels: show exact track volume after manually setting a level below the minimum fader value
 + Video: fixed audio playback issue on some Quicktime videos
 + VST: more flexible support for passing keyboard input to plug-ins
 + x64: corrected undo history writing

v3.14159 - December 5 2009

 + Automation: adjustable bezier tension for envelope points (alt+drag segment, or edit point value)
 + Automation: envelope segments are automatically switched to bezier when editing tension
 + Automation: add a point anywhere in envelope lane, or only on the envelope segment, by preference
 + Automation: fixed action to insert envelope point in take envelopes
 + Automation: FX envelopes are adjusted for PDC (can be overridden per plugin instance)
 + Automation: switching from trim to read on simple vol/pan envelopes applies trim setting if pref set
 + Automation: lower CPU use when using mute automation in read/write modes and control surfaces
 + Batch converter: fixed filelist flickering bug when converting files
 + CD import: uses current project settings for output audio format, matching extension
 + Crossfades: show special cursor when shift+dragging crossfades
 + Dual trim: edit shared media item edges regardless of selection (by preference)
 + Dual timestretch: show special cursor when alt+dragging shared edges
 + Envelopes: fixes for GUI drawing errors when greatly zoomed in
 + Explode by channel: use item size/offset rather than source size
 + Installer: Changed "CD Burning" item to "CD Ripping/Burning"
 + Installer: changed icon to REAPER icon from generic installer
 + Media item properties: option to override auto-crossfades (set automatically when importing REX)
 + Media explorer: better display of preview on items without peaks
 + Split: when splitting past the end of an unlooped item, create an empty take rather than looping
 + VST: chunkless VSTs now get program name saved/restored (FabFilter plug-ins etc)
 + VST: update current program name on audioMasterUpdateDisplay
 + WAV: fix for reading WAV files larger than 4GB
 + Windows: handle more types of keyboard input when set to send all keyboard input to plug-in
 + Windows: Fixed cleartype issue on timeline font in default 3.0 theme

v3.1415 - November 28 2009

 + Action: invert item selection
 + Actions dialog: fixed export of multiple selected actions/shortcuts
 + API/ReaScript: actions dialog shows command ID strings for custom/extension actions
 + API/ReaScript: added NamedCommandLookup, to get a command ID from a named extension action
 + Auto-crossfades: dont initiate auto-crossfade until items overlap by at least one sample
 + Automation: ctrl+click on envelope point toggles point selection if no envelope drawing occurred
 + Batch converter: prompt before exit if processing/unprocessed items
 + Custom toolbars: disabled themed scrollbars on win32 for icon picker
 + CD extraction: preliminary support (Windows 2000+, OS X)
 + JS: fixed certain plug-ins on x64
 + LAME/mp3 support: assorted fixes (multi-encoder, OSX VBR, correct file lengths, etc)
 + Master track: clean up envelope lanes properly when hiding master track
 + MIDI editor: moving CC with notes replaces rather than merging with existing CC at the new location
 + MIDI editor: added action to move to end of selected notes
 + MIDI editor: support for mouse cursor as vertical zoom center (respects prefs/editing behavior)
 + MIDI input quantize: various bugfixes
 + OSX: Audio Unit buggy compatibility mode includes constant blocksize (fixes AUMatrixReverb)
 + OSX: builtin FX/JSFX fixes for installation on volumes that are case-sensitive
 + PDC: better behavior when unmuting tracks with routing and "do not process muted tracks" disabled
 + ReaScript: various bugfixes
 + Scrub: autoseek during playback regardless of middle-mouse-button handscroll preference
 + Startup: even faster
 + Theme: themeable images for tabs (user for docker, project tabs, floating toolbar)
 + Track: inserting track via context menu inserts new track in the expected place
 + Toolbar: actions to open the floating toolbar at the mouse cursor
 + Toolbar: support for more toggle actions staying lit when assigned to buttons
 + Toolbar: extensions can register toggle actions 

v3.141 - November 16 2009

 + Action: toggle selected tracks between touch and trim/read modes (for non-motorized control surfaces)
 + Anticipative FX is no longer by default disabled during rendering
 + Batch converter: added right-click context menu, modeless configuration
 + Custom menu: fixed Actions menu occasionally declining to be customized
 + Fixed mislabeled undo/redo menu items in certain instances
 + Image loading: theme images optimized for faster load (startup) time, and smaller installer
 + Installer: reduced installer size on all platforms
 + Media explorer: fixed import of multitrack MIDI files when importing to empty project
 + MIDI editor: fixed bug when extending a looped item leftwards in the editor
 + MIDI editor: avoid skipping over CC data when drawing edits quickly
 + MIDI editor: actions to explicitly mute and unmute notes (in addition to existing toggle)
 + MIDI editor: middle button hand-scroll
 + Peaks: fixed rebuilding peaks for selected items
 + Project markers: fixed transport jump-to-marker list not being refreshed
 + Preferences: added new Envelopes tab, option for how to handle volume/pan trim when adding envelopes
 + ReWire: per-instance options to control whether slaves can change tempo, loop region
 + Scrollbars: drawing fixes
 + Toolbar: merged toolbar and menu customize interfaces, no limit on custom toolbar buttons
 + Toolbar: customizable tabbed floating toolbar (separate from main toolbar)
 + Toolbar: added 72 more custom toolbar images
 + Toolbar: optional user text over blank toolbar icon
 + Toolbar: armed actions can be run by clicking anywhere in the arrange view (not just on a media item)
 + Video: added support for video files that contain no video track
 + Video: better audio sync on OSX
 + Video: dont show video from stopped background projects
 + Video: fixed possible hang on Windows multi-monitor setups
 + Video: fixed incorrect frame display issues (rounding errors after manually moving the edit cursor)
 + Video: added a preference panel to select video colorspaces
 + x64: fixed bugs in recording and rendering format selection/configuration windows

v3.14 - November 6 2009

 + Action: show/hide all floating windows
 + API: added functions for sending commands to the active MIDI editor window
 + API: added register("command_id_lookup") to find extension actions
 + API: added functions to retrieve track/take envelopes
 + API: added MIDI_eventlist_Create, MIDI_eventlist_Destroy
 + API: added GetSetTrackState, GetSetItemState, GetSetEnvelopeState
 + API: fixed extension shortcut problem
 + Automation: fixed action to set envelope lane fader from MIDI controller
 + Automation: more consistent behavior for new envelopes picking up the fader value in non-trim mode
 + Auto-crossfades: fix for some crossfades not being reset when moving multiple items across tracks
 + Batch converter: new facility to convert media in bulk, optionally applying FX
 + Custom menus: main MIDI menus can be customized, other improvements
 + Custom menus: import/export/reset individual menus along with entire sets
 + Custom toolbar: support adding extension actions to toolbar
 + DX: fix for synths dropping the first MIDI note
 + Live performance: FX multiprocessing optimization
 + Media item resampling/pitch shift modes: not switched when switching projects
 + MIDI editor: Fixed adding text/sysex events not extending source length when past end
 + OSX: fixed issues with mouse focus in TCP
 + OSX: nicer disk image
 + OSX: various menu improvements/fixes
 + OSX: preliminary video support
 + OSX: alternate VST cache/path config for PPC vs Intel
 + Peaks: fixed recording peaks interpolation accuracy and corner-case crash when recording
 + Prefs/Media/MIDI: Improved behavior when all-notes-off when un-record-arming a track disabled
 + Project/template file save: better detection and handling of failed disk writes
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: Configurable per-instance resample mode 
 + Render queue: resizeable
 + Track height: default for new projects can be set via File/Proj Settings/Save as default or Prefs/Projects/Default
 + Track renaming: better support for tabbing through tracks when envelope panels visible
 + Video: improved scrubbing support
 + Video: handling of multiple items improved (later items, higher track numbers prioritized)
 + Windows: Fixed font used in some dialogs for ClearType (OGG rendering, etc)

v3.13 - October 20 2009

 + Action: insert multiple tracks
 + API: added functions: AddProjectMarker, DeleteProjectMarker
 + Automation: new volume/pan envelopes display the current track fader value
 + Crossfades: fixed auto-crossfade when control+drag copying items
 + FLAC: fixed multichannel read support
 + FX chains: automatically increase track channel count when loading FX chains that use more channels
 + Glue: special fade handling when gluing multiple items starting or ending at the same time
 + Mixer: consistent scroll behavior regardless of number of tracks, autoscroll to newly added tracks
 + Master: no reset of master mono/stereo setting after automatically muting on overload
 + Media items: button to display item properties, by default shown only when the item is resampled
 + Media explorer: configurable default-handling of project files, better context menus
 + Media explorer: filter fixes
 + Menus: most commonly used menus can be customized (add/remove actions, submenus, rename menu items)
 + Menus: menu customizations can be imported/exported to file
 + MIDI editor: user preference to flash keyboard notes on track input note-on
 + MIDI editor: setting to snap note ends to grid when snap enabled
 + MIDI editor: fixed snapping bug when following project beats and grid is 1/4 note triplets
 + MIDI editor: better keyboard handling in text fields
 + Mousewheel: fixed control+mousewheel for fine slider moves in parameter modulation and send windows
 + Mute/solo: setting via right-click follows selection/grouping unless overridden with shift key
 + OSX: preliminary media explorer
 + OSX: fixes for file browse dialog with certain paths
 + OSX: vast keyboard system fixes and improvements
 + OSX: fixed main window actions working in undocked transports
 + OSX: disk reading does not use F_NOCACHE on remote filesystems
 + OSX: virtual MIDI keyboard fixes
 + OSX: fixes to mixer autoscrolling
 + OSX: midi list editor supports in-list editing
 + OSX: fixed visual glitch with docker
 + Peak building: optimizations (50-150% faster on .wav files in our tests)
 + Peaks: when using alternate peak path, put peaks in numbered subdirectories for better performance
 + Peaks: low quality preview peaks during building are now are more consistent with finished peaks
 + Peaks: aborted peak generation removes partial (invalid) peak files
 + Project load: replacing files with different types will scan for the same file type for other missing files
 + Project/template load: current working directory defaults to project/template path
 + ReaScript: added GetTrackState, expanded html help, set undo point after script executes
 + ReaScript: capture Python compile-time and run-time error messages for display
 + ReaScript: fixed get/set of integer-type track, item, or take parameters
 + Take names: automatically focus take name field when displaying item properties
 + TCP: Drag and drop routing now autoscrolls
 + TCP/Mixer: autoscroll to tracks selected via action or control surface
 + Track icons: optionally set all tracks to the same width when any track icons are used
 + Undo system: greatly reduced memory use when loading undo history from file
 + VST: fix for bridged/firewalled plug-ins with track controls visible
 + VST: added MIDI output mode to merge output with input (for groove players, arpeggiators, etc)
 + VST extensions: support for effString2Parameter (mostly for readable manual editing of envelope points)
 + VST MIDI: fixed hanging note bug from synthedit and possibly other plugins that generate MIDI
 + Windows: drag and drop of files out of REAPER now better supports unicode characters
 + Windows: try to prevent bad plugins from quitting REAPER
 + x64: ReWire support (master/mixer only)

v3.12 - October 3 2009

 + Automation lanes: fixed possible crash when removing FX parameter envelopes
 + CD burning: fixes to native XP mode track divisions
 + Extensions API: GetSetMediaItemInfo() fixes for fade shape settings
 + Fade drawing: when using full-area filling, fixed drawing when zoomed in
 + FX: per-FX buggy plugin compatibility mode (assumes plugin is not threadsafe, needs constant precleaned buffers, etc)
 + Hardware outputs: post-fader track outputs obey track polarity control
 + MIDI editor: show notes pressed as long as the input note is pressed
 + OSX: improved drag/drop support
 + OSX: support for control+alt+drag to render to new file (drag to desktop, finder, sampler, etc)
 + OSX: CD burning support
 + OSX: REX support
 + OSX: special casing for POD Farm VST misreporting view type (VST 2.4 should be composited view)
 + OSX: fix for some AUs that do not export automatable parameters until after audio streams are initialized
 + OSX: added correct file locking to prevent writing files open for read
 + Pencil mode: fixed fade/autofade settings for newly drawn media items
 + ReaControlMIDI: support for raw mode (0-127 access to all CC messages)
 + ReaControlMIDI: envelopes and TCP knobs report the same value as the slider (0-127, 0-16383, or on/off)
 + ReaControlMIDI: support for storing/sending sysex dumps up to 64KB
 + ReaScript: run Python or Perl scripts that call Reaper API functions
 + ReaScript: assign reascripts to key commands or toolbar buttons
 + VST bridging: optimized plug-ins that call for tempo information
 + VST bridging/firewalling: per plug-in option to embed UI (not as compatible, less crash-resilient)
 + VST: safer querying of text strings from certain plug-ins
 + Win32: async file reading now has more grace on error
 + Win32: file locking improvements (no longer allow writing to media files that are open and online in REAPER, etc)
 + x64: VST bridging performance improvements, ReaRoute performance improvements
 + x64: will now use same config path as x86 (unless appdata/REAPER64 is valid)
 + x64: REX support (via bridging)
 + x64: fix for certain (broken) ASIO drivers

v3.11 - September 20 2009

 + Automation: freehand envelope drawing (ctrl+drag by default, optionally ctrl+alt+drag)
 + Multiproject: support for playing background projects with current, option to sync start times
 + Take: realtime reverse take
 + Toolbar: arm a custom toolbar button by right-clicking, click an item in the arrange view to run it
 + VST: configurable bridging/firewalling on x64 and x86 (prefs/VST, per VST option in FX browser)
 + Action: crossfade any overlapping selected items
 + Action: toggle master track and tempo envelope visibility together
 + Action window: allow removal of multiple key bindings at once
 + ASIO: fixed compatibility with Zoom R16 (and possibly other devices)
 + Automation: envelope data reduction during recording is now on by default
 + Automation: add a point anywhere in an envelope lane by clicking
 + Automation: envelope lanes now respect locking
 + CD burning: better gapless CD image generation, more accurate marker/region track generation
 + CD burning: allow recording multiple copies from single render, better error messages
 + Cleaner display of track information on routing/fx/envelope windows/tooltips/etc
 + Editing: fixed shift+click for multiple selection in arrange view
 + Editing: do not allow track envelopes to move vertically when ripple edit is enabled
 + Fades: option to disable autofades/autocrossfades for MIDI items
 + FX autobuild routing: clearer indication that cancelling autobuild will still load the FX
 + FX chains: loading FX chains will search the path of the .rfxchain for media files (for reasamplomatic/reaverb)
 + FX window: UTF-8 support for preset/program combo boxes
 + Help: useful information (info or context sensitive help) displayed below TCP section
 + JS: fixed a bug causing potential crashes when parameters automated
 + JS: new slider() function to get a slider by index (values 1..64)
 + License keys: updated text for non-commercial to be more accurate (personal/small business)
 + Loop recording: fixes for rounding errors causing items to be slightly too long
 + MCU: better support for emulated surfaces that do not notify touch state
 + Media explorer: menu options to enable RPP preview, disable tempo sync
 + MIDI editor: velocity lane editing affects only selected notes if there is a selection visible
 + MIDI editor: show MIDI track input on piano keys
 + MIDI editor: less eager to show empty space to the left of the MIDI item
 + MIDI editor: fixed drawing controller data over existing data on another channel
 + MIDI editor: actions to move to previous/next lyric
 + MIDI editor: fixed blinking cursor reappearing when offscreen
 + MIDI: in-project MIDI preview should now interrupt audio less
 + Mixer: improved extended mixer FX context menu layout
 + OSX: fixed low latency MIDI output mode
 + OSX: fixed menu key binding labels
 + OSX: fixed MIDI note name editing
 + OSX: AU compatibility improvements
 + OSX: fixed key assigning special keys in actions window
 + OSX: fixed keyboard navigation in file open/save dialogs
 + OSX: holding shift during startup now prevents REAPER from loading last project (like on Win32)
 + OSX: fixed routing dialog scroll issues on 10.4
 + Pan: allow settings as low as +1/-1% with control+drag
 + Peak building now handles multiple projects nicely
 + Pencil mode: obey loop preference when drawing empty MIDI item
 + Project settings: project media browse dialog better deals with relative paths
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: ability to fully buffer smaller audio samples (better performance)
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: removed pan automation zipper noises
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: volume/rate/etc automation now affects playing samples
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: parameter for MIDI pitch bend amount (default is 2 semitones, can do up to 12)
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: safer thread-source management
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: notify undo state when sample changed
 + ReaVerb: less RAM use during file loading
 + Safer memory management in undo, ReaVerb, and other areas
 + Snap: relative snap support
 + Snap: when grid-snap settings follow visible grid, do not snap if grid is not visible
 + Selection: faster selection of multiple tracks in some cases where other windows are open
 + Take: fixes/improvements to loop section
 + TCP: Fixed track VU meter glitch
 + TCP/mixer: mousewheel support on FX knobs and sends
 + Tempo markers: manual edit of position defaults to timeline units (, min:sec, etc)
 + Undo: fixed multiproject undo system bugs
 + Undo window: safer destroy on exit
 + User preference: default track height in new projects, set to medium (was small) by default
 + Virtual MIDI keyboard: arrow keys can be passed through to main window
 + VST: per instance option to disable PDC
 + VST: safer preset changes with some buggy plugins
 + Windows Vista/7: validate ini file path before using (to ensure that it is writeable)
 + Windows: fixed some issues with long strings in text boxes

v3.104 - August 29 2009

 + MIDI editor: fixed shift+click for multiple selection in piano roll
 + MIDI editor: fixed unlooped item marquee selection past end of item
 + Updated libvorbis to 1.2.3
 + Temporary removal of experimental VST bridging

v3.103 - August 27 2009

 + MIDI list editor: fixed possible duplicate event creation when filter on 
 + Render: disabled opening project from shell during render
 + MIDI list editor: fixed inline editing of pitch values
 + VST: better audioMasterGetOutputLatency reporting when stopped
 + VST: reverted 3.1 optimization that seemed to cause problems with a few plug-ins
 + VST: special case for Fretted Synth
 + x64 version: experimental 32-bit VST bridging support

v3.102 - August 15 2009

 + OSX: Fixed MIDI explode by channel and pitch
 + OSX: Fixed scroll during track moving
 + Fixed issue with projects that reference missing .mid files
 + Fixed bugs relating to ghost midi clips
 + Fixed junk characters in some pan law dialogs
 + Added some missing default theme elements
 + Record PDC disabled track option now compensates for audio buffer size
 + Solo and SiF now work better with MIDI sends (unsoloed MIDI sends are not sent at all)
 + Allow 23.976 framerate for sync

v3.101 - August 14 2009

 + Fixed high CPU use on zoomed-in recording items
 + Fixed grid line drawing of 1/3 beats

v3.1 - August 13 2009

 + Actions: toggle show master tempo envelope
 + Actions: faster actions to explode audio by channel, much faster actions to explode MIDI by channel or pitch
 + Actions: separate actions to jump to previous/next beat/measure vs moving edit cursor only
 + Actions: fixed occasional disappearing key shortcut
 + Automation: fixed possible crash when deleting FX envelope
 + Automation: shift+ctrl+drag locks envelope point move to either horizontal or vertical (like in MIDI editor)
 + Bounce: display in transport displays bounced length
 + Editing: fixed bug when moving items across hidden tracks
 + GUI: significant CPU optimizations when drawing time selection, antialiased peaks, fades, envelopes, filled envelopes
 + GUI: dim track I/O button when master/parent send disabled (themeable using track_io_dis and mcp_io_dis)
 + GUI: fixed bug in HSV blend mode
 + GUI: fixed edge line drawing for time/loop selections when decoupled
 + GUI: fixed filled envelope clipping bug
 + GUI: separate theme elements for fade quiet zone and fade area color fill
 + JS: updated Liteon FX
 + Media explorer: checkbox for starting media preview on the bar while project is playing back
 + Media explorer: fixed context menu on Vista/Win7
 + Media explorer: show preview graphics for MIDI items
 + Metronome: fixed output selection menu  
 + MIDI editor: event filter stays on top, can be toggled on/off
 + MIDI editor: CC lane dropdowns show which message types are currently in use
 + MIDI editor: inserting notes in drum modes uses smaller of grid size or 32nd notes
 + MIDI editor: view preference to always display note velocity
 + MIDI editor: action to move edit cursor to play cursor
 + MIDI editor: action to set selected note lengths to grid size
 + MIDI editor: better paste-extends-source behavior when using unlooped items
 + MIDI editor: no loop end marker for unlooped MIDI items
 + MIDI editor: fixed clipboard leak in certain paste actions
 + MIDI editor: fixed screen redraws/flashes when selecting notes in list view
 + MIDI editor: action to import lyric events from text file
 + MIDI editor: better display of text/sysex event editing vs adding, better copy-drag behavior
 + MIDI editor: clicking empty space in the lane deselects text/sysex events
 + MIDI editor: fixed copy/paste of text/sysex events in list editor
 + MIDI editor: fixed file-based MIDI item text/sysex event undo/redo
 + MIDI editor: fixed memory leak when deleting text/sysex events in list editor
 + MIDI editor: fixed step sequencer note entry when inline editor is open
 + MIDI editor: fixed text event editing on OS X
 + MIDI editor: fixed text event hit testing in certain instances
 + MIDI inline editor: actions dialog can now run actions
 + MIDI: don't create a new MIDI item when punch recording if there is already a suitable item to record into
 + MIDI: fixed overdub recording when extending source and record pdc disabled
 + MIDI: record overdub/replace modes with record PDC disabled now compensated for track PDC
 + OSX: default to Cocoa UI for AU plug-ins that support it
 + OSX: fixed manually editing JS parameter values
 + Peaks/waveforms: recording items are drawn more smoothly and consistently, update faster by default (configurable)
 + Playback: preserve PDC delayed monitoring now compensates for both track and master/parent PDC
 + Project: fixed project template being inserted when opening existing project in new tab
 + Project: setting maximum project length prevents zooming out much past that length
 + ReaEQ: more regular grid lines
 + ReaFIR: more regular grid lines
 + ReaVerb, ReaSamplomatic: now multi-project aware (for save-as with media)
 + ReaSamplomatic: fixed noise bug with zero release time
 + Recording: fixed recording pre-roll sample rounding problem
 + Render: fixed render dialog peaks display when certain stem options set
 + Render: more helpful error message if target directory does not exist
 + Render: saving project to RPP via render dialog now adds project to recent list
 + Render: Shup button sends to user default upload target
 + Screensets: better multiproject track view support
 + Screensets: screenset window now updates on save-project action
 + Shutdown: cancelling save while Windows is shutting down cancels system shutdown
 + Shutdown: more stable sequence with undo history open
 + Solo: fixed glitches when unsoloing with routing and PDC
 + Spaghetti cormorant
 + TCP/Mixer: create sends by dragging IO button to another track
 + TCP/Mixer: alt+click on IO button toggles master/parent send
 + TCP: bulk mute/solo by dragging mute/solo button to another track
 + Tempo envelope: snap points to grid when adding and snapping enabled
 + VST: faster startup scan of plug-ins that have not changed
 + VST: more efficient automation for new envelopes or envelopes with square point shape
 + VST: correct return value for audioMasterAutomate

v3.06 - July 20 2009

 + Automation: drag, copy and paste automation with items, within or across tracks
 + Automation: improvements when "add envelope points when moving items" enabled (right-click env toolbar button)
 + Automation: recording does not write redundant points (more efficient)
 + Automation: improvements when "reduce envelope point data when recording automation" enabled
 + Automation: FX envelope control panel buttons stay lit if parameter modulation or MIDI learn is active
 + Automation: alt+click deletes an envelope point
 + Automation: fixed send automation control panel display when writing or overriding automation
 + Audio: audio device channel remapping/aliasing support, separate configuration for each audio device
 + Recording: pre-roll monitors track media, action to toggle recording pre-roll
 + Render: rendering stems supports writing project markers as cues
 + Project: no prompt to save, or display project settings, when loading an existing project in a new tab
 + Project: track auto-naming no longer skips leading numbers
 + Preferences: more configurable track record parameters
 + Performance: better RAM/CPU behavior with accidental feedback routing
 + FX: cache undo states for plugins with slow save/load operations
 + FX: fixed undo point creation when plugin shown in FX chain window
 + FX: fixed memory leak when loading undo states for some VSTs
 + FX: fixed parameter modulation save/load/undo problems
 + FX: save parameter modulation with track templates/chains/paste
 + FX: show total track PDC in FX button tooltip
 + FX: performance meter shows PDC by track
 + FX: fixed track/mixer FX param knob rotation range
 + FX: fixed EastWest Play (and possibly other plugins) not showing GUI correctly
 + FX: all IK plugins blacklisted from precise loop buffer handling (glitching at loop end is preferable to crashing)
 + FX: UAD plugins are set offline after render (fixes rendering at different block size)
 + ReaEQ: update settings on "reset band to +0 dB" context menu action
 + MIDI: undo/redo no longer sends note-off to all tracks
 + MIDI: fixed import of .mid files with trailing non-note events exactly on the beat
 + MIDI: glue now supports text events
 + MIDI inline editor: fixed inserting notes at mouse cursor, not advancing main edit cursor
 + MIDI editor: action to invert current selection
 + MIDI editor: fixed moving multiple notes in looped items via keyboard actions
 + MIDI editor: fixed bug when adding sysex manually
 + MIDI editor: text events are now pooled across items and copied with items
 + MIDI editor: fixed initialization of lane combo boxes
 + JS: many optimizations for JS that do MIDI only (no @sample code, or in_pin/out_pin:none)
 + JS: midi_transpose works on notes that are sustaining when you move the sliders
 + JS: support for longer line lengths for slider definitions
 + JS: better support for locales that use , instead of . for decimal
 + JS: update dropdown boxes on sliderchange call
 + JS: fixed gfx_drawchar/gfx_drawnumber() not forcing screen update
 + Actions: select any track 1-99 (ctrl: extend, shift: contiguous, alt: invert)
 + Actions: set loop points to selected items
 + GUI: user preference for drawing pretty filled automation envelopes
 + GUI: optional/themeable editing guide lines when moving items
 + GUI: shift + middle mouse button does hand-scroll (and user preferences for it)
 + GUI: docker/project tabs show feedback when clicking close-tab buttons
 + GUI: option to show solid edge on loop selection and/or time selection
 + GUI: optimized screen drawing to reduce potential overdraws
 + GUI: separate user preferences for antialiased peaks/waveforms vs. antialiased fades/envelopes
 + GUI: fixed drawing crossfades when overlapping items are shown in lanes
 + GUI: track meters hold peaks as low as -150 dB
 + OSX: toolbar can be customized
 + OSX: VST/AU with carbon views now hide properly when docked

v3.05 - July 1 2009

 + Significant audio processing performance improvements, especially in larger projects
 + FX processing improvements for all Cockos plugins
 + Processing performance improvements for MIDI-only tracks
 + Significant graphics optimizations
 + Pasting items in large projects is faster
 + Fixed dragging items vertically across multiple tracks
 + Media explorer remembers the last directory visited when reopened
 + Global automation override is saved with project
 + JS sysex support: midisyx(frameoffset,msgbuf,len)
 + FX parameter adjustment undo point is set immediately if the plugin informs the host the move is done
 + Fixed random creation of different-length takes in loop recording
 + Faster bulk-arming of tracks via action
 + Seek is less likely to unnecessarily scroll the view
 + Properly resize last track in folder when compacting
 + FX quick-add menu contents are sorted alphabetically
 + Safer VST unloading while playing
 + Use envelope lane button hover states
 + Dont allow dragging a folder track into its own children
 + Copy MIDI item editor settings (note shape, etc) when copying MIDI items
 + Dont autoclose audio device when media explorer is previewing
 + Fixed waveout/directsound issues on failed initialization
 + Better folder remembering on render/consolidate, better default record path (rather than path to app)
 + MIDI editor: option to set default color map (in prefs/media/midi)
 + Support for mcp_master_sendlist_* theme images
 + ReaTune updates for multiple project and better take-fx support in manual mode, slight visual overhaul
 + Color-themeable fade area shading for media items
 + Color-themeable blinking edit cursor
 + Optional color-themeable play cursor (with width control)
 + Themes can set blend mode on fade handle edges/snap offset drawing
 + More efficient time selection highlight drawing in default theme
 + Fixed action for toggle recarm on all selected tracks
 + Better cue label positioning for stereo items etc
 + Actions to toggle item normalize/multiple item normalize, un-normalize
 + Special-case mutexing for ET-200/Rez/Oatmeal, generalizable on request for other plug-ins
 + Will now prompt you to select an audio device if you have not yet selected one
 + OSX: better view of some unthemed windows in docker
 + OSX: better AU initialization for some plugins
 + Improved tempo/time signature marker editing behavior
 + Open file in external editor supports unicode filenames
 + Custom toolbar icon assigned to "bounce live output to disk" will light up while recording
 + Preference whether to auto-show FX window after adding via quick-add menu
 + Warn if unable to save changes because project file is read-only
 + Fix for problems unloading plugins that run message loop during effClose (i.e. Guru)
 + Fixed bug with mixed native/OS text rendering colors being incorrect

v3.04 - June 19 2009

 + Joystick MIDI improvements (modeless config, submodes, etc)
 + Allow ctrl+drag copy of selected areas of items even with very small selections
 + Actions: split selected items at project markers, split selected items at grid
 + Action: remove content behind selected items (shift-X by default)
 + Crossfade selected items action allows time selection that is completely within both items
 + Fixed bug with render dialogs render master not being restored from configuration
 + ReaDelay: fixed label of delay length (from QN to 8N)
 + Fixed some bugs relating to Unicode conversions when getting long UI strings
 + OSX: fixed sending 1 and 2 byte messages to MIDI hardware
 + Ctrl+drag (pencil mode) creates empty MIDI item if no item is selected
 + SiF meters now show actual signal
 + Batch rendering will no longer show save prompt/project properties if preference set
 + MIDI editor: fixed sorting and mouse hit testing of overlapping notes
 + MIDI editor: Undo/redo of certain actions from within editor updates cached note names
 + MIDI editor: fixed scroll issues with last clicked note selection
 + MIDI editor: notes are not created when dragging vertically
 + MIDI editor: action to cycle through multiple items loaded in one editor (alt+N by default)
 + MIDI editor: better paste edit cursor behavior with looped items
 + Menu bar shows recording format, device settings, optionally free disk space including time
 + Normalize as much as +120dB (up from +36dB)
 + Allow resizing tracks in folder compact (not supercompact) mode
 + Toolbar icons show current state for many global toggle actions
 + Fixed relative filename item paste issues (when option to use relative files before fully qualified path is set)
 + Disabling record arm for tracks now sends all notes off
 + New JS: adpcm_simulator
 + Fixed project load splash screen leak
 + Better track vertical resize behaviors with varying arrange view sizes
 + Fixed open performance meter causing crashes in certain instances
 + VST: Support for plug-ins with Unicode filenames
 + VST: UAD plug-ins always get constant blocksizes (so that they can loop without extra latency)
 + VST: extra UAD mutexing on opening of UI

v3.03 - June 15 2009

 + Fixes for action to crossfade at selection
 + Crossfade at selection automatically splits an enclosing item
 + VKB performance improvement (especially on WINE)
 + Peak caches: better validation of timestamps for varying timezones and filesystems
 + Draw correct crossfades when an item sits on top of another item
 + X key is mapped to crossfade selected items action by default
 + Fixed delay compensation of untouched track channels for VSTs with latency decrease (ReaFIR etc)
 + Fixed delay compensation on untouched track channels for JS (including ReaMote)
 + ReaMote: fixed network thrashing with automated fx parameters
 + MIDI editor: removed snap behavior where snapping is disabled more than 100px from grid
 + Render: option to render at project samplerate, but output at a different rate (apply SRC last)
 + Fixed bug when undoing on certain projects with envelope lanes visible
 + Fixed bug storing online rendering to project file
 + Online rendering will pause for a few seconds before rendering to allow hardware to switch samplerates if necessary
 + Project setting for item mix behavior (items can mix, replace earlier items, or replace enclosing items)
 + Actions to enable or disable auto-crossfade on split
 + -renderproject hides main window from view
 + Fix for plugins that create multiple envelopes when loaded with automation write on
 + Fixed MIDI editor actions to move multiple notes up or down
 + Track MIDI input can be mapped to any channel
 + Fixed move cursor to start of previous measure action when starting on beat
 + Preliminary wet/dry knob for FX
 + Look for embedded track name event when importing single-track MIDI
 + Option to not reset MIDI CC on stop
 + Queued (batch) rendering support (Queue render button in render dialog, menu/action to bring up queue)
 + MIDI editor: control-drag also copies CC messages when moving CC with notes
 + Action to toggle maximize all tracks will maximize first
 + Fixed adding tempo events via transport when tempo envelope is hidden
 + Support for changing BPM from within ReWire slaves
 + User config for external MIDI output threading (restricted to one thread by default)
 + Fix for ripple editing + tempo marker issues
 + OSX: better hidden-mouse UI behavior (with Synergy detection as well)
 + OSX: cleaner looking buttons/popup buttons (todo combo boxes)
 + OSX: enabled FX folder rename/delete, drag FX into folder
 + OSX: fixed item fadein cursor
 + OSX: better support for detecting mouse activation for BFD2 etc
 + Internal queue optimizations

v3.02 - June 6 2009

 + Fixes to APE, OGG, and MP3 writing in certain consolidate instances
 + Fixed consolidate having issue with certain content/output sinks
 + Fixed Unicode file support for DirectShow video files (avi/mpg/etc)
 + Fixed CoreAudio aggregate/multi-buffer audio bug
 + JS: threaded memory manager fixes (for when starting playback with graphic JSs loaded)
 + Fixed bug sending events at end of MIDI file in certain instances
 + More useful dialog message when unable to encode MP3
 + OSX: improved GUI compatibility for some plugins
 + OSX graphics tweaks
 + MIDI editor: major performance improvement when editing small MIDI items in large projects
 + Quick FX add menu when clicking FX slots on the extended mixer
 + Windows: Low-level change to external MIDI output handling
 + MIDI output timing, CPU, bandwidth, consistency, and stability improvements
 + Global envelope menu selection to show/hide all track envelopes in project
 + Tweaks to control surface plug-in since midi output is nicely threaded on Windows

v3.01 - June 2 2009

 + Right-click FX button to add FX from user folder or saved FX chain
 + Show newly scanned FX in their own folder in FX browser
 + Faster display when opening FX browser or right-click FX menu
 + Fixed shortcut assignment to numpad 5 (and divide, decimal on some keyboards)
 + Middle mouse button sets play cursor in MIDI editor
 + Scrollbar resize handle works in MIDI editor
 + Fixed various nitpicks only seen when adv pref "large window frames" is on
 + VST: corrected audioMasterGetOutputLatency to match cubendo's behavior when used from VSTs with delay comp
 + MIDI editor: fix for reloading the same text strings file
 + MIDI export, .syx import, bank/string filenames now support unicode
 + Fix for MIDI items changing when changing project settings
 + Support for up to 30 MIDI input ports, 32 MIDI output ports (up from 24/24)
 + Fixed MIDI editor actions to change timebase view
 + Fixed reading of license keyfiles with Mac newline format
 + Fixed recording to unsaved projects with relative project media path set(again)
 + ReaControlMIDI: separate selection of LSB cc messages
 + MIDI editor: moving notes one octave moves one octave rather than 12 visible pitches
 + FX Browser: Added "Recently used FX" folder


 + Automation lanes
 + Nested track folders
 + Multiple tabbed projects
 + Multichannel (greater than stereo) media support, including MOGG
 + FX parameter controls on track and mixer control panels
 + Customize toolbar icons and actions
 + Programmable MIDI joystick/game controller support
 + Inline MIDI editing
 + Edit multiple MIDI items in one editor
 + Sync MIDI editor to arrange view, including looped items
 + Export project MIDI, with tempo map support
 + MIDI event filter
 + Track MIDI controls (manage bank/program changes, sysex, automate CC)
 + MIDI hardware timing improvements
 + Full sysex support
 + Create time- or beat-based templates including media
 + Improved REX support
 + Smoother play/stop/seek transitions
 + Soft controller takeover, including FX parameters
 + Create default FX controller assignments that act on the focused plug-in
 + New UI theme, many new graphics features and options
 + More user control of placement/appearance of graphical interface elements
 + Create knobs, envelopes, controller assignments from the last touched FX parameter 
 + MIDI control of presets for any plugin
 + Attach text and image resources to media items, place icons on tracks
 + Global automation override/bypass
 + Hide/show tracks in either arrange or mixer view
 + UAD compatibility improvements
 + All-native graphics rendering engine (better appearance and performance)
 + Memory use improvements


 + Improved MP3 seek accuracy
 + 27.97DF timing improvements
 + Read, write, or explode media with any number of audio channels
 + Optionally preserve project PDC when monitoring 
 + Seamless media item glue during playback
 + Optional tiny fade to hardware on play/stop/seek (avoid clicks)
 + Option to gate (not record near-silence) while saving live audio output
 + More WAV read/write options
 + Customizable pre-roll, metronome improvements
 + Full varispeed support during recording
 + Optionally draw labels and buttons above media items (track info lane)
 + JS support for up to 64 parameters, dynamic UI
 + Filter track visibility by name
 + Optionally display faint peaks in automation lanes
 + Control+drag for fine adjustment of volume handles and envelope points
 + When labels drawn above items, drag the label area to select item+time
 + Dynamic split detection improvements
 + Drag images onto arrange view or track control panels
 + Filter and highlight FX parameters in the envelope window
 + Automap 3.0 support 
 + Vastly improved memory performance with many MIDI items in a project
 + Editor timeline can be beats (local), beats (project), time, or synced-to-arrange
 + Switch active MIDI item in multi-item editors by clicking a note, 
   selecting the source item in the MIDI event filter,
   or clicking the item in the arrange view  
 + Quantize/humanize/edit note properties modelessly
 + Increased range for note velocity handle adjustment
 + Improved timing in ReWire slave mode
 + Enhanced CC meta-actions (fine-tune custom actions with a conroller)
 + Themeable colormaps for note velocity, channel, source item 
 + Lock notes in time or pitch
 + Adjust parent item and loop length from MIDI editor
 + No glitch when looping plugins that generate sound or tails
 + Faster redraws for some VSTs
 + No glitch when automating ReaEQ band gain through +0 dB
 + Dragging FX instrument to empty track space inserts new track for the instrument
 + Improved FXP compatibility
 + Support for VSTs that send MIDI out of context
 + Improved DX automation support
 + FX parameter aliasing
 + Many theme options for drawing blend modes, marquee selection
 + Unicode (via UTF-8) filename support

v3.0 - May 22 2009

 + Fixed arrange view scrollbar zooming center

v3.rc.2 - May 21 2009

 + Overdub/replace recording extends items even when no notes active
 + Fixed OSX issue when using relative recording paths and unsaved projects

v3.rc.1 - May 19 2009

 + Soundtouch fix for crashes at low buffer sizes
 + Fix for occasional MIDI playback dropouts at loop boundary
 + Simpler layout for MP3 render options
 + Full varispeed support during recording (applies SRC to audio if necessary)

v3.beta.10 - May 18 2009

 + MIDI editor: overridden project tempo displays local grid in Beats (source) mode
 + MIDI editor: fixed snap errors in Beats (source) mode
 + MIDI editor: return of the horizontal cursor
 + Fixed action to toggle all envelopes in selected tracks to/from lanes
 + Clear global automation bypass and master clip indicators when opening new project
 + OSX: support for reading/write large files, unbuffered disk reads for better performance

v3.beta.9 - May 16 2009

 + Master hardware output logic doesn't output when outputs do not exist
 + Import file dialog remembers last path browsed to (no longer defaults to project media)
 + Better MIDI export window, fixes to selection, better path use
 + API support for getting selected envelope, get/set envelope state
 + Fixed track toggle actions
 + Grid interval 1/48 is now called 1/32T consistently
 + MIDI editor: show edit cursor when outside item, redraw event list when item moves in 
   arrange view,	horizontal zoom more consistent with arrange view
 + Fixed action to create chromatic MIDI from multiple items
 + Media explorer filtering matches other filters (multiple words, only visible elements, etc)
 + Media explorer unicode character support
 + MIDI editor: better display/UI of overlapping text/sysex events
 + MIDI editor: copy/paste/delete actions now work on sysex/text lanes
 + About box purchase tab detects old license keys, provides easy way to get new license key
 + OS X: improved support for aggregate audio devices (names, etc)

v3.beta.8 - May 12 2009

 + Clean autocrossfades when moving items through other items, other autocrossfade fixes
 + Media item playrates are clamped (internally) to 1/10x..10x
 + Corrected "hz" strings into "Hz"
 + More easter eggness
 + Yet another envelope panel resizing fix
 + More accurate MIDI playback and export around tempo changes
 + Fixed MIDI editor horizontal zoom center
 + MIDI editor can load color maps for MIDI notes separate from theme (default in data/color_maps)
 + Fixed time formatting bug, item playrate near-1.0 display bug
 + Now compiled with ICC on all intel platforms, win32 updated to ICC 10.1
 + OSX: separate PPC and i386 builds
 + Updated peak-calculation code to use faster file reading

v3.beta.7 - April 28 2009

 + Modeless MIDI editor windows return focus to docked MIDI editor on close
 + FX browser folders can be renamed
 + Fixed option to stretch text to fit text-notes items
 + Fixed MIDI editor moving of text events/sysex, snapping, flicker
 + Fixed MIDI editor list editing text events/sysex at bad (negative) times
 + OSX dialog theming fixes/updates
 + OSX envelope dialog default focus fix
 + OSX hardware input dropped notes fix
 + Win32 MIDI device shutdown tweaks

v3.beta.6 - April 25 2009

 + MIDI output improvements, better audio performance when sending large amounts of midi
 + Modeless MIDI editor windows return focus to MIDI editor on close
 + About box/purchase updates, use of license key file rather than name/serial number
 + Fixed occasional freeze of envelope lane resizing
 + Fixed envelope lane resize drawing in WINE
 + Prefs for MIDI VU activity meters
 + Inline MIDI editor CC lanes default to collapsed
 + ReaControlMIDI logs sysex in a more copy/paste friendly way
 + Fixed editing MIDI velocity via action 
 + Fixed bug when clearing master track tempo envelope
 + More consistent shift-drag behavior for MIDI notes
 + Copy FX parameter aliases and controller learn assignments with FX
 + Fixed MIDI items incorrectly switching active source after edits
 + More command line options on win32

v3.beta.5 - April 21 2009

 + Fixed envelope panel resizing
 + MIDI editor text/sysex multiselect
 + MIDI editor CC editing fixes
 + Preview REX at project tempo, show correct preview waveform
 + Send CC reset to hardware outputs/vsts on stop

v3.beta.4 - April 19 2009

 + Actions to set MIDI channel for new notes
 + MIDI hardware output timing and latency drift fixes
 + MIDI editor dock/undock button
 + Better MIDI hardware notes off on stop/seek
 + Envelope lane sizing fixes
 + Fixed gluing items on FIPM track not always sounding identical to pre-glued
 + GUI text alignment fixes
 + Fixed actions to set active CC lane
 + Don't reset MIDI view filter when switching channel for new notes
 + Fixed undoing item modifications causing lost track icons

v3.beta.3 - April 13 2009

 + Build FX MIDI routing automatically sets track MIDI input
 + Track MIDI activity meter is themeable
 + Fix for envelope lanes sometimes not being resizable
 + Bigger buffer for ReaControlMIDI sysex
 + MIDI input timing improvements
 + Windows: Per-device MIDI hardware input timing options
 + OS X: improved MIDI hardware output timing
 + WAV file support: fix for files with broken (too small) RIFF blocksize

v3.beta.2b - April 9 2008

 + Media Explorer peaks fixes/improvements, added time indicator
 + Fixed deadlock when adding envelope via playspeed automation
 + Updated MIDI editor drag insert item snapping
 + Do not select envelope when bypassing, do not report envelope fader BG color in trim mode
 + Do not show env lane move-to-media-lane button, do show env lane button tooltips
 + Vanishing envelope fixage

v3.beta.2 - April 8 2009

 + Midi overdub/replace recording creates items that fit the time selection
 + MIDI editor piano key mousewheel rationalization 
 + Track resizing mouse grab fix
 + Floating FX windows appear slightly offset from the last touched FX window
 + Envelope lane X button gives option to hide or clear envelope
 + Selectable per-item mix behavior (automatically set for rex files)
 + Better folder/send/nested folder solo logic
 + Automapped plugins say (Automap) in the FX browser
 + REX file preview and import improvements
 + Action to explode MIDI items by note row (pitch) 
 + Auto-reposition in FIPM accounts for labels over items
 + Any plugin optionally changes preset on MIDI program change message
 + Option for using faster text rendering (breaks ClearType) (Prefs/Appearance/Use faster text rendering)
 + Filter search box and peaks display/position control in Media Explorer
 + Improvements to recording with looping/time selection
 + MIDI FX learn assignments can be saved as defaults for that plugin

v3.beta.1 - March 31 2009

 + Project template media can be beat-based as well as time-based
 + All FX parameter actions now available from FX window "Param" button
 + Action to insert 4 envelope points at selection creates points on selection edges
 + Action to crossfade selected items within time selection
 + Restored option to monitor media while recording input
 + Better automation and TCP knob support for some DX plugins
 + Easier to edit envelopes without accidentally changing track selection 
 + MIDI overdub recording fix
 + MIDI learn mode for only affecting focused FX
 + Fixed notes being sent when seeking/starting on noteoff
 + MIDI overdub/replace record modes still record audio input when an audio input is selected
 + Control surfaces now send MIDI asynchronously from another thread to avoid UI slowdown
 + .syx file reading now sends multiple sysex messages separately
 + Handle MIDI patch files with duplicate MSB/LSB entries
 + JS/meters/dynamics_meter
 + Track meters show MIDI input velocity 
 + ReaControlMIDI channel parameter can be automated
 + FIPM item moving and resizing improvements
 + Active/bypass FX checkbox in FX window
 + Action to toggle master track stereo/mono
 + Fixed envelope points moving with items behavior in certain instances
 + Controller soft takeover improvements (smoother takeover)
 + Helpful highlights in envelopes window
 + Fixed deadlock when recording midi-item-per-loop bug

v3.alpha.5 - March 21 2009

 + Fixed crash in fade menu
 + Fixed fx not always showing parameters in envdlg by default
 + ReaEQ/ReaXcomp option to automate parameters with log() shaping
 + Fixed track media drawing behind envelope lanes when track gap set to zero
 + Action to insert envelope point at current position
 + Unicode fixes for files launched via command line, file open/save dialog, media item properties box
 + ReaControlMIDI sends CC messages at project load time when CC enabled
 + Fixed track height override overriding folder compacting
 + Fixed parameter modulation bypass in envdlg

v3.alpha.4 - March 20 2009

 + Select MIDI channel for mouse-entered notes in MIDI filter
 + Checkbox in envelopes window to show only last touched FX parameters
 + Envelopes button in mixer control panels (new theme elements for it)
 + Separate option for tiny hardware fade in/out on start/stop
 + Theme images for mcp lists etc now support pinklines for scaling
 + Fixed MTC/SPP sync
 + Easier single-click note editing in inline MIDI editor
 + Opening actions window when focused on inline MIDI editor defaults to inline MIDI actions
 + Insert/edit sysex events in MIDI editor (piano roll or event list editor)
 + ReaControlMIDI: button to re-send sysex, option to always send sysex on playback start
 + Envelope support for plugins that have more than 7000 parameters 
   (max 7000 shown in envelopes window, but collapsed/filtered parameters do not count against the 7000)
 + Actions to set focus to item under mouse cursor, toggle auto-crossfade on split
 + Button to run action but leave actions window open
 + Soft takeover for most CC actions, fixes/improvements to using pitch message for assigning
 + ReaTune: short histogram in main tuner (useful for doing sensitive things like guitar intonation adjustment)
 + Option to abbreviate or omit text in item take/rate/pitch labels
 + Much better support for overdub/replace/replace touch on looped MIDI items 
 + Windows: Unicode (via UTF-8) filename support (except in a few cosmetic places)
 + OSX: fixed support for more characters (UTF-8 etc)
 + FX window "last touched parameter" button for things to do with that parameter
 + FX parameter alias support
 + Automation write support for some DX plugins
 + Moving items, copy/paste items, etc, now work better relating to tempo map changes
 + API to get/set track and item state using xmlrpp text
 + Actions to vertically center selected tracks, set first selected track as last touched
 + MIDI learn for fx now only affects fx in active project, option for only affecting visible fx

v3.alpha.3 - March 7 2009

 + Fixed MIDI note properties showing first time
 + Fixed quantize on normal MIDI editor
 + OS X fix for drag/drop fx from browser
 + Envelope lanes control panels show real values for FX param envs when available
 + Fixed auto-add of plugin envelopes for correct values
 + Fixed project MIDI export for multiple tracks with no tempo map
 + ReaControlMIDI track MIDI control plugin (manage bank/program changes and sysex per track, automate CC from software or hardware, etc)
 + Actions for global automation bypass
 + With multiple MIDI items in one editor, clicking on an item in the arrange view activates that item in the editor
 + OS X GR meter drawing fixes
 + Text can be stretched to fit text items
 + Fixed bugs in high-peakrate multichannel peak cache reading (lower RAM use too)
 + Better drawing of multichannel peaks for items that are smaller vertically
 + Fix for trimming MIDI items on split in certain looped instances
 + Live resize of track panels
 + Better support for hidden tracks (items not used for most actions, importing media, selection state, etc)
 + (Default) option to destroy/restore background project windows (fx related and midi editors etc)
 + FX parameter support in TCP and MCP
 + Much faster GUI redraws for some VST plugins 
 + Fixed mute master/slave grouped automation recording
 + Added -noactivate and -close[all][:nosave|:save] command line options
 + UAD 1/2: release resources when tracks are bypassed/muted, projects inactive, audio device closed, etc.
 + ReaEQ: fixed glitch when automating gain to +0dB
 + FLAC: more correct/efficient 24-bit encoding, endian fixes for both encoding/decoding
 + WavPack: corrected BWF header writing
 + Pre-roll (set up in metronome dialog)
 + Parameter string reporting for JS (for TCP knobs and envelopes)
 + Buttons to show/hide parameters for each fx in envelopes dialog

v3.alpha.2b(upd) - February 12 2008

 + installer: Fixed Vista/Windows 7 compatibility warnings
 + inline midi scroll fixes
 + fixed default focus on track filter action
 + Updated whatsnew: left/right mouse movement on inline scrollbar now zooms

v3.alpha.2b - February 12 2008

 + Keep mixer faders aligned when showing track icons
 + Edit MIDI event values directly in the event list 
 + Single-click note preview on inline MIDI editor tiny keyboard
 + Redraw properly after clicking item mute button
 + Fixes for clearing/restoring/auto-arming track envelopes
 + Dragging FX instrument from FX browser to empty track space inserts new track for the instrument
 + Action to filter track visibility (in track list or mixer) by track name
 + MIDI editor quantize/humanize/note properties are now modeless (and work in inline mode)
 + Hiding dock windows now removes focus from them
 + MP3 reader has more accurate rendering following some seeks
 + Loading/saving projects will resolve track/media images 
 + Autoscroll when dragging notes in inline MIDI editor
 + Fixes to custom toolbar configuration (for custom actions, classic images, etc)
 + OS X installation updates (simply put .app in Applications, run)

v3.alpha.2 - February 8 2009

 + Fixed MIDI timing in ReWire slave mode
 + Rewire support for running in FL Studio
 + Fixed some PCM source seek rounding errors
 + Free disk space notification option, option to show in menu bar
 + Preliminary inline MIDI editing (bound to E)
 + Some MIDI editor options are now global rather than per-editor
 + 27.97DF ruler mode to drop frames at start of minutes
 + Optional tiny fade to hardware outputs on playback start or play position jump (avoid clicks)
 + Preview gappy REX files correctly in media explorer
 + Support for dragging images onto TCP for display (optionally in MCP as well)
 + Expand selected tracks action (! by default) is now a toggle
 + Show last undo action in top menu bar
 + Preferences for showing item icons
 + Preference for showing faint audio peaks in envelope lanes
 + MIDI editor fixes for beats (source) mode, time display, vel lane height stuff, etc
 + MIDI editor action: Double length of MIDI (repeating contents)
 + Fixed MIDI clock send, broken earlier in v2.99alpha
 + MIDI editor: better velocity handle relative adjustment
 + MIDI editor: new options for reuse editors, reuse keeping as secondary items, saves reuse flag with config
 + Display multiple MIDI tracks/items in one editor
 + Drag-insert MIDI notes allows inserting notes half the grid size
 + Click-insert MIDI notes optionally matches the length of the last touched note
 + Toolbar buttons can be assigned any action (including custom actions) and custom icons
 + Preference to not tint items when selected
 + MIDI event filter window is now modeless (stays open while you work)
 + Activate, show, or hide MIDI source items from MIDI filter window
 + Use selected events to create MIDI filter
 + Existing item selection is cleared when recording stops (recorded items are selected)
 + Control+drag for fine vertical movement of envelope points, segments, item volume
 + Action to renumber project markers in timeline order
 + Fixed drag and drop of sends/hardware outputs in mixer view when using hardware outputs
 + Old recording item selection behavior now only affects item-autopunch mode
 + CC parameter meta-actions now also work on midpoints for absolute CCs/etc
 + Select all items in track (doubleclick TCP) now sets context to items
 + When labels drawn above items, only the active take name is shown
 + More range when editing MIDI note velocity
 + Fixed MIDI note click-entry after moving item edges or loop end marker
 + In synced mode, MIDI editor scrollbar drives arrange view scroll
 + Meta-actions to conditionally process actions based on the sign of CC parameter value
 + Fixed explode channels as mono takes to handle flushing writes before opening for read
 + ReaVerb: fixed issues with complex chains that convert channel counts
 + Stretching using Elastique by more than a factor of 10 now will result in correct timing but not-fully-preserved pitch
 + lame support now handles writing mono better
 + ReaSamplomatic: better note name reporting (removes extensions, doesnt report if supporting the entire range)
 + ReaEQ/ReaXcomp now save undo states for global volume adjustment
 + JS: support for 64 sliders, dynamically created UI, etc.
 + Removed demo project (will have sep demo package download)

v3.alpha.1 - January 6 2009

 + Support for media files with any number of audio channels  (wav, aiff, ogg, wavpack so far)
 + Multichannel render, render stems, record output
 + Action to explode multichannel audio or MIDI into multiple single-channel items
 + Programmable joystick/game controller to MIDI input conversion (for both track MIDI and for actions/learn)
 + Track channels automatically increase to accommodate multichannel media
 + Track channels automatically increase to accommodate new sends or receives
 + MIDI editor: dragging notes respects project settings for snapping note ends, item offset
 + MIDI editor: ctrl+shift locks dragged notes in time or pitch
 + MIDI editor: cursors for dragging loop end marker, item boundaries
 + MIDI editor: fixed autoscroll when creating loop selection
 + MIDI editor: fixed marquee selection in drum mode
 + MIDI hardware in/out: possible timing improvements (more work to do)
 + Drag/drop image files into REAPER, preserve aspect ratio
 + Drawing optimizations
 + Fixed metronome count-in when not at project start
 + Mute/solo take in time selection actions: improvements 
 + Tracks have folder state buttons (again)
 + Fixed multiproject performance issue
 + Actions to toggle all envelopes for selected tracks visible, or in/out of envelope lanes
 + Actions to show/hide all active envelopes
 + Menu item and action to interactively reduce number of envelope points
 + Highlight and filter envelope names in the track envelopes dialog
 + Fixed metronome count-in stutter on first downbeat
 + MIDI editor: filter displayed event types and parameters
 + WAV reading supports waveformatextensible headers
 + WAV IMA-ADPCM read/write, MSADPCM read, non-standard cADPCM (2-bit) read/write
 + MOGG import
 + Fix for VSTs that send midi out of context
 + Fixed peaks drawing accuracy in render window
 + "Preserve PDC delayed monitoring" accounts for recording latency as well as PDC (so soft synths sound the same when played live vs played back, etc)
 + Code to prevent elastique from chewing CPU on near silence
 + ReaPitch/ReaVoice: optimization to reduce processing during silence
 + ReaVerb: set all button for quickly changing all active ReaVerbs to particular fft settings
 + ReaVerb: lower CPU use, less CPU when processing silence
 + Preliminary soft-takeover mode for FX parameter learning
 + FX preset loading, VST program changes now add undo points
 + Automap 3.0 (beta) support in HUI mode

v2.99.alpha.preview.8 - Dec 24ish? 2008

 + MIDI editor: handle looped content and item boundaries better
 + MIDI editor: shrink/grow parent items by dragging the ends of the content
 + MIDI editor: existing action "size view to fit content" fits the entire parent item
 + MIDI editor: new action "size view to fit one loop iteration"
 + MIDI editor: don't draw note labels on top of each other
 + Please try preferences-appearance-media-draw labels above items
 + Drag in floating item label area to select item+time (experimental)
 + New item buttons for muted or grouped items (see what's grouped with your selection)
 + Glue now does not stop playback or close audio
 + undo history gets session loaded markers (unless loading an undo history with a forward redo-buffer)
 + Scrub now works better with compressed media and multiprojects, supports track phase
 + Massive memory use reduction when using large numbers of MIDI files
 + Track/FX MIDI buffers are now pooled to use less RAM
 + MIDI buffers are now pre-allocated for better performance
 + Fixed bugs removing automated parameters from ReaPitch/ReaDelay/etc
 + Better item start/end sample rounding for items with no fades
 + Open project dialog has "open in new project tab" checkbox
 + Fixed take envelopes broken in an earlier 2.99.alpha
 + Global switch to bypass all automation
 + Added choices to arm, hide, move, bypass envelopes in ACP and context menus
 + OGG decoder: fixed subsample seeking accuracy

v2.99.alpha.preview.7 - Dec 16

 + Better varispeed recording when using preserve-pitch varispeed
 + Better alignment for piano keyboard in MIDI editor
 + Fixed bugs with MCP folder icons, fixed OS X MCPs disappearing on F11
 + Overhauled thread-locking and drawing management code for more efficiency
 + Preference to draw item labels above rather than within the item
 + Track grouping window updates on project tab switches
 + Undo-state restoring on background projects fixed
 + MIDI quantize defaults to current grid spacing if previous quantize was done at previous grid spacing
 + Create loop selection from MIDI editor
 + Action to size MIDI editor view to content
 + Don't draw item labels on top of each other
 + Spawning new instance of reaper.exe from action now overrides multi-instance checks
 + Launching REAPER ReWired to REAPER now overrides multi-instance checks
 + Color theme element for selected item text label color	
 + Global automation mode override is a true override, track modes are restored when turning off the override
 + Fixed importing of certain old folder structures
 + Fixed directory cleanup not showing unused files
 + Better auto-crossfade behavior when adjusting fades of items that overlap other items
 + Fixed item drawing rounding issues

v2.99.alpha.preview.6 - December 13 2008

 + Better looping of samplerate-converted items
 + Don't track MIDI CC/program change events that occur before the visible item start time
 + Actions to change selected MIDI note velocity +/-1, +/-10
 + MIDI notes show velocity value while editing with velocity handle or action
 + Draw MIDI velocity handles and note name text in a readable color depending on note color
 + Fixed switching between projects while recording
 + Fixed open items with associated media in new tab issues
 + Fixed filenames written to bwav/wv when using autosave project to .wav.rpp 
 + Fixed background-multiproject SMPTE sync issues
 + Fixed multiproject save live output
 + Auto-build peaks on project switch
 + Docker startup size fix
 + Fixed user-object leaks relating to windows with menus being docked

v2.99.alpha.preview.5 - December 12 2008

 + Easier automation point editing for square envelopes (mute, bypass)
 + Actions to mute/solo active take only within time selection (for comping)
 + Actions for setting and adjusting selected ACP fader
 + Automation logic: only active envelopes can be visible, only visible envelopes can be armed
 + Global automation mode override button
 + Clicking an envelope segment no longer inserts a point by default (old behavior may persist for existing users unless they change the pref in prefs->editing behavior->mouse)
 + Transport home/end buttons can be remapped to previous/next marker
 + Support for adding/deleting track channels in the FX I/O config matrix
 + Show a mark on the FX I/O button when some FX pins are not assigned to track channels
 + Preliminary multi-project support -- open multiple projects at the same time!
 + Multi-instance options

v2.99.alpha.preview.4 - December 7 2008

 + Fixesages, tweaks, mac build stuff
 + Fixed zoomed-in waveforms on large projects
 + Update: fixed some mouse focus issues
 + Update again: fixed zoomed in-offline text drawing of long items

v2.99.alpha.preview.3 - December 3 2008

 + MIDI editor timebase can be beats, time, or synced to arrange
 + Fixed envelope point marquee selection
 + MIDI bank/program tracking fixes (merge back to 2.5x?)
 + Fixes to folder-in-folder with solo etc
 + Fixed JS PDC small-increases increasing latency
 + New blend mode for themes (HSV adjust)

v2.99.alpha.preview.2 - November 26 2008

 + Improved the way item notes are stored
 + Curve and circle drawing efficiency and appearance improvements
 + MIDI items remember their sync-to-arrange state
 + MIDI editor: themeable colormaps for note velocity and channel
 + About screen effect will scale according to the available CPU power
 + New splash screen
 + Media item properties dialog allows setting item position and length in time or beats
 + Colorthemes have configurable blend modes/opacity for numerous items
 + Colortheme configuration updates
 + dB scales on track meters are now optional
 + Left/right edge adjustment snapping now respects X track-distances like moving
 + Preliminary automation envelope lanes
 + Track record-output modes now obey "Monitor track media when recording" setting
 + Added special case for arcDev ET-200 leaking huge amounts of RAM on stop (still leaks on samplerate changes)
 + Recording is now allowed when tracks are record armed but set to "do not record"
 (minor stuff)
 + MIDI editor remembers last directory for note name maps
 + Stray keystrokes won't reset MIDI editor grid
 + Vertical zoom (make all tracks a little smaller or bigger) now on view menu
 (bugs from 2.99)
 + Fixed folder issues
 + Fixed looping MIDI issues
 + Fixed render-stems crash
 + Fixed replace-touch recording mode when using PDC
 + Volume fader hiding when tcp width too low
 + Fixed 45degness of folder drawing
 + Fixed project MIDI export (or at least made it less broken)

v2.99.alpha.preview.1 - November 15 2008

 + Track option "Preserve PDC delayed monitoring"
 + Fixed loop glitches with synth and other plug-ins
 + Fixed some PDC+input monitoring issues with excess MIDI notes
 + Added JS/midi_logger
 + ReaSynth, ReaSamplomatic5k: less cpu use when UI open and automated
 + Nested folder support, drag and drop organization of folders, clearer positioning indicator
 + Theme images for folder indents (folder_start, folder_indent, folder_end)
 + Duplicate selected tracks now handles sends more intelligently
 + Duplicate tracks, cut/copy tracks, delete tracks all now respect folder-states
 + Master auto-mute has new clip mode
 + New themeable item backgrounds, loop notches
 + Theme background images now disable filtering when not stretching much
 + New, fancy themeable marquee selections, better support for zooming during marquee
 + Mousewheel zoom now zooms at mouse cursor if the mouse is captured
 + Better looking automation (circle points)
 + Native graphics rendering engine for better looks, better performance on WINE and OS X
 + Text notes or image resources can be attached to items (optionally background of items)
 + Items with no audio/MIDI become "notes items" and display the text or resource in the body of the item
 + Export project MIDI as single or multitrack .MID file, with tempomap support
 + MIDI editor: option to sync view (scroll and zoom) with project timeline
 + MIDI editor: items remember their view (scroll and zoom) settings when reopened
 + MIDI editor: optionally reuse an existing editor window when opening new MIDI items 
 + MIDI editor, virtual midi keyboard: fancy piano keys
 + MIDI editor: graphics rendering overhaul, velocity-sensitive gradient colors on notes
 + MIDI text event support including text event lane
 + MIDI file reader fixes (running status, etc) (need re-merge to 2.5x?)
 + MIDI output channel selector on virtual MIDI keyboard, up/down to change channel, left/right to change octave
 + Setting sto hide tracks from the track list
 + Save live output option to not save when output level below a certain threshold
 + Dynamic split detection improvements
 + Action to restore previous scroll view position (useful when zoomed in and the view jumps away to chase the edit cursor)
 + Load FXP files that were saved with format zero even though there never was an FXP format zero
 + Splash screens now support jpg and pcx, auto-sized to fit.

v2.58 - March 16 2009

 + Fixes for Win9x.
 + OSX: Fixed filename support for more characters (including folder symbol, etc)

v2.57 - March 11 2009

 + Fixed MIDI SPP/MTC sync
 + FLAC: more correct/efficient 24-bit encoding, endian fixes for both encoding/decoding
 + WavPack: corrected BWF header writing

v2.56 - March 2 2009

 + Fixed drag and drop of sends/hardware outputs in mixer view when using hardware outputs
 + Old recording item selection behavior now only affects item-autopunch mode
 + CC parameter meta-actions now also work on midpoints for absolute CCs/etc
 + Select all items in track (doubleclick TCP) now sets context to items
 + Fixed MIDI timing in ReWire slave mode, support for running in FL Studio
 + ReWire slave mode forces playrate to 1.0
 + Fixed MIDI item trim bugs with selected notes
 + Fixed some PCM source seek rounding errors
 + Fixed a bug in vertical GR metering (ReaComp etc)
 + Hiding dock windows now removes focus from them
 + MP3 decoder seek improvements
 + 29.97DF ruler corrected
 + ReaSamplomatic: better note name reporting (removes extensions, doesnt report if supporting the entire range)
 + Fixed auto-add of plugin envelopes for correct values
 + installer: Fixed Vista/Windows 7 compatibility warnings
 + OS X: new directory structure and simplified install process
 + Updated registration to store in install path as well (for multiuser systems)
 + Fix for trimming MIDI items on split in certain looped instances
 + Much faster redraws for some VSTs
 + Fixed mute master/slave grouped automation recording

v2.55 - January 20 2009

 + Fixed hang on MIDI bank/program file change
 + Fixed metronome stutter on first downbeat
 + Fixed VST compatability with plug-ins that send MIDI events from UI/etc
 + Fixed reasamplomatic ui updating bug
 + Fixed render dialog peaks display
 + ReaVerb: lower CPU use, "set all" button for overriding all instances FFT settings
 + ReaVerb: fixed issues with complex chains that convert channel counts
 + ReaPitch/ReaVoice: lower CPU on silence
 + Code to prevent elastique from chewing CPU on near silence
 + FX parameter MIDI learn: fixed updating of "set with selected tracks" flag
 + FX preset loading, VST program changes now add undo points
 + Meta-actions to conditionally process actions based on the sign of CC parameter value
 + Stretching using Elastique by more than a factor of 10 now will result in correct timing but not-fully-preserved pitch
 + mp3 encoder now handles writing mono better (when passed stereo data)
 + Existing item selection is cleared when recording stops (recorded items are selected)

v2.54 - December 22 2008

 + Dynamic split detection improvements
 + Action: restore previous scroll position
 + ReaVerb/ReaSamplomatic user/gdi object leak fixes
 + Docked midi editor / fx window / mixer user object leak fixes	
 + Fixed looped-resampled-item glitches
 + ReaSynDr, ReaSynth, ReaSamplomatic, ReaTune: smoother automation
 + JS: fixed some issues with small increases in PDC
 + Better wav/wv project filename setting when autosaving to .wav.rpp
 + MIDI bank/program tracking fixes, duplicate note removal
 + OS X performance updates
 + Display rendering updates
 + Faster meter rendering
 + Left/right edge adjustment snapping now respects X track-distances like moving
 + Massive memory use reduction when using large numbers of MIDI files
 + Fixed bugs removing automated parameters from ReaPitch/ReaDelay/etc
 + Fixed end/start of item sample rounding for items with no fades
 + OGG decoder: fixed subsample seeking accuracy
 + Clipping fix for fully buffered peaks drawing mode

v2.53 - October 17 2008

 + FX MIDI learn can now be set to only be active when the track or item is selected, allowing more context sensitive controls
 + Action: view fx chain for master track (for Rene)
 + HUI track naming and clearing updates (for Novation Automap)
 + Next/Previous transient navigation now set focus onto edit cursor (pre-2.5 behavior)
 + Mousewheel now works to scroll in track envelopes/routing windows, routing matrix
 + Fix for ungraceful MIDI program name reporting in Stylus RMX, Proteus, possibly other VSTis 
 + MIDI editor loads default reabank
 + fixed non-looping items pre-echo of next loop when pitch shifting/timestretch
 + internal envelope defaults cleanups
 + JS: compscope (for measuring dynamic response of compressors)
 + JS:'s glitch processors
 + JS: liteon's cheby24db and moog filters
 + AlphaTrack/FaderPort/TranzPort: better master track selection behavior

v2.52 - October 12 2008

 + Memory use reduction with lots of items/takes in projects
 + Render: new optional online realtime rendering mode (allowing easy renders with external synths, reainsert, etc)
 + MIDI editor: bank/program select lane, .reabank and .ins import, automatic loading for software instruments
 + MIDI editor: humanize notes action
 + MIDI editor: action for join selected notes
 + MIDI editor: default bindings to switch channel view (shift+0-9, and ~ to show all)
 + MIDI editor: fixed scrolling marquee selection issues
 + MIDI editor: fixed hang with huge grid sizes
 + ReaInsert: fixed dropped MIDI events on playback start in certain instances
 + ReaSynth: full ADSR control, second utility oscillator, smoother fast attacks, sustain pedal support
 + ReaSynth: pulse width control, big optimizations
 + OSX: JS keyboard fixes
 + OSX: various scroll related fixes, fixed floating masterTCP bug
 + Keyboard: Fix for . vs alt+. keyboard assignments, alt+numpadkeys, etc
 + Normalizing items no longer resets take phase reversal
 + Fixed mute UI update issue when stopped/paused/etc and not running FX
 + MP3 encoder: no longer creates (inaccurate) peak files
 + Dynamic split: tweaked reduce split slider centerline
 + Fix for ctrl+mousewheel inconsistent fader behavior
 + Fixed mp3+pitch shifting+take FX end-of-item bug
 + Faster loading of projects with large amounts of media (splash screen updates)
 + Action: set project tempo from time selection
 + Help/All Actions (dumps full actions list to web page)
 + Left and right clicking items now shows more informative cursor
 + Fix for not naming imported MIDI items when importing from file to in-project item
 + VST: Fix for Zebra automation (special-case messagepump run)
 + HUI: track name support

v2.51 - September 26 2008

 + JS: new development environment with editor, debugging support (variable watches)
 + Saving track templates now saves any track media items as well (since people seem to want this)
 + Loading track templates, fx chains, presets, now prompts for missing media (if REAPER is configured to do so)
 + Action: move cursor back or forward one beat or measure, move cursor to start of this or next measure
 + Move to start of current measure action moves back a measure if cursor is already at measure start
 + Create measure from selection actions optionally set project tempo instead of inserting markers
 + REX2: adjust imported slice length to hear the longest tail of previous slices underneath later slices
 + JS: better UI auto-sizing/arrangement
 + JS: MIDI/midi_CC_mapper, updates to spectropaint, added spectropaint_filter
 + OSX: fixed keyboard focus issue on many actions
 + OSX: fixed bug with screensets window (could also affect win32)
 + OSX: fixed keyboard state loading bug (required manually removing some key assignments -- could also affect win32)
 + Vegas EDL: load/save of fade shapes, lock state, preserve pitch state, loading of mute state
 + ReaSynDr: fixed non-multiout mode
 + Fixed crashes when MIDI files are not found and ignored on project load
 + Fixed project start time offset when rendering cues
 + Fixed FX-add recent search combobox height
 + Fiddly fixes for zero crossing navigation with high frequency content

v2.5 - September 20 2008

 + Uber track control group support (shift+G defaults to show group settings, Ctrl+Alt+G shows new Track Grouping Matrix)
 + REX2 file support, imported slices keep beat location if project tempo changes (todo support moving items across tempo changes, currently slices must be re-imported)
 + Dynamic Split interactive beat slicing and quantization
 + Action: detect tempo, create measure from time selection (new or current time signature, one bar or many)
 + Action: extend or swap selection to next transient in selected items
 + Action: move items left/right by grid
 + Action: set/adjust arrange view grid size
 + Action: move cursor to next/prior zero crossing (Z, shift+Z by default)
 + Action: split item at prior zero crossing (alt+Z by default)
 + Action: move cursor to nearest transient in selected items
 + Action: adjust item rate while clearing preserve pitch
 + Action: set/clear item "preserve pitch" setting
 + Action: select all tracks in groups 1..32
 + Action: create chromatic MIDI notes from selected items
 + Shift+3/4,5/6 now map to item rate changes (10-cent, semitone), clearing preserve pitch
 + JS: utility/volume_pan with parameter smoothing (for use with param modulation)
 + JS: utility/phase_adjust now handles stereo (phase rotates each channel, not the stereo image)
 + JS: delay_sustain effect
 + JS: vca_master and vca_slave for emulating VCA-style control using audio routing
 + JS: spectropaint effect (woohoo spectral painting for fun!), fixes to gfxanalyzer and gfxspectrograph
 + New mute and solo button context menus with toggle/exclusive/clear options 
 + Add-FX dialog: remembers recent searches in dropdown list
 + MIDI editor: rename current MIDI take from MIDI editor menu
 + Option to disable alt key opening menus in main, midi editor, mixer windows
 + Render stem actions now render pre-fader signal, new actions for old post-fader stems behavior
 + Prefs/editing behavior: slider for tab-to-transient sensitivity
 + Glue: glues items to project samplerate if project samplerate is set
 + Routing matrix: fixed some scrollbar bugs, improved tooltips, added track grouping view
 + Saving a project with copy/move that has media loaded into ReaSamplomatic and ReaVerb now copies that media to project directory
 + Option in Prefs/Appearance to allow choosing track group display modes (ribbons, lines, none)
 + Better pooling of media file resources for better RAM use (especially with lots of splits)
 + Better automatic track naming, updating of UI on autoname
 + Better pooling of pitch shifter resources (track-pooled to avoid excess reinitializations)
 + Undo system: reduced memory use throughout (better granularity etc)
 + WavPack: updated to 4.50, fixed bug in metadata reading, BWF tag read/write
 + Recording volume/pan automation with ganged/grouped tracks is now supported
 + Better ganged/grouped vol/pan fader behavior (relative levels not lost at extremities)
 + MIDI media items no longer reset CCs at end, just pitch and notes
 + ReaEQ: better deferred display updating, uses LICE bitmaps (todo: full LICE conversion)
 + Removed excess ini file writing resizing midi editor CC lane
 + Removing presets in preset list now cleans up the preset file more
 + MCP: multiple track selection follows MCP track order and visibility
 + Shift+Click for time selection behaves better with snap and other options
 + Shift+Click for loop selection in ruler now works correctly when time+loop selections locked
 + Fixed touch automation on track mutes
 + Screenset window now updates shortcuts when using alternate recording section
 + Prefs/Keyboard is back, has link to actions window
 + Improved threadsafeness of media creation and peak cache system
 + Fixed relative grid actions in midi editor showing display
 + Fixed auto-add of envelope setting initial (t=0) value
 + Fixed crash on JS with only outputs and opening pin manager
 + Fixes for tab to transient and zero crossing detection for heavily stretched items
 + Improved behavior of preference to not allow projects to override audio hardware sample rate
 + Fix for ReaNINJAM problems introduced in 2.45 (ogg end of stream behavior)
 + Fixed GDI leak in ReaEQ added in 2.42 (nyquist line drawing)
 + Fixed GDI leak in skinned-scrollbar code
 + Restore MIDI editor note row display state when reopening a project
 + AU: update generic UI on factory default preset loading
 + Fix for JS with only outputs crashing when plugin pin matrix opened
 + Fix for preset system storing large presets (ini file line size issue)
 + Fix for parameter modulation/automation reading when "run fx when stopped" is disabled
 + Moved many JS fx from old_unsupported back to their authors path

v2.46 - August 29 2008

 + renderproject startup option no longer checks for ReWire, hides splash before starting render
 + ReaFIR: fixed excessive smearing on playback start
 + ReaFIR: more accurate configuration storing of low volume noise profiles
 + OSX: Fixed shift+mousewheel
 + OSX: Cmd+drag notes in midi editor copies notes 
 + OSX: PPC fixes (JS, registration info, nag info)
 + OSX: fix for OS X 10.5 rosetta issues
 + JS: meter scaling and rounding fix
 + JS gfxspectrograph improvements

v2.45 - August 25 2008

 + Tracks can be set to automatically record-arm when selected (per-track or globally, configurable)
 + Muting tracks now fades signal to avoid clicks (default 5 ms, configurable)
 + Solo in Front option (with configurable dim amount, action to adjust dim via mousewheel/surfaces)
 + Internal midi organization updates, fewer stuck notes throughout (when switching takes, mute/solo, etc)
 + Multimedia keyboard support, including default shortcuts
 + MIDI editor: hide unused or unnamed note rows (preliminary)
 + MIDI editor: new triangle (drum mode) view
 + Cut/copy selected area of selected items now copies/pastes empty space
 + Arrange view cursor updates on mouse modifier changes
 + Option (prefs/mouse) to have right click marquee also select time without modifier
 + MIDI editor previews now are volume adjusted and transposed according to the MIDI item setting
 + MIDI overdub/replace modes now shift/scale velocity inversely to item settings
 + MIDI overdub/replace recording now can record piano roll key hits
 + MIDI editor: show play cursor whenever it can be reasonably located
 + Glue now preserves sub-sample lengths of items
 + Mute envelopes (track and send) now send note-offs when used in the middle of notes
 + Actions to split items at edit cursor with select left, right, and no selection changes
 + Actions to set/unset FIPM, set/unset loop points linked to time selection
 + Actions to set/clear, save/restore snapping
 + Actions to split item under mouse cursor, with optional select left/right
 + Actions to move cursor to previous/next cue in selected items  
 + Actions window: now restores focus to MIDI editor after executing actions
 + Fixed stem rendering issues with folders and MIDI items
 + Fixed longstanding issue with midi sends and volume automation
 + Fixed absolute 14 bit (pitch shift) mode for metronome volume action
 + Fixed MIDI action binding updating relative modes of shortcuts
 + Fixed right click marquee not obeying time selection lock
 + Fixed custom actions not using plug-in registered names for storing command IDs
 + Fixed precision errors when switching on item sections via media item properties
 + Fixed bug when converting midi items to/from files (context not set properly)
 + Middle mouse button now functions the same in the ruler as in the arrange
 + Better window updating when doing fast tab to transients
 + Better undo state point adding when changing track automation modes
 + Made adjusting the loop selection not scrub if "move cursor to start of loop selection" is set
 + DXi: send noteoffs on stop
 + VSTi: now sends specific noteoffs instead of allnotesoff on stop
 + VSTi: support for VST 2.4 sysex sending/receiving
 + ReaSynDr: optional multi-out mode (one "instrument" per output)
 + ReaInsert: sysex sending support
 + ReaFIR: separate "Points (smooth)" and "Points (flat)" modes
 + ReaPitch: removed zipper noises when changing volume and pan
 + OGG writer: now generates more compatible OGG streams, adds encoder tag
 + JS: plug-ins can disable anti-denormal input noise by setting ext_nodenorm=1 in @init
 + Updated to Dirac LE 1.3
 + Installer updated to NSIS 2.39

v2.44 - July 31 2008

 + MIDI editor: fixed markers/regions/time selection drawing when time signature changes
 + Key bindings: cleaner binding saving code
 + ReaFIR: bugfix when switching from precise to points mode

v2.43 - July 30 2008

 + New actions: split item at media cues, shrink to first or last cue (or both)
 + New actions: mute/unmute, solo/unsolo (in addition to existing toggle) selected tracks
 + New meta-actions: wait 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 seconds before next action
 + Fixed bug in importing embedded loops when one end of the loop is hidden
 + MIDI editor: display project markers and regions
 + MIDI editor: actions to shorten or lengthen selected notes by one pixel or one grid unit
 + MIDI editor: updates timeline when moving item
 + MIDI editor show play cursor regardless of full item visibility in project
 + Better shortcut matching (avoid load-time collisions between num+ and +, etc)
 + Item playrates are now clamped to 0.01x/100.0x
 + Added tcp_main_namebg and mcp_main_namebg theme elements
 + Fixed mousewheel in docked midi editors
 + ReaFIR: smoother interpolation for EQ curve
 + ReaNinjam: added "Send" button to chat window for WINE users
 + JS: new smaller JS DLL (compiled with MSVC, internal cleanups)
 + JS: no more memcpy() page granularity issues
 + VSTi: potential fix for faulty plug-ins that do not handle all-note-offs very sensibly
 + Better transport sizing when using large system fonts

v2.42 - July 26 2008

 + Wavpack writer: fixed rendering to wrong bit depth bug
 + Per item custom colors
 + New actions window for finding actions, defining custom actions, assigning key and controller shortcuts
 + Dedicated actions menu including recent actions list, optionally some custom actions
 + Preliminary meta-actions for use within custom actions: prompt to continue, prompt to loop
 + Meta-actions for modifying midi CCs/mousewheel/etc assignment velocities
 + Mousewheel is now a mappable shortcut to actions for the main arrange view and midi editor views
 + MIDI editor: avoid making duplicates when pasting notes
 + MIDI editor: show loop markers, action to move edit cursor to mouse cursor
 + MIDI editor: select previous/next/all note(s) with same note value, paste preserving position in measure (ctrl-shift-V)
 + MIDI editor: actions to navigate/select previous/next note (walks through chords)
 + MIDI editor: actions to set loop points, move edit cursor to selection or either end of loop
 + MIDI editor: new navigate menu, lots of new actions to navigate, select notes, expand selection
 + MIDI editor: Actions window
 + New actions: expand selected tracks, minimize all others (default shortcut '!'), minimize all tracks ('@')
 + New actions: halve/double loop (in arrange or MIDI editor view) 
 + New actions: mute/unmute (in addition to existing toggle) selected items
 + New actions: select all items in time selection, or track and time selection
 + New action: insert 4 envelope points at time selection
 + Fixed healing splits for items in multi-lane (FIPM) tracks
 + Fixed midi overdub recording with loop selection autopunch issues
 + ReWire: improvements (better PT compat), option for alternate configuration file for slave mode
 + ReWire: fixed loading of MIDI input 8-16 config
 + ReWire: improved configuration, ReWire->REAPER MIDI routing config
 + JS: fixed mousewheel in certain JS sliders
 + JS: new phase_adjust plugin
 + JS: moved more FX to old_unsupported
 + VST: patch name box no longer accidentally editable, "rename FXP/FXB" added to patch save/load menu
 + API: added GetPeaksBitmap, ShowActionList functions
 + ReaRoute: fixed some race condition issues, and enabled support for win64-Wow64 rearouting on x64 (expect an x64 rearoute.dll soon)
 + Safer waveout/dsound shutdown sequencing (closer to 2.3x)

v2.41 - July 16 2008

 + New action and menu item "Insert virtual instrument on new track"
 + Double-click in empty track list space to insert new track at end
 + "Open with FX offline (recovery mode)" checkbox in open-project dialog
 + WAV read/write: support for more types of WAV file cues and loops
 + Wavpack read/write: support for importing and exporting cues and loops
 + Parameter modulation: added release speed slider to audio control signal
 + MIDI note names: added menu option to clear names
 + FX chains and FX-add dialog now show item label in title
 + Save-as with copy/move/trim of source media updates take labels for accuracy
 + FX browser: fixed some issues with large numbers of folders
 + Browsing for replacement file on project load allows you to choose any supported type
 + ReaRoute: overhaul/tons of bugfixes, configurable I/O amounts (2-256 channels now supported)
 + EDL TXT: Support loading of PlayPitch, better PlayRate offsetting for Vegas EDLs
 + Internal work towards AMD64 OS support  

v2.4 - July 9 2008

 + Per-take volume/pan/mute envelopes
 + Preliminary scrub/jog support (with lots of options in Preferences/Playback)
 + Middle mouse button in arrange now defaults to jog/scrub 
 + You can now grab the top of the edit cursor to move (optionally jog/scrub)
 + Per-item locking
 + Parameter modulation: drive FX parameters from LFO or audio control signals (unlimited sidechaining!)
 + Rendering: now shows rendered peaks preview
 + Rendering: high quality native dither and noise shaping options
 + Preferences: search function for finding relevant options
 + Simple color theme element finder (launched from color theme pref window, or by action)
 + JS effects now have pin/channel routing controls, JS effects can now define input/output pins (in_pin:, out_pin:)
 + ctrl+alt+drag items drops a rendered copy of items, hold shift to drag the source media
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: convenient "import selected item from arrange" button
 + Optional showing of cues for supported media files (view/show media cues in items)
 + WAV reader: support for reading common WAV file cues and loops
 + WAV writer: support for writing project markers and regions to cues and loops
 + MIDI editor: note naming (double-rightclick piano roll or use the action)
 + MIDI editor: can now override ESC key assignment
 + MIDI editor: option to enable autosave of midi files on editor close
 + MIDI editor: now supports with multiple CC lanes, saves CC lane state, better CC centering behavior
 + Action to convert media item cues to project markers and item loops to project regions
 + Actions to convert MIDI takes to/from file-based takes (name gets *), for ghost clip functionality
 + Action to rename last touched track
 + Actions to cut/copy selected items (without being focus dependent)
 + Confirmation when deleting tracks with delete key (action for no prompt available)
 + Safer winmm (waveOut/MIDI) device closing behavior
 + waveOut/KS/DS: if no input device found, output is still opened
 + new automatic worker thread behavior on OSX
 + made demo project use less CPU (changed resampling mode)
 + tweaked mousewheel behavior when a window is captured
 + made marquee in envelope mode that doesnt intersect active envelope unselect envelope and select items
 + skinnable item buttons (skin images item_fx_off/item_fx_on/item_lock_off/item_lock_on can change size of buttons)
 + more efficient bezier envelope interpolation (bugfix)
 + if Shup is installed, a new "Shup file" button appears at the end of render
 + track envelope window now updates with fx/send changes if set to keep open
 + reatune,reaeq,virtual midi keyboard: fixed octave display issues, fixed MIDI output in reatune
 + click of track/item FX buttons now closes FX chain window if already open
 + envelope dialog now uses virtual windows for better support of more parameters
 + better doubleclick handling on some parts of items (FX buttons, etc)
 + plug-ins now report actual PDC required independent of buffer size, chain still shows total compensated latency
 + display of grid/snap sizes now supports 1/4T instead of 1/6 etc
 + Audio Unit: fixed loading of presets, improved PDC
 + fixed bug when dragndrop of media+projects at the same time
 + fixed updating source file/undo states when using looped sections of items
 + better save-as with trim behavior for looped sections of items
 + Docker: updated resize handling when docked
 + ReaFIR: smoother FFT curve drawing, draw note name in tooltip
 + VST: support for parameter center extensions, improved ReaEQ and ReaXcomp
 + updated TCP scrolling to better support more tracks when zoomed in
 + project save-as dialog: now remembers save options (for both saving as new and re-saving existing)
 + Drag and drop fix for Battery 3
 + new preference for tooltip delay time
 + optimized heap allocation granuarity to increase low latency performance

v2.301 - June 3 2008

 + Automation: improvements to bezier interpolation
 + ReaInsert: better algorithm for autodetection of roundtrip latency
 + ReaInsert: much better performance and compatibility with anticipative fx rendering
 + Improved tap tempo logic

v2.3 - June 2 2008

 + Automation: Preliminary send/hardware output volume/pan/mute automation recording, per-send automation modes
 + Automation: new pref for bezier interpolation of envelopes (project->defaults)
 + Automation: vastly improved recording behavior, configurable return-time
 + Peaks: in-memory conversion of ancient (pre-1.07) reapeaks files for faster peaks drawing overall
 + Peaks: new sample-level crosses-and-lines view option 
 + Peaks: antialiased peak/waveform view (preference defaults to on, not supported on OSX but OSX has native AA)
 + Peaks: fixed occasional bug where first peak in a channel is -1
 + Fixed rendering, glueing, apply fx, etc for extremely long items (more than 2^31 samples)
 + track routing dialog now shows the proper pan slider image
 + added option to center vertical zooms under mouse cursor
 + audio device status: more display precision on small latency values (T,MP!)
 + VST: better preset handling for some older VSTs (digitalfishphones, etc)
 + VST: safer VST FXB/FXP loading
 + VST: faster generic UI controls (T,MP!)
 + VST: better timeinfo reporting, support for extended timeinfo reporting measure count
 + Virtwnd: better support for small updates of big virtual windows (used by new generic controls)
 + MIDI items: better tracking/sending of CCs when seeking
 + FX add dialog: disabled renaming of ReWire devices (as it was never implemented)
 + FX window: reduced excess undo state changes due to comment field
 + Tooltips overhaul (T,MP!)
 + Pan laws: setting a pan law of +XdB now means that signal is boosted when panned
 + Track meters now have optional indication that they are clickable when record armed
 + Track meters can now optionally not show record input selected
 + Better menu for track record mode button
 + ReWire slave: better performance, fixed repeat button thrashing with some host apps
 + Main window has dead zone along track panel resize edge
 + ReaInsert: fixed playback issues when a non-existing input is set for return
 + Mac: Preliminary AU support, support for AU with ReaMote too
 + Mac: Vast improvements in AU and VST gui display
 + mp3 seek/sync/EOF fixes (corrects vanishing peaks at the end of mp3 items)
 + Themes: possible fix for random system image in some themes bug
 + Control surfaces: included Deric's Yamaha 01X surface support
 + Control surfaces: updated MCU support from spacelabstudio:
 + MCU: Option for F1-F8 goto/set(ctrl) markers
 + MCU: Option for better touch handling for fader moves
 + MCU: Added user feedback (via LEDs) for Save/Undo
 + MCU: REW/FF buttons changed to Prev/Next marker.
 + MCU: Solo button (near transport) clears all solos
 + MCU: Double click track select/solo selects/solos single track exclusively
 + MCU: Automation LEDs follow track selection, buttons control selected tracks
 + Cockos += Schwa. HOT.

v2.206 - May 8 2008

 + option to disable new (in 2.205) native synchronization (for WINE)
 + better zoom behavior when zooming to mouse cursor
 + fx window: numpad keys are now always passed to plug-ins
 + mac: better VST UI compatability

v2.205 - May 6 2008

 + Synchronous FX multiprocessing mode (even more) improvements/optimizations
 + FX add window has options for autoclearing search field
 + ReaMote: autosearch now updates open FX windows if slaves added
 + internal scrolling optimizations (T,MP!)
 + Navigator: fixed GDI release bug (T,MP!)
 + updating track names now updates any open FX windows
 + New optional automatic thread behavior mode in prefs/buffering, (less CPU and decent low latency perf)
 + Improved worker thread behavior for tracks that have no items/output/etc
 + Improved onscreen positioning of windows (T,MP!)
 + screensets can now remember focus of main edit window, track control panels
 + Big internal mac updates (may affect windows version, needs testing!)
 + Option to use alternate keyboard bindings when recording
 + optimized some excess refreshes when scrolling in certain instances (T,MP!)

v2.203 - April 26 2008

 + MIDI editor: indicators for offscreen notes
 + ReaVerb: basic deconvolution support and test tone generator
 + fx browser: switching folder/category views clears search string
 + fixed bug on master playrate automation when switching to write
 + Fixed FaderPort initialization/shutdown code
 + new installs now default to extended mixer views visible
 + VST pin routing: better tooltip positioning
 + mac updates

v2.202 - April 22 2008

 + Actions to set/move markers 1-10, mapped to Ctrl+0-9
 + Actions: Record: start new files during recording, add recorded media, remove recorded media
 + Actions: Stop recording saving all media, deleting all media
 + Recording mode where files are added at each loop now does not gap playback
 + better playback behavior when editing/undoing edits of master playspeed envelope
 + ReaPitch: option to autocorrect master playrate pitch
 + ReaVocode: increased max bands, optimizations
 + made Transport: Apply play rate to current BPM reset play rate to 1.0 by default (old version is deprecated for macro use)
 + Right click on playrate controls allows you to configure "preserve pitch on playrate change" for items, fader range
 + FX windows, routing, undo history now numpad 0-9, and F1-F12 through to main window when active
 + VST: new nifty routing-matrix-ish plug-in I/O selector
 + VST: better support for some plugins that send MIDI
 + API fixes for track I_RECINPUT/P_NAME updates refreshing track panels
 + peak files on network drives and removeable media will automatically not be memory mapped
 + disk read code now allows files to be written while open (to allow other apps to update opened media)
 + better support for files on network shares that become unavailable
 + fixed peak display errors for mp3 files
 + project directory cleanup now shows path, explore button (to browse the project media directory)

v2.201 - April 7 2008

 + Master playspeed control can now be tweaked in realtime with a decent quality preview
 + VST: bumped effEditIdle rate back up to 10hz
 + VST: removed builtin plugins size weirdness on config open
 + installer now allows you to choose elastique 1, elastique 2, or both.
 + ReaTune: defaults to elastique 2 soloist if e1 isnt available
 + fx add window: fixed bugs storing position across instances
 + fix for elastique 2.0 crashes in certain instances
 + ReWire: better tab names

v2.2 - April 6 2008

 + Now includes the fantastic new elastique 2.0! 
 + improved looped recording/playback precision
 + better looping midi item precision when item length is not a multiple of sample length
 + MIDI overdub/replace: auto-insert of new items defaults to shorter items
 + MIDI channel rewriting in sends/hw outs no longer corrupts system realtime/exclusive messages
 + looped midi input recording latency fix
 + fixed bug resulting in excessive splits when recording using non-overdub/replace to in-project midi items 
 + rewire slave mode: better samplerate detection/switching
 + re-added an old fix for Drumatic3 giving invalid samples (requires extra mainschange cycle on load)
 + control surfaces: better updating of mute state on csurf track mute change
 + Better drag&drop support dragging files to some plug-ins (Battery3 for example)
 + Floating FX windows now size themselves to current FX size (but remember their old positions)
 + Option (prefs/buffering/advanced) to disable mmap'd peakfiles (to conserve address space)
 + Changed default reginfo filenames for hopefully better Vista compatability
 + CPU meter: can now show RT CPU+graph (to show CPU use used by main audio thread)
 + VST: performance fix for many plug-ins
 + VST: better mouse/keyboard activation for plugins like Kontakt 3
 + VST: better handling of resizing UIs when docked/undocked/floating
 + dev: new APIs for getting/setting track and track send parameters
 + dev: new APIs for manipulating track media items/takes/etc
 + dev: API to query BWF info from .wav files
 + dev: control surfaces can register themselves behind the scenes to get change notifications
 + dev: cleanup of documentation and headers
 + dev: easy lookup of command IDs via action list (doubleclick "filter" label)

v2.148 - March 31 2008

 + cpu meter: fixed remembering of graph/label visibility (t=19664)
 + better media item edge snapping with grid at distance, and other items/loop points (t=19704)
 + fixed a peak bug when using section sources that exceed the source media (t=19010)
 + clear peak cache when toggling items loop source/loop section from the action list
 + improved internal project parsing behavior to better handle corrupted projects
 + undo system: much faster loading of big state changes (such as reordering tracks with big plug-ins)
 + added actions to set selected items playrate to 1.0, item pitch to +0
 + fixed duplicated tracks getting the same GUID
 + creating sending via the mixer scrolls to the source track when complete
 + midi items: fixed loop indicator rounding issues
 + fixed stem rendering filename selection issue causing random invalid filenames
 + dev: added API to load/save configuration in undo system and project
 + dev: updated undo system to use copies of strings for more dynamic labels
 + dev: added GetTrackGUID()

v2.147 - March 28 2008

 + fixed open copy/reverse item giving bad results when switching away during render
 + fix for control surface plug-ins reading incorrect config with no input set
 + JS/ReaNinjam/reaper_ogg now use new plug-in APIs to share code
 + AIFC support, for PCM and floating point samples
 + dev: plug-in API updates
 + dev: plug-ins can register API functions
 + dev: plug-ins can now be notified of actions, can register named action IDs
 + dev: a new smaller API for adding file read support
 + dev: context menu HMENU retreival
 + dev: Undo_BeginBlock/Undo_EndBlock() for condensing undo changes of multiple actions
 + dev: GetTrackInfo now can query mute/solo/recarm state of tracks

v2.146 - March 25 2008

 + track, send, hardware faders: removed zipper noises when adjusting during playback (TEST PLZKTHX)
 + fixed potential reading projects on certain unreliable network filesystems
 + fixed incorrect automation curves in varispeed playback (t=15755)
 + mixer: master track now remembers fx panel size
 + midi input: more accurate MTC sync (T,MP!)
 + internal midi system improvements
 + improvements to control surface support
 + support for control surfaces is now loaded from plug-ins, reaper_csurf.dll is now open source
 + developer API overhauls/extensions
 + reaeq/reaxcomp: better band naming of parameters
 + included schwa's awesome audio_statistics JS, loser's new limiters
 + better render-take naming (t=19404)
 + better behavior of track volume entry field in track settings
 + ReaTune: fixed loading of state with reference frequency
 + VST: better name scanning (ignores fields named "Container")
 + VST: changed double precision mode setting order for better compat
 + ReaMote: fixed sending of parameter data to plug-ins when disabling and re-enabling ReaMote
 + Updated startup window/splash behavior for better compatibility with auto-hiding taskbar
 + MIDI editor: fixed some negative bar offset issues
 + Fixed docker focus issue on undo/redo
 + Better window positioning with nonstandard taskbar positioning

v2.14159 - March 14 2008

 + multiple item relative edge mode only works now with items selected, not only grouped
 + disk read mode now defaults to asynchronous buffered rather than unbuffered
 + fixed bug where fx UI wouldnt realize they had more channels available before running audio (t=18756) 
 + stem rendering now includes project name in stems to avoid overwriting collisions
 + Render dialog: stem rendering now warns on overwrite, shows better filenames
 + inserting a track now inherits mixer panel sizing from the nearest track
 + added options to right click menu of item-envelope button in toolbar
 + new option: Add envelope points when moving items
 + new option: Add envelope points when ripple editing/inserting time in project
 + better envelope point adding when add point option is enabled (adds points to edges of nearby items)
 + option to show/hide item labels
 + you can now set the default envelope point shape for new envelopes in prefs/defaults
 + internal envelope system updates
 + updated default theme volume envelope colors
 + JS: fixed invalid parameters giving crash
 + ReaXcomp: fixed potential crash when loading presets

v2.108 - March 7 2008

 + updated track/folder mute logic to better use less cpu when tracks are muted (t=16703, 13266, etc)
 + perf meter: added track names to fx list and fixed "# FX" column
 + perf meter/fx chains: better zeroing of CPU use when tracks arent active
 + perf meter: better auto positioning of everything
 + perf meter: saving of column sizes
 + tweaked media item to item snapping code
 + tweaked item moving crossfade behavior in free item positioning mode
 + grouped/selected item edit point editing now edits multiple items (t=17630)
 + removed prefs/playback/"flush media buffers on stop" because it had bad performance implications in many situations
 + reasamplomatic: fixed bug where sample can have first sample dropped
 + fixed bug where media items sometimes play 1 sample late
 + render stems now applies track phase to rendered output
 + updated media decoders seeking logic, more decoders now support 64-bit file lengths
 + Updated to wavpack 4.41
 + Track/mixer VU meters: internal updates to better support variable sizes
 + Mixer: you can now drag and adjust size of send, fx areas (hold alt to adjust selected, ctrl to adjust all)
 + Mac port love

v2.107 - March 4 2008

 + fixed render stems when master track is set to more than 2ch
 + using alt+drag to stretch items now snaps the playrate to 1.0
 + actions (ctrl+shift+l/r) to move cursor to nearby grid divisions
 + reaverb: stereo width control is now pre-reverb wet
 + reaverb: trim/gain/stretch now has width and pan controls
 + reaverb: ZL switch for uber-high-cpu but low latency mode
 + reaverb: faster performance with mono inputs or mono impulses
 + flac: upgraded to flac 1.2.1, switched to high performance disk reads/writes
 + better file updating logic when saving (so plugins that crash a save will leave the main project file intact)

v2.106 - February 29 2008

 + fixed bug in click source properties volume sliders
 + VST: program changes now update program list
 + configurable text colors for selected/unselected track panels 
 + fixed RAM overuse when disk cant keep up with recording
 + pitch shifters are no longer pooled for ReaTune/ReaVoice/ReaPitch, to prevent certain resetting bugs
 + pasting multiple items now uses position/snap offset of first item for timing
 + reaverb: width/pan controls for wet mix
 + reaverb: file list in "file" reader so you can easily browse impulses
 + reaverb: bypass states for impulse generation, better undo notifications

v2.105 - February 26 2008

 + midi overdub/replace modes no longer add extra time to end of midi events
 + midi replace/overdub recording fixes for time selection autopunch
 + midi input recording item positioning fixes
 + midi editor: note properties can now show/specify length in 1/4 notes (1/4, 1/8, etc)
 + virtual midi keyboard: reaper-vkbmap.txt support for non-QWERTY keyboards
 + grid snapping now defaults to current grid visibility settings, can override for old behavior
 + made midi editor actions assigned to CCs function in relative modes the same as the main

v2.104 - February 9 2008

 + better pencil mode positioning/sizing in FIPM
 + reduced audio drop outs when inserting FX chains and/or pasting FX
 + fixed shift+click for time/loop selection in empty spaces
 + optimized main edit view drawing
 + reduced excess main edit view tooltips
 + solo in place now defaults to on
 + wav/aiff/wv/mp3/ogg: better peak updating on media change
 + VST: better compatibility with Korg Legacy and MDE-X 
 + VST: faster loading of most Steinberg plug-ins
 + VST: better loading of Albino 3, Groove Agent 2, etc
 + VST: loading presets now updates generic UI, forces refresh of plug-in UIs
 + VST: presets for plug-ins shell VSTs are now stored in separate namespaces
 + improved ReaVerb accuracy on long impulses
 + fixed a bug when moving/copying regions and certain items positioned would not get moved

v2.103 - February 6 2008

 + better behavior using ctrl+drag to copy items in free positioning mode 
 + pencil mode now starts from edit cursor if edit cursor intersects selected base item
 + reaxcomp now supports upward expansion (be careful, it can get loud!)
 + fixed item editing bug when "fully buffered" display is enabled
 + fixed bug on tracks of low height with UI scaling
 + better drag and drop preview for free item positioning mode
 + better recording preview in free item mode
 + fixed high cpu use/slow performance when displaying extremely zoomed out midi items
 + js smpte decoders: fixed hours tens display rounding
 + new dynamic distortion JS fx
 + reafir/reaverb: now full 64 bit precision
 + faster js fft
 + included FFT routines in reaper.exe, plug-ins can now call them (size savings)
 + schwa updated Spectro to use built in FFT

v2.102 - February 4 2008

 + mute automation recording support for track mute envelopes
 + tracks now have "free item positioning mode" allowing full control over where items are on tracks
 + In FIPM, mixing behavior for fully overlapping items always sums
 + In FIPM, recording in most modes creates items rather than takes
 + Fixed a bug where take FX button was hidden but still clickable
 + better naming for MIDI input/output control in VST i/o menu
 + new actions: explode takes in place, explode takes in order, implode items to track, etc
 + fixed labelling of midi CC actions for midi editor
 + fixed a bug in overdub recording on deprecated (ticks/beat) MIDI items
 + midi editor: better end point adjustment in drum mode
 + screensets: better setting of scroll position on sets that just change zoom level

v2.101 - February 1 2008

 + fixed non-integral non-DF framerate time conversion
 + when in H:M:S:F mode, if a time string has a . in it it is assumed to be time rather than HMSF
 + fixed per-take fx button when items are in lanes
 + render as new take now adds tail if take has fx
 + fixed a bug with fully overlapping items with take fx

v2.100 - January 31 2008

 + preliminary per-take FX support (no automation, limited FX support, but usable)
 + action to send all keyboard input to Virtual MIDI Keyboard (ESC cancels it)
 + action to open per-take FX for selected item (default binding is Shift+E)
 + option to always show "[fx]" on media item takes (prefs/media)
 + item quantize: option to quantize end and adjust playrate
 + pitchshifter/timestretcher instances are now pooled to use less RAM
 + better item edge adjustment behavior when adjusting edit point
 + new action: duplicate active take
 + when removing item loop section, better preservation of start offset
 + opening a item loop section in sound forge now selects the source of the loop
 + action/menu item to toggle looping of item media
 + alt+click of track fx button removes all fx for track
 + alt+click of take fx button removes take fx, drag&drop for take fx button
 + JS: fixed serializing configuration saving in certain actions (offline, drag&drop)
 + better internal versioning of RPP-UNDO files
 + bonus update: reverb/delay tails for item fx (2000ms default)
 + bonus update: fixed item take menus

v2.032 - January 24 2008

 + large tool window frames: better window sizing
 + JS: fixed spl() bug
 + manual output offsets are now used for play cursor positioning etc
 + improved behavior when starting playback at end of loop selection
 + better autoseek and time selection skipping
 + added support for VSTs to notify of parameter list changes (to preserve automation)
 + reaeq: band deletion notification, better undo state saving when changing settings
 + readelay, reapitch, reaxcomp: band deletion notification
 + fixed a rare rounding bug with midi items starting on time signature changes
 + option to disable media buffering on selected tracks
 + midi editor: fixed doublespeed preview bug
 + midi: option to disable trimming of midi items when splitting them
 + updated fft_splitter (schwa)
 + default theme fixes (WhiteTie)

v2.031 - January 11 2008

 + improved some render options in -renderproject command line option
 + added optional SIZE_TO_SOURCE for media items for autogenerated projects
 + maybe better midi hardware output (higher resolution, should be compatible)
 + fixed a bug in the JS smpte_ltc_decoder, added an experimental auto-clocking smpte_ltc_decoder_new
 + midi editor: fixed funky scrollbarness at max zoomout

v2.030 - January 8 2008

 + improved locking for decoupled time seleciton/loop points
 + added lock flag (and actions) for loop points
 + made ctrl+shift+doubleclick items default to "set loop points to item", added prefs option
 + made new alt+click for seekonly also work in tracks (empty areas and on items), ruler
 + new JS: waveshapers/graphdist (graphical distortion)
 + actions for moving cursor to start/end of time selection, loop
 + actions for clearing time selection, or loop selection, or both (which defaults to ESC)
 + fixed bug in precise-mode MIDI shutdown code for some drivers

v2.029 - January 7 2008

 + option to decouple time selection (formerly "loop selection") from loop points
 + actions to copy time selection to/from loop points, clear loop points
 + when decoupled, dragging in ruler adjusts time selection, in tracks adjusts selection
 + holding alt while adjusting time selection forces loop points to change to time selection
 + you can now use time selection autopunch in a larger loop, or play skipping time selection in a loop
 + holding alt with right click marquee now adjusts time selection 
 + added new colortheme setting for loop points (defaults to time selection)
 + fixed alignment of looped recording when recording output without latency compensation
 + reasamplomatic: fixed a velocity gain bug
 + improved midi event sample rounding on playback
 + minimum loop sizes are no longer tied to view size
 + ctrl+click in ruler/tracks doesnt seek (just moves cursor), alt+click in tracks just seeks
 + midi input quantize: fixed saving of swing state in project
 + midi input quantize: fixed some noteoff tracking in certain instances
 + midi input quantize: added quantize percentage range
 + midi editor: CC adding mouse handling improvements
 + better midi CC tracking/resetting

v2.028 - January 4 2008

 + updated copyright labels for 2008, and revised purchasing terminology
 + fix for plug-ins that capture the mouse during keyboard input (SM etc)
 + added actions to toggle selected track folder state and folder collapsed state
 + media explorer: playing loops with tempo information while playing project will start loop on measure
 + media explorer: now remembers repeat state
 + media explorer: previews now loop sample accurate, and fixed midi previews routed to audio tracks muting audio

v2.027 - January 3 2008

 + fixed docker always coming up on startup/project load
 + better mouse hit testing logic for media item fades, old style is optional
 + project markers/regions now use stable sorting
 + better reamote remote state updating (less cpu munch, fixed floating window updating)
 + added workaround for kontakt3's broken focusing: right click on VST UI button sets focus to VST UI

v2.026 - December 29 2007

 + more robust project loading (ignoring bad data before project header)
 + rewire slave mode: more accurate midi outputting
 + default option to disable source media buffering on tracks with open midi editors
 + midi editor: view notes ignoring length option (drum mode)
 + midi editor: default bindings for more options (alt+7-0)
 + midi editor: mousewheel modifiers now match that of the main window (configurable)
 + media item snapping: option for whether snapping happens at start, end, or mouse context sensitive
 + audio: separate offsets for input/output latency in prefs/recording, now specified in both ms and samples
 + midi output: higher output precision, option for old low latency mode
 + midi output: time offset, configuration dialog for each output
 + wave writer: option to include project filename in description field of BWF tags
 + files with project filename in the BWF description field now default to being opened with a new REAPER instance+source project
 + media item properties: choosing new file builds peaks, copies file to project dir when preference set
 + render dialog: option to save a copy of RPP to out_file.wav.rpp
 + added (default) prefs/media/relative edge editing option for relative edge editing
 + ctrl+alt fade dragging now adjusts fades according to edge option
 + fixed scrollbar dead area misdrawing in some instances
 + removed excess exception handling code to reduce size of installer by 90kb!
 + update: RE-fixed about box text refresh bug
 + bonus update: tweaked auto l/r snap setting to only use this mode at the left/right 15% 

v2.025 - December 25 2007

 + MIDI inputs that are being synched to now automatically ignore MMC commands
 + updated record button behavior when in synched mode
 + update paused behavior when master stops (shows last incoming timecode position as current)
 + ASIO Positioning Protocol sync fixes
 + fixed loading of saved sync offsets in projects
 + more contextual help in Preferences screens
 + virtual midi keyboard now is better about sending noteons at start of recording
 + fixed some noteon during countin midi recording issues
 + added action for "tap tempo" (same as clicking the BPM label)

v2.020 - December 21 2007

 + initial contextual help in Preferences screens
 + midi recording: better automatic delay compensation
 + preliminary slave spp/clock and mtc/ltc timecode. needs testing.
 + preliminary ASIO Positioning Protocol slave synchronization (needs testing as well)
 + record button on transport now can reflect record punch mode (transport_record_loop.png, transport_record_item.png)
 + play button on transport now can reflect slave sync state (transport_play_sync.png, transport_play_sync_on.png)
 + right click on play button now shows slave sync configuration, (alt+right click to toggle sync enabled)
 + right click on record button now shows record mode options
 + actions to open timecode sync panel and toggle sync
 + transport context menu now has slave sync/record mode options 
 + better transport status display (goes multiline, shows slave/bouncing status)
 + improved smpte_ltc_decoder synchronization with varying frame/samplerates
 + fixed snap to grid at any distance with grid snapping disabled behaving funny
 + fixed CPU munch/weird sounds at ends of pitch shifted items with loop source disabled
 + fixed crash in Performance Monitor on some machines
 + better audio input/output name aliasing (handles duplicate named inputs better, changing indices)
 + ReaFIR: fixed Reamote support
 + updated (smaller) Spectro build
 + update: fixed a bug in scrollbar skin reading code

v2.019 - December 17 2007

 + VST: fancier scrollbars, fixed some positioning bugs when resizing and scrolled (T,MP!)
 + fixed wrong checkbox setting when arming nonexistent envelopes (T,MP!)
 + fixed some small routing/envelope scrollbar issues (T,MP!)
 + fixed midi editor CC lane resize bug (FO,MP!)
 + JS: updated IX midi tool II, added smpte_ltc_reader
 + better default for new bands in ReaEQ
 + added grizlees great reaxcomp presets

v2.018 - December 14 2007

 + ReaMote: updated protocol to properly support play state for plug-ins
 + Added presets for reacomp, readelay, reagate, reaeq, reaverb and reaverbate
 + Added preset-autoimport support 
 + ReaRoute: optional support for 32 bit floating point samples
 + ASIO: floating point output is no longer clipped
 + JS: gfx_blit, gfx_blur, gfx_blitex, png loading support
 + JS: spl(x) alternative (programatic) syntax for spl0, ...spl63 
 + JS: fixed PDC on first play issues
 + JS: @serialize state support for reamote, preset saving, etc 

v2.017 - December 11 2007

 + holding ctrl when importing MIDI files will force prompting to use any tempo information
   (normally files with minimal tempo information wont bug you with this)
 + fixed bug where enabling write automation would reset volume to -inf
 + tweaked IIR based resampling filters (for fast+IIR mode)
 + faster, more effective extreme resampling mode, faster best mode (for sweep tests, peak noise on these is around -140dB and -120dB respectively)
 + ReaStream: copying to reastream.dll reastream_xxx.dll allows you to set max number of channels supported (2-64)
 + js: @serialize support so JS plugins can save arbitrary data in the project
   (todo: support sending serialized data via reamote, in presets)
 + js: memory/variables arent cleared for effects with @serialize section
 + js: removed text mode chain ui for some significant size savings
 + js: added extraordinarily fun new effect, sequencer_baby
 + improved js gfxanalyzer, added gfxspectrogram, added sine_sweep (useful for testing)
 + updated some schwa and loser js plugs

v2.016 - December 7 2007

 + fixed "insert time signature measure from loop selection" for non /4 signatures
 + fx chain: fixed a possible crash bug when undoing edits
 + fx chain: fixed short labels when moving items
 + js: JS effects can now render their own UIs using code - for more info
 + js: added $xdeadbeef hex support, $'x' for ASCII codes
 + js: slider names beginning with - will not be shown in the UI (but still automatable)
 + js: each effect now has 8 million memory entries (up from 1 million)
 + js: max FFT size upgraded to 32768 (from 4096)
 + reaeq: improved phase display (no wrapping)
 + reaeq: new default band mode, deprecated old mode for compatibility
 + reaxcomp: fixed generic ui display
 + reacomp: attack and rms sizes now show an extra digit of precision
 + themeing: added tcp_mainbg[sel], [m,t]cp_folderbg[sel] images
 + sstillwell/1175: added GR meter
 + added gfxanalyzer and gfxscope as basic examples of JS GFX
 + added fft_noise_generator as a diagnostic tool (useful with gfxanalyzer)

v2.015 - December 4 2007

 + single clicking the middle area of regions no longer seeks
 + changed region clicking to be shift+doubleclick for edit
 + midi editor: better singleclick add/delete (only deletes on non-control parts of notes clicked)
 + reaxcomp: GR text display with 500ms peak hold
 + reaeq: better graph accuracy (thanks loser, rbj)
 + reaeq: option to show filter phase response
 + reapitch/readelay: "add tap/shifter" copies current tap/shifter settings
 + readelay now defaults to a musical delay length
 + save fx chain, copy/cut fx now copy midi learn bindings as well
 + internal scrollbar updates (mac porting)
 + JS: removed real-FFT support (it was somewhat broken anyway), smaller FFT implementation
 + updated: added midi_drumseq JS, fixed ReaEQ phase display

v2.014 - November 28 2007

 + midi editor: fixed bug where editing notes in hidden channels was sometimes possible
 + files with unknown extensions are attempted (as last resort) to be opened with wav/aiff reader
 + action list selects first item by default (for easier running)
 + fixed crash in vis preferences dialog when Winamp 5.5+ is installed
 + doubleclick now edits markers/time sig markers, alt click removes
 + doubleclick now edits regions, shift+doubleclick selects them, alt+click removes them
 + actions: edit/delete marker/region/tsmarker near cursor

v2.013 - November 27ish 2007

 + preliminary basic MMC response
 + reatune: more efficent update mechanism (T,MP!)
 + master track automation mode reset on new project
 + option to treat scroll messages from certain laptop touchpads into mousewheel messages
 + options to prevent media buffering and anticipative FX per track
 + uad synchronous mode now can work with anticipative FX enabled, but be sure to set any tracks with UAD 
   (or tracks they are routed to) to prevent anticipative FX
 + new action: "Set selected item end to cursor" 
 + new action: "Set selected items length to source media length"

v2.012 - November 23 2007

 + moved project pitch shift settings to audio settings tab
 + project time offset setting, project measure offset setting
 + midi clock+spp output now uses quarter notes rather than beats (for better timesignature compatibility) 
 + midi CCs assigned to actions will now prioritize any active midi editor over the main action
 + fixed some behaviors of "move edit cursor to start of loop selection" option
 + rewire: faster init of rewire apps (less gui flicker too)
 + take imploding: fixed possible use-after-free bug when imploding MIDI items (T,MP!)
 + better updating of fx list titles when resizing (T,MP!)
 + cleaned up some fx list bypass/offline controls (T,MP!)
 + mpeg decoder: better frame synchronization for invalid bitstreams
 + ReaFIR: improved undo state saving (T,MP!)
 + Internal audio sink configuration and reamote cleanups to endianness for mac/ppc compatibility
 + Added new dummy audio device in preferences so you can run purely MIDI or purely network instances of REAPER
 + VST: better 64 bit setting for v2.4 VSTs
 + VST: plug-in configurations are now always stored in little endian (regardless of the native endianness)
 + VST: can now find plug-ins using different extensions (i.e. if the project specifies file.vst, file.dll is used on windows)
 + ReaTune: updated to support new project time offsets
 + Spectro: updated to support new project time offsets
 + update: fixed excessive midi device cache invalidating

v2.011 - November 13 2007

 + revised peak cache date logic for better dealing with odd daylight savings time changes
 + fixed a typo in mid file loading that added extra all notes off
 + midi editor transport buttons now use advanced themed images (T,MP!)
 + fx chain: better fold button positioning (T,MP!)
 + routing dialogs: fixed an old combo box focus issue (T,MP!)
 + VST: 2.4 "VSTPluginMain" loading support
 + mac port stuff
 + Updated spectro build, new schwa JS FX

v2.010 - November 3 2007

 + added help/show action list (mapped to ? by default)
 + fixed editing tooltips on fully buffered drawing modes
 + options in Prefs/Appearance to disable tooltips
 + Added new JS, fft-delay (which allows delay/feedback for different frequencies)
 + added FX dialog header folding button
 + fixed folder soloed in "dont show peaks for muted tracks" mode
 + better smaller resized display of left pane in FX chain window
 + project setting in render dialog for realtime limiting
 + better track FX tooltips (shortened fx name)

v2.009 - October 29 2007

 + fixed some peak caching bugs (performance improvements)
 + improved zoomed in waveform display precision
 + midi editor velocity editing fixes (relating to 0 velocity)
 + disk buffering now makes better use of buffer sizes
 + made some internal track item locking safer
 + more reliable startup project samplerate changing
 + improved audio hardware error messages
 + updated: fixed item position quantize action

v2.008 - October 27 2007

 + disabled autoscroll when alt+dragging items
 + updated disk read modes, synchronous now does more buffering and can perform decently
 + default asynchronous disk read buffer size adjustments for higher track counts
 + do not run muted tracks now only applies to muted tracks, not unsoloed tracks
 + fixed a no-peak-item display bug when zoomed out
 + changed default source material buffer size to 1200ms
 + media buffering memory is now reduced when stopped
 + ASIO: better samplerate switching (should be more compatible we hope)
 + VST/DX: inf/NaN removal when denorm prevention is enabled
 + VST: host controls now resize properly
 + VST: better FX floating window sizing
 + VST: multiple VSTs in different directories with the same filename are now ignored
 + VST: faster startup scanning (especially when you had filename collisions before)
 + JS: automatic inf/NaN prevention
 + Spectro: improved memory usage and fixed rare heap bug
 + update: fixed mp3 peak generation

v2.007 - October 23 2007

 + midi editor quantize now has optional realtime preview
 + swing control in midi editor quantize and input quantize
 + quantize boxes now have a slider for strength control
 + MIDI Input Quantize config box is now "Track Record Configuration"
 + per-track record format override (in new track record configuration dialog)
 + added action for recording settings of last touched track
 + save as box can set the output file type in "trim" mode
 + separately configurable project format for apply fx/open copy etc
 + fixed post-fx sends on loop with pdc'd plugins on the sending track (i.e. Addictive Drums)
 + stability and performance improvements when rapidly seeking/changing loop state
 + ReaDelay: fixed preset switching bug
 + ReaVocode: added modulation dryness setting

v2.006 - October 21 2007

 + fixed normalize gain detection bug on certain content, faster normalizing 
 + reduced duplicate notes when looping certain midi items
 + changed alt+drag item (slip edit) behavior, added option for old behavior
 + using alt+drag to move an items contents prevents wrapping loop point if loop disabled

v2.005 - October 20 2007

 + holding shift on startup now prevents loading of last project
 + holding ctrl+shift on startup prevents loading of any default template project 
 + holding ctrl+shift on loading projects prompts to offline all fx
 + midi: fixed reading of certain midi events that have negative offsets 
 + midi: better smpte midi handling, you can now set (in midi item properties) for midi files to ignore project time signatures
 + midi: fixed internal midi sink accuracy
 + midi: imported .mid files now have a minimum 1 QN length
 + midi editor: optimizations and cleanups
 + reasamplomatic5000: better noteon timing
 + theming: added colortheme items for more control over item peaks/backgrounds
 + VST: safer ui switching for some plugs that dont properly delete their windows (i.e. oatmeal)

v2.004 - October 19 2007

 + editing: better alt+drag edge behaviors for snap offsets and fade lengths
 + automation: envelope auto adding/arming is now on by default
 + automation: new envelopes now default to armed
 + midi: per-track nondestructive midi input quantize options
 + midi: improved varispeed recording of midi items
 + midi: fixed items at non-1.0 rates when used with tempo maps
 + midi editor: quantize is now nondestructive (new actions for unquantize and freeze quantization)
 + midi editor: snap fixes (inserting notes among other instances)
 + midi editor: better handling of duplicate/overlapping notes
 + midi editor: action: remove duplicate notes
 + midi editor: action: set note ends to start of next note
 + midi editor: action: quantize selected events using last setting
 + media explorer: preview stops if hidden
 + VST: extraneous effIdle for plugins that dont request it  
 + RADAR compatibility: support for the new 3.40 firmware map.txt
 + ReaDelay: a flexible n-tap delay 
 + ReaVoice: a MIDI controlled multi pitch shifter
 + ReaVocode: a modulating vocoder

v2.003 - October 15 2007

 + default option to scale peaks by pre-fx vol/pan envelopes (useful for fine editing)
 + option for interpolated sample-level waveforms
 + fixed midi editor actions for setting grid divisions
 + fixed track selection when certain control surfaces are enabled
 + changed shift+click track selection to match the behavior of windows
 + bigclock sizing updates, performance and refreshing fixes
 + fixed key action for "delete selected envelope points"
 + bundled an special edition of Schwa's Spectro plug-in  
 + fixed peaks on wine (wine devs: fix CreateFile's error state with OPEN_ALWAYS) 
 + MIDI editor: note properties now go to 127 

v2.002 - October 13 2007

 + audio worker thread priority now defaults to "highest"
 + added prefs/media/midi page
 + option for MIDI octave offset, changed default, use "2" for old behavior
 + better looking faster-drawn peaks
 + ReaEQ and ReaTune now use octave offset option
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: note display option (for range)
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: new mode for forcing semitone shifts (for easier configuration)
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: sending of VST note names for MIDI editor
 + moved JS configuration page into plug-ins page
 + peak file generation: better end-of-file mip flushing
 + fixed clipped wave item peaks misdrawing at certain zoom levels
 + fixed extra peakfile generation on preview of media
 + Till's JS FX (in 2.0)
 + New Loser JS FX

v2.001 - October 12 2007

 + Much faster waveform display drawing
 + Preferences: added option in Appearance to allow tweaking of how the main view is buffered (track=default, fully, or unbuffered)
 + Corrected labels on registration box
 + Mixer: autoscroll of view on drag and drop of sends/fx
 + Control Surfaces: MCU XT support, "flip mode" of the main MCU is now shared with any extenders
 + Control Surfaces: now follow mouse clicking in tracks (if mixer/scroll view when track selected is set)
 + Control Surfaces: better partial HUI support
 + VST: better compatibility with plug-ins that require effIdle

v2.0rc6 - October 9 2007

 + bundled Schwa's Spectro spectral editor
 + updated default theme bits from WT
 + removed old themes from distribution (todo: theme packs on web site)

v2.0rc5 - October 9 2007

 + better metronome countin on tempo changes
 + updated elastique build
 + both absolute and relative snapping in midi editor

v2.0rc4 - October 7 2007

 + updated record mode display for midi overdub modes
 + better metering for record output (midi) mode
 + fixed more midi splitting zero note length bugs
 + midi editor: better focusing when opening/activating and switching modes
 + fixed bug that could cause mem use to go crazy in a few isolated incidents

v2.0rc3 - October 6 2007

 + added "Take/Paste as takes in selected items"
 + added "Insert as takes in selected items" to media explorer
 + made Take Lane viewing on by default
 + midi: better sorting of noteoffs and allnoteoff messages
 + midi: reduced excess sending off allnoteoff loop markers
 + midi: fixed splitting items on notes producing 0 length notes
 + midi: fixed bug in fadein for midi items
 + midi: fixed extraneous notes at end of items
 + midi editor: fixed position setting in note properties dialogs
 + midi editor: fixed crash possibility when using screensets
 + made many modal dialog boxes restore window focus on close
 + tracks with no items, receives, fx, record arming, or children now take less cpu
 + fixed peaks display at end of heavily looped items at certain zoom levels 
 + updated mixer minimum size to work with nonstandard display DPIs
 + JS: added pdc_midi=1 for letting JS effects send midi with lookahead
 + VST: vsts that have latency and send MIDI now can send ahead of time
 + project directory cleanup now defaults to sending items to recycle bin rather than deleting
 + improved/fixed +- position relative modes in midi note/event properties

v2.0rc2 - October 4 2007

 + updated track metering rounding to better pass synthetic tests
 + updated on-stop behavior to keep audio thread locked for less time
 + fixed shift click bypass in mixer fx list for reamote
 + added option for gap between items on adjacent tracks (defaults to 4px)
 + better envelope spacing (small gap between envelopes)
 + media item properties choose new file automatically updates take names
 + per-item pitch shifters are now freed when they are no longer needed or media set offline
 + fixed midi item not found crashing
 + slightly better meter rounding
 + better item loop indicator drawing  
 + VST: updated samplerate change calls for buggy plug-ins
 + better master pdc with anticipative rendering

v2.0rc1 - October 2 2007

 + reatune: fixed setting of shifter mode on load config
 + reatune: added "click reduction" mode for SoundTouch and possibly other modes
 + fixed initial loop indicator on some items 
 + muted items no longer use fancy peaks when option disabled
 + master fx default bypass bug fix
 + interim improved elastique pro build for reatune

v2.0b16 - September 30 2007

 + fixed muted folder tracks still running fx
 + reatune: manual mode ruler, mousewheel support
 + reaplugs: safer window class registration/unregistration

v2.0b15 - September 29 2007

 + monkeys audio: fixed mem leak, fixed 24 bit stereo mode, optimizations 
 + updated startup project loading to initialize audio device before loading the project
 + option to not show peaks for muted tracks/items
 + fixed non-fancy peaks display on inactive takes
 + updated ASIO threadsafing code for better compatibility with some ASIO drivers

v2.0 beta 14 - September 27 2007

 + shifting/nudging loop selection works better with time signatures
 + force selection to beat lengths now supports multiple time sigs
 + time map rounding fixes, tempo adjusting fixes
 + midi ruler improvements
 + main timeline sub-pixel accuracy improvements 
 + alt+drag sends disables source track's master send
 + more accurate tempo envelope saving/restoring
 + better(faster) midi peak drawing
 + better small fade nonfudging in tempo changes
 + better subpixel rounding in track view
 + monkeys audio now uses asynchronous disk reads if set
 + wave/other formats now have faster zoomed-in peaks getting
 + option to only show peaks for sealected tracks

v2.0 beta 13 - September 26 2007

 + huge midi editor overhaul (for time sig changes)
 + fixed plug-in config window close order on reaper quit
 + improved tempo editing behavior when editing tempo changes and time sig changes
 + more tweaks to midi file tempo map importing
 + midi files are now treated as ticks/Quarter Note, except for items in old projects (which are still ticks/beat)
 + midi editor grid/quantize are now fractions of whole notes, not of beats

v2.0 beta 12 - September 24 2007

 + added working set configuration option in prefs/general/advanced
 + APE file support: fixed brining media back online
 + synchronous fx multiprocessing is now disabled by default
 + perf meter: fixed incorrect ram usage on w2k
 + screensets: autosave won't save anymore when switching to same screenset
 + midi file import can now import tempo maps
 + [updated]: better display of large numbers of tempo markers
 + [updated]: fixed some timing issues, better ruler/grid for dense tempo markered regions 
 + [updated]: fixed more bugs (thanks alex)
 + [updated]: no prompting on single track, single tempo info midi items (todo: option)
 + made solo/mute click modifiers not affect master mute/solo
 + right click marquee works in master track
 + lengths calculated across timesig markers now use the time signature at the start to determine measure length
 + updated tempo map so that tempo/timesig markers that don't change the time
   signature do not start a new measure or beat. To start a new measure/beat, 
   have the marker set the time signature. Loading of old projects 
   automatically converts the tempo map as needed.

v2.0 beta 11 - September 23 2007

 + faster synchronous fx multiprocessing mode
 + UAD synchronous fx multiprocesssing improvements
 + optimizations to buffering
 + improved anticipative fx processing on looped playback
 + renamed speculative to anticipative (since it is more accurate)
 + mcp: right side of scroll buttons in send list work
 + mcp: fixed a list arrow drawing bug, better arrow button default images
 + fixed formant shifting in reapitch
 + fixed some more alt+drag fx moving bugs
 + updated: fixed a win2k text drawing gdi corruption issue 
 + updated: fixed a win2k media explorer refreshing bug

v2.0 beta 10 - September 22 2007

 + reatune: subdivision mode (to update at higher frequencies) 
 + renamed fx renderahead "anticipative FX processing", added new default "Synchronous multiprocessing" option
 + reainsert: updates for compatibility with new sync mp mode
 + fixed zero line drawing issue on items

v2.0 beta 9 - September 21 2007

 + ReaTune: now uses reaper's pitch shift algorithsm (elastique soloist is great for this)
 + fixed initial display bug in ReaPitch
 + better arrows in mcp send/fx lists, optional mcp_*list_arrows images for themes
 + added actions to set take by index (1-9) active
 + screensets: added auto saving option
 + better denormalization prevention methods used throughout (needs more testing -- UPDATED AGAIN)
 + VST: special case code for simulanalog plugins (aggressive denormal prevention)
 + adjusted some compiler settings to fix midi looping bugs introduced with the ICC switch
 + ReaNINJAM: offscreen window checking
 + reverted JS denormalization 
 + ReaPitch: added full range formant shift control (breaks existing presets/envelopes in projects)
 + perf meter: graph shows cur/avg, range, action to reset graph

v2.0 beta 8 - September 20 2007

 + midi editor: fixed cursor positioning on looped items 
 + reamote: possible fix for the Nebula plugin
 + added new action "render items to new take" (which is like apply fx but without fx)
 + fixed some dark custom color issues with advanced themes
 + vertical zooming now flickery in WINE (since WINE's WM_SETREDRAW breaks things -- WINE developers, contact us)
 + grid/snap boxes will now correctly display smaller fractions
 + added ReaPitch (multi voice pitch shifter)
 + made ReaEQ and ReaXComp update undo states on add/remove of bands
 + added élastique Pro as pitch shifter/time stretcher option
 + made installer allow selection of pitch shifters to install

v2.0 beta 7 - September 18 2007

 + jump to dialog restores focus after jumping
 + midi editor internal cleanups, improved ctrl+select behavior
 + pass through keyboard action for midi editor
 + better track meter clip indicator hit testing
 + portions are now compiled with the Intel C++ compiler for some performance improvements
 + please test this on older processors to make sure we didnt lose any compatibility! :)

v2.0 beta 6 SHOULD HAVE BEEN BETA5 - September 17 2007

 + fixed undo point adding when adding fx from mixer
 + fixed some i/o windows open when adjusting/removing routing bugs
 + fixed silence-at-end-of-rendering issue with asynchronous writes enabled
 + fixed undo with no master hardware outs sometimes adding in a default output
 + better background image edge scaling when compressed to small spaces
 + more robust asynchronous disk writes
 + new default theme updates
 + update: fixed cpu munch when stopping at end of project
 + update: mcp fixed display of send info when tweaking and track has hardware outs
 + update: better rearoute labelling all around when audio device closed
 + update: better mixer scrolling

v2.0 beta 5 ALMOST THERE - September 16 2007

 + "go to track" in mixer sets track as last touched
 + midi editor: better refreshing on grid changing (really)
 + fixed an (old) SMP rendering glitch 
 + classic theme color tweaks (for mcp send/fx list)

v2.0 beta 4 FORUM ONLY STILL - September 15 2007

 + right click context menu disabled while captured in tcp/mcp/transport
 + mcp_sendlist_meter.png for send volume indicator
 + doubleclick on send vol knob resets vol/pan
 + fixed labelling in mcp fx menu
 + when fx add window is docked, and other windows are docked too, switch to the most relevant window on fx add
 + screensets: added keyboard shortcut column and button to edit shortcuts
 + item pitch shifting: mono items are processed in mono (big speedup)

v2.0 beta 3 FORUM ONLY YALL - September 14 2007

 + better spacing for transport status state
 + fixed some tiny PCM-floating point import/export precision issues
 + fixed open copy on midi items sometimes dropping notes
 + swapped ctrl+click and normal click in mixer fx list
 + mixer send view: when dragging to create sends, holding ctrl will open send  parameters
 + mixer send view: made clicking on a send only show that send, not all sends to the same track
 + better volume fader ganging at extremes
 + ctrl+dragging loop selections when item left/right locked now works
 + new item lock modes (item edges, controls)
 + new actions to toggle/clear/set individual lock modes
 + better drag and drop positioning in certain instances
 + reamote: fixed crash when invalid data received on certain message types
 + reamote: fixed support for larger config packets
 + fx adding: clicking on empty slot in mixer makes fx added get floated rather than chained view (if chain view not visible)
 + modifiers when drag and drop adding fx (shift=dont bring up config, ctrl=toggle floating of config)
 + floating fx windows remember their positions when closed
 + less showing of fx chain when "auto-float new fx" is on
 + bg tinting for track labels in adv themes
 + faders: ctrl+precision modes hide mouse cursor
 + mixer sends: show send vol/pan, click+drag right side to adjust vol, hold shift to adjust pan
 + added mcp_sendlist_knob.png for knob image
 + better handling of keystrokes when mouse captured
 + fixed bug with slip editing items fudging automation
 + added some new loser fx

v2.0 beta 2 - STILL FORUM ONLY - September 5 2007

 + mixer fx panels: better click to close logic
 + fixed bug with changing screen resolutions

v2.0 beta 1 - STILL FORUM ONLY - September 4 2007

 + midi editor: updates to list editor play cursor
 + midi editor: better list editor sorting
 + midi editor: list editor note properties sets focus depending on which column the mouse was on
 + preliminary mute envelopes for tracks/sends (no UI integration for automation recording yet)
 + fixed vol/pan/playspeed tooltips when in automation modes
 + autoadding vol/pan/playspeed envelopes autoresets trims to unity
 + faster offlining of plug-ins with large state data
 + added action to toggle item "preserve pitch when changing playrate"
 + sends: renamed "Post-FX" to "Post-FX (V1 deprecated)", added a new, better "Post-FX" mode
 + JS: shared memory (gmem[]) is now shared across all JS instances in reaper
 + JS: added utility/bufsave, which lets you route feedback in fx chains easily

v2.0 beta 0 - FORUM ONLY BUILD - September 3 2007

 + new about screen
 + mixer: optional FX and Send views (configurable via the mixer menu)
 + mixer: more settings are now stored in the project
 + mixer: options are now assignable actions
 + mixer: state refreshed on project load (to project settings)
 + mixer: new FX/send views are themeable (mcp_fxlist_norm/byp/off/empty, mcp_master_fxlist_ too)
 + master track: can now have more than 2 channels
 + master track: can now control source channels/phase/volume/pan/etc of each hardware output independently
 + master track: better RMS metering, lots of RMS display options
 + automation: added option prefs/editing/"Automatically add/arm envelopes when tweaking parameters in write modes"
 + JS: PDC support for effects (pdc_bot_ch and pdc_top_ch to specify channels, pdc_delay to specify sample delay)
 + JS: added play_state, play_position, and beat_position variables
 + JS: added time_adjustment which allows delay/predelaying signal
 + JS: added autopeakfilter for fun autowah type effects
 + screensets: fixed docker issues
 + screensets: added mixer flags saving
 + screensets: added last focused window state saving
 + fx: comment window is now modeless
 + fx: added vertical scrollbar to comment window
 + fx: you can now rename instances of effects to better describe their application
 + fx: action to build multichannel routing for the output of multichannel VSTis
 + fx: action to build 16 channels of midi routing for the current track
 + editing: fixed cutting items in ripple all mode
 + editing: split items at loop selection selects only items in selection (not unsplit previously selected items)
 + editing: apply fx to new take now works on empty items
 + editing: better zoom from scrollbar when zoom set to center on mouse cursor
 + editing: enabled zoom out to see more than a few hours
 + editing: better envelope behavior in item moving and ripple editing
 + theming: faster drawing, faster mouseover updating
 + theming: background for faders, window backgrounds, name backgrounds, etc support pink line for unstretch areas
 + theming: docker is now independently colorthemeable
 + theming: new default colortheme (by WhiteTie!)
 + theming: support for when path to theme dir changes on diff systems
 + theming: advanced faders can have zero line set 
 + theming: configurable fonts for track panels / volpan labels etc
 + theming: track_fxempty_h and track_fxempty_v 
 + theming: window drawing improvements (less screen corruption issues)
 + theming: fixed stopped resize of transport drawing issues
 + theming: fixed some playspeed automation refresh issues
 + midi editor: fixed a bug with play cursor and lengthy looped midi items 
 + midi editor: colortheme settings in prefs (including for piano keys etc)
 + midi editor: better vertical scrollbar
 + better external midi editor support (fixes, open copy in external editor creates .mid file)
 + track I/O dialog: fixed labelling on hardware outs after adding routing
 + faster dB unit conversion throughout
 + reacomp/reaxcomp: performance improvements
 + demo song: updated mix
 + Monkey's Audio: fix for Unicode files

v1.888 - August 20 2007

 + preliminary MIDI editor assignable actions/macros (prefs/keyboard)
 + midi editor: assignable two octave step sequencer actions
 + midi editor: more discrete editing actions 
 + midi editor: better sorting of events by type for list and in general
 + midi editor: different color for playback cursor display
 + new action: heal splits in selected items (can heal fades and overlaps and gaps too)
 + grid division combo boxes now include more odd signatures
 + prefs/keyboard: faster macro dialog population

v1.887 - August 18 2007

 + right click+drag loop selection obeys snap
 + ctrl+dragging items that intersect the loop selection duplicates just the portions in the loop selection
 + action to set item to loop visible section (item settings menu)
 + fixed ctrl+drag of multiple items not creating new tracks in certain instances
 + added experimental prefs/advanced option to allow keyboard commands while mouse editing
 + internal track mouse capture optimizations
 + VST: fixed generic UI not updating on program change
 + VST: updating of combo box on program name change

v1.886 - August 16 2007

 + media item properties: enabling "section" uses take offset/item length for default values
 + fix for asynchronous filewrite flushing on some systems where it was broken 
 + fixed item zero line not being drawn in certain instances, option to draw above peaks
 + made JS labelling and DLL name more consistent
 + updated help menu, added "get user guide" to documentation menu
 + updated about box for license and user agreements

v1.885 - August 14 2007

 + perf meter: double-click in the FX list now opens the selected FX dialog
 + perf meter: added FX list right-click context menu
 + scrollbars: added mouse button down gfx for zoom +/-
 + better track label background drawing
 + media items can now have their loopable sections modified directly in their properties dialogs
 + added actions to move item snap offsets to edit cursor, and to grid lines
 + updated implode action to be less picky about item positioning
 + added action to implode takes from items on same track 
 + media item normalize gain estimation is now more accurate
 + editing tempo markers now affects later tempo markers if project set to beats mode
 + tempo envelope point dialog: fixed mode list
 + midi editor: now uses time signature of the start of the item (todo: handle changes)
 + midi editor: better mouse behavior on small events
 + midi editor: better play cursor
 + midi editor: support for main transport synchronization when editing external midi files
 + JS: added fft_ipermute and rfft_ipermute, for correct FFT support, added some new FFT based example fx
 + reacomp: GR meter has a more useful, reduced range (for fletcher)
 + reasamplomatic: better peaks display, added zoom in/out on waveform (using left/right mouse buttons)
 + added native Monkey's Audio (ape) file support

v1.884 - August 4 2007

 + rewire slave mode: fixes to midi receive
 + rewire host mode: fixes to midi receive
 + rewire slave mode: fix metering and other issues when stopped 
 + improved spacing of master mute/solo buttons
 + ctrl+drag in empty area of tracks with items adds item in "pencil" mode
 + (for above) item chosen is closest selected item in project, or if none selected 
   nearby item on track (hold alt to ignore other tracks' items)
 + option to make normal drag pencil, ctrl+drag loop selection
 + optimized redrawing of text labels in mixer view/etc during automation
 + ReaSamplomatic5000: more precision is displayed for pitch, to allow fine tuning

v1.883 - August 1 2007

 + fixed floating fx window closing 
 + better labelling of certain zoom related actions
 + plugin API exposes PNG loading

v1.882 - July 31 2007

 + fixed track panel displays of track names with certain characters
 + fixed cut and paste of midi items across midi items with different ticks/beat setting
 + midi editor: fixed offscreen positioning issues
 + added render track stems to mono action
 + advanced themes can specify mcp_* images in place of track_* for diff images on mixer view
 + holding ctrl when resizing a track resizes all, holding alt resizes all selected
 + JS: partial fft_permute fixes
 + IIR resampling mode updates

v1.881 - July 25 2007

 + scrollbars: small thumbs should look better in advance themes 
 + scrollbars: fixed some dandruff nitpick
 + undo history window now supports manual purging of selected undo states
 + new options to save undo history with project (prefs/general)
 + optional alternate redo history support (lets you have a tree of redo states, but uses more RAM)
 + loser's new JS transient shaper (for drums)
 + scott stillwell's JS stereowidth 

v1.880 - July 23 2007

 + tinting of advanced theme panel backgrounds now follows prefs setting
 + scrollbars: fixed arrows drawing on classic theme
 + scrollbars: fixed alpha thumb drawing when using advance themes
 + scrollbars: optimized drawing speed when using advance themes
 + ReaXcomp: a new powerful multiband compressor
 + ReaVerbate: a simple DSP reverb (based on FreeVerb)
 + ReaVerb: added reverb generator (using DSP core of ReaVerbate)

v1.879 - July 21 2007

 + tint track panel backgrounds now works for advanced themes with background images
 + bypass state preserved on fx offline/online
 + added play rate and transport actions to transport context menu
 + cleaned up ruler context menus (added items, removed smaller alternate menu)
 + WAVE reader: support for WAV/AIFF files named .L and .R
 + scrollbars: improved drawing speed
 + scrollbars: added support for new scrollbar png format

v1.878 - July 20 2007

 + ctrl+click fx chain checkmark now sets fx offline
 + support for PNG splash screens
 + fixed timing of recorded takes added using varispeed and loop selection autopunch
 + added actions to set all fx in selected tracks online/offline
 + updated transport/toolbar code for mac compatibility

v1.877 - July 19 2007

 + fixed mouse bug with vertical faders in plug-ins
 + better support for large number of tracks on small screens in routing dialog
 + added workaround for hangs during minimize with video items
 + better normalization peak detection
 + small pngs (w less than 3) for button images will no longer be drawn
 + fx chain: you can now set each effect to "offline" to unload it from RAM
 + fx chain: fixed keyboard shortcut displays on context menu

v1.876 - July 11 2007

 + reduced track panel flicker on vertical zooming
 + fixed skinned scrollbars when using UI scale option
 + faster skinned scrollbar rendering
 + better track selection logic on single click of track names

v1.875 - July 10 2007

 + added option to prevent projects from overriding device samplerate
 + added scrollbar skinning
 + fixed scrollbar thumb resizing flickering 
 + generic FX dialogs etc will now use advanced skinned faders if present
 + changed labelling of "play speed" to "play rate"
 + you can now click and drag tracks by their labels
 + FX dialogs refresh properly on colortheme changes
 + improved drawing of collapsed tracks
 + vst: fix to some ui painting issues
 + vst: faster rescanning of already scanned plug-ins
 + ReaFIR 1.0: huge quality/display improvements (thanks schwa!!!)
 + ReaFIR: 0.x compatibility mode for old projects

v1.874 - July 8 2007

 + option to ignore asio reset messages (alesis driver issue)
 + option to hide tcp meters when not record armed (prefs/appearance)
 + fixed refreshing of master mixer background on project change
 + better zeroing accuracy of faders when using customized fader ranges/curves
 + fixed vertical fader zero line being 1px off at times
 + drawing improvements for custom vu rendering (better edge cases)
 + track/mixer panel updates, doubleclick required to edit names (old style available in prefs/mouse)
 + colorthemes can now set a shadow color for text
 + drawing system changes for better out-of-button shadows/etc 
 + themes can now set track name field background images
 + render dialog: better error display (doesnt run timer etc)

v1.873 - July 5 2007

 + fixed multirow mixer metering cpu munch
 + track/mixer faders are at the top of the z order (to shadow over buttons etc)
 + support for commas as decimal point in number parsing
 + fixed moving transport window quickly causing excessive cpu use
 + skins can now set "mcp_altmeterpos 1" to put mixer meters on right side
 + mixer resizing meter flicker reduction
 + skinnable buttons now support shadows outside of their regions

v1.872 - July 3 2007

 + preliminary advanced icon theming support (see forums for more info)
 + transport: options to disable text status, hide playrate control, center everything
 + transport: can now show measures/beats with minutes/seconds
 + transport: added playback speed/rate
 + navigator: right click zoom updates, better custom color support
 + docker: closing undocked docker hides it, better startup displaying, fixed resizing bug
 + master track is now selectable/gangable/etc
 + master mixer channel overhaul (now supports gradient and more)
 + installer overhaul (installer settings are stored in reaper-install.ini)
 + master meter: closing audio devices flushes peaks
 + master meter: better master meter (separate scale for RMS if offset, better use of space)
 + master meter: bottom display shows current RMS
 + scrollbars are now scaled according to the scale value option
 + colorthemes can now choose colors for empty space in mixer, track panel view
 + toolbar improvements (autoarranging and sizing of icons, prep for user configurable toolbar)
 + option to tint custom colored track item backgrounds
 + option to copy imported media to project directory (or configured default path) (prefs/media)
 + mode to prompt for how to insert multiple media items
 + midi editor: ESC now properly closes undocked MIDI editors
 + optional fx renderahead on tracks with midi editors open (better multiprocessing support in these instances)
 + fix for reading floating point numbers from projects that have a decimal , instead of .
 + switched reaper.exe back to static standard library to avoid msvcrt issues (number formatting among others)
 + main window minimized state is no longer saved across instances
 + reafir: switched to internal functions for antialiased line drawing
 + reafir: fixed analysis refresh rate during mouseovers
 + fixed a toolbar at smallest size issue
 + master meter shows RMS peak at bottom (rather than instant-RMS) 
 + transport no longer defaults to centered

v1.870 - June 28 2007

 + transport: when paused play button stays lit
 + transport: improved spacing/sizing of buttons
 + updated spacing of buttons on track/mixer panels
 + fixed linear timecode generator burst problem
 + more internal drawing engine updates
 + improved autostop at end of project behavior
 + VST: fixed generic UI munch with large numbers of parameters and automation
 + VST: fix for EmulatorX (waves fix had broken it)

v1.869 - June 27 2007

 + fixed bug in mouse handscrolling
 + fixed keyboard focus after removing all fx in fx chain
 + disabled ctrl+drag items creating dupes when item positions are locked
 + ruler: numbers are not shown on regions if region too small
 + VST: native shell-VST support (i.e. waves)
 + VST: support for plug-ins that require audioMasterGetNumAutomatableParameters
 + VST: fix for VSTs that didnt set their child to WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT
 + VST: fix for mono vsts that still write to stereo outputs
 + VST: fix for plug-ins that require effEditGetRect before effEditOpen (waves SSL)
 + Updated track panel rendering architecture (for mac improvements as well as future skinnability)

v1.868 - June 20 2007

 + "select items under mouse" sets last touched track
 + fixed display bugs in recent projects and project template list
 + video: made video decoding faster and more compatible with various codecs
 + slightly more aggressive file reading (good for higher block sizes)
 + made ruler/tracks filter mouse for loop selections, to reduce accidental changes
 + changed z ordering of loop selection over items in tracks, added option for old behavior:
 + (prefs/editing/mouse): "allow modifying edges of loop selection over items in tracks"

v1.867 - June 18 2007

 + midi paste moves edit cursor in main window
 + fixed undocked transport issues when in big window frame mode
 + fixed midi editor when in big window frame mode (added icon too)
 + improved logo display in the about box
 + fixed a ruler display bug at certain zoom levels in M:B+M:S mode
 + updated some text of overwrite confirmation boxes and other warnings
 + added actions to select/toggle selection of items under mouse cursor
 + minimizing reaper no longer has windows reduce working set (less glitches)
 + video: sped up peak building
 + video: fixed lots of playback/sync bugs

v1.866 - June 14 2007

 + peak cache flushing on actions for item rate changing
 + cancelling peak building dialog now properly closes peaks
 + improved peak getter refreshing logic to avoid superfluous reopenings
 + ReaEQ: fixed issues with flip all bands not updating dsp state 
 + fixed text display of markers that start right before regions
 + midi editor: pasting midi events now advances edit cursor
 + winamp vis support: fix to stereo data generation
 + support for opening EDL TXT, ninjam clipsort.log, etc from command line
 + added action: view: clear all peak indicators 
 + added option (prefs/general/advanced) to restrict REAPER on selected CPU(s)
 + added option (prefs/general/advanced) to disallow the OS load balancing worker threads
 + autobackup/backup on save options now save to .rpp-bak instead of .rpp.bak
 + new installs now default to "run fx when stopped" for the tons of VSTis that require it
 + options in prefs/appearance to set VU meter ranges, as well as set clip indicator behavior
 + JS size optimizations
 + Updated splash screen and icons, added icons for peaks files (thanks, WhiteTie!)

v1.865 - June 7 2007

 + perf meter: fixed labelling of ReaMote bandwidth use to kbps/mbps
 + set fade in/out actions support setting at the edge of the items
 + updated item rate display to show semitones if preserve pitch isnt set
 + wavpack reading: floating point data read in is no longer clipped
 + new actions: move edit cursor to mouse cursor (with and without snapping)
 + new actions: tweak item rate by ~6% and ~0.6%, adjusting item length (preserves snap offset alignment)
 + new actions: adjust master playrate by 6% and 0.6%, set to 1.0, apply to BPM 
 + midi editor: updated event detection logic for overlapping notes
 + fixed some snap offset updating when alt+dragging edges of items
 + fixed vol/pan envelopes sometimes running when stopped and monitoring inputs

v1.864 - June 6 2007

 + added action: trim items to selected area
 + added actions: trim items (left/right) at cursor, fade in/out items at cursor
 + ReaMote: added max. network UDP packet size, which you can reduce for switches that barf on big frames
 + ReaMote: removed size limits on asio blocksized*track channel count
 + ReaMote: CPU/network use optimizations
 + ReaMote: latency fixes to projects that have reamote chains set but reamote disabled
 + ReaStream: keeps packet sizes below 1400 even when in non-broadcast mode

v1.863 - June 4 2007

 + MIDI prefs: fixed bad right click menu statuses in certain instances
 + VST: updated idle processing behavior, vst 2.3 startprocess/stopprocess support
 + missing FX warning dialog shows you the tracks that the missing FX are on
 + you can now import REAPER projects, ninjam logs, and EDLs via add track template menu to add project to project

v1.862 - June 1 2007

 + fixed issue with fx automation when stopped and always run FX is on
 + ReaStream: stream audio/midi between instances of REAPER on different machines via LAN

v1.861 - May 28 2007

 + option to show overlapping items in separate lanes (options menu)
 + updated formatting of measures/beats timings (less leading zeros)
 + MIDI editor: ruler time display lengths vary based on zoom level
 + MIDI editor: reduced "end of midi" line width
 + bonus: fixed new lane issue

v1.860 - May 26 2007

 + fixed potential for crash when undoing midi editor opening
 + fixed reaeq bug showing wrong tab on init
 + midi editor better preserves overlapping notes 
 + you can now set any instance of any effect to a mode where it takes all keyboard input (for energyxt, etc)
 + undo history now autoscrolls on undo/redo/etc

v1.859 - May 23 2007

 + fixed inserting midi as file when import is set to import as midi event
 + MIDI editor mute events action (alt+M)
 + hotkeys to switch midi editor mode between piano, named notes, and new list view
 + MIDI editor preliminary event list view (alt+3 to activate)
 + fixed virtual midi keyboard appearing in record inputs
 + fixed bug where quickly switching to reaper + starting playback would sometimes leave media offline
 + fixed "Insert Media" dialog with cancel memory leak

v1.858 - May 21 2007

 + fixed allnoteoff sending on start of playback
 + dont move edit cursor on shift/ctrl+click item is now on by default (for new installs)
 + fix to fader bitmap loading when images not found
 + fix for accidental drag and drops in media explorer
 + added midi cc events for last touched track vol/pan/mute/solo/recarm, added action to set
   selection to last touched track (for other actions)
 + upped max actions per macro to 6
 + reaper.exe now uses msvcrt (30kb installer shrinkage)

v1.857 - May 14 2007

 + forced ripple editing of tempo envelope when "attach envelopes to items" is off and ripple editing is set to "all"
 + "insert empty space in selection" uses beats if project/view mode is set to beats 
 + fixed CD burning after rendering
 + fx parameter envelope toggling fixes
 + option to arm fx parameter envelope from midi learn dialog
 + actions to set track record mode, monitoring, etc
 + better track templates menu (subdirectories)
 + added ix/schwa midi/channel JS fx

v1.856 - May 13 2007

 + clicking the master track shows master fx if fx-follows-track selection set
 + fixed bug where tempo envelope is sometimes not affected by "insert time in project" etc
 + better timemap rebuilding when using ripple editing
 + splitting items resets keyboard input to items
 + updated a lot of folder solo+routing logic and meter displays with complex routing
 + solo overrides mute on post-fader aux sends, hardware outputs
 + improvements to filesystem folder browsing dialogs

v1.855 - May 11 2007

 + option to close control surfaces when stopped and inactive (for sharing)
 + deferred opening of hardware/media for 200ms when activating for better hardware compatibility
 + option to have single-FX window mode follow selected track
 + learn in fx dialog shows last tweaked fx at top
 + fixed bigclock remembering mode
 + tweaked focus on track routing dialog combo boxes
 + reaninjam: small glitch psuedofixes for session mode when different samplerates are used
 + bonus: tweaked new fx autoopen option to not show when current fx window is not visible

v1.854 - May 10 2007

 + dx support for mono plug-ins (i.e. antares mic modeler)
 + midi hardware: better handling of changing hardware states across instances
 + midi hardware: device name aliasing
 + fixes to/better shaping midi CC actions for metronome volume control, track volume controls
 + increased max MIDI assignable tracks to 99
 + MIDI CC actions to scroll, zoom view
 + MIDI CC actions to move edit cursor, select current track
 + when a midi CC is assigned in relative mode to a non-continuous action, a value of 0 will not trigger the action
 + Added prefs/general/advanced for doing some experimental tweaks (including UI scaling)
 + faders can now support any size thumb bitmap (useful with scaled UI mode)
 + icon buttons will now use larger icons if UI scaling is set
 + Project directory cleanup detects path not found and notifies user
 + updated LOSER's JS fx

v1.853 - May 8 2007

 + updated track panel custom color tinting
 + larger selection/bpm fields in transport
 + record track output (mono) mode mixes down channels (rather than recording left)
 + enter on text fields in transport scroll back to start
 + midi editor: improved moving of midi CC events with notes
 + midi overdub/replace recording modes filter active sensing, midi clock, etc

v1.852 - May 7 2007

 + better drag and drop to main window
 + import of track templates now works via drag and drop
 + media explorer shows track templates
 + fixed duplicate track for multiple sends per track pair
 + MIDI editor note properties dialog supports relative adjustment
 + MIDI editor remembers selection state
 + VST: per-plugin MIDI input/output disabling
 + VST: fixed version on fxb writing for (other) hosts that require version 1

v1.851 - May 5 2007

 + project files have more precision for timings to avoid stupid rounding errors in displays)
 + more precision in project for "copy loop of selected items"
 + fixed flush fx on loop flushing on stop as well
 + fixed paste with snap offset of multiple items
 + pasting items sets autocrossfades
 + switched default shortcut for keyboard shortcut list to Shift+F1
 + Better ninjam clipsort.log session importing
 + track custom color panel tinting only affects unselected tracks
 + updated random color generation
 + track number labels show [] when selected
 + ReaNINJAM: status displays for session mode
 + bonus: possible fix for some buggy dx plug-ins that dont like running when stopped

v1.850 - May 4 2007

 + increased precision of loopsel, markers, cursor in project
 + fixed dropping of first note on loop for midi hardware outs
 + ReaEQ: added "flip all bands" option
 + Consolidate/Glue: fixed bug that could cause function to never finish
 + ReaNINJAM: deleting a channel or switching it out of session mode flushes session buffers
 + ReaNINJAM: better session mode logging
 + NINJAM clipsort.log importing now can support session mode
 + command line option: -renderproject filename.rpp (to render project and quit)

v1.849 - May 3 2007

 + option to disable mousewheel for track panels
 + fixed track duplicating preserving destniation channels in sends
 + run fx when stopped: can now use smp before playback
 + run fx when stopped: fx in tracks without items run
 + rewire: rewire instances on tracks no longer require tracks to have items
 + rendering: fixed resample mode changes causing glitches
 + rendering: overhauled rendering thread system
 + dx: fix for plug-ins that don't like running stopped
 + JS: size reductions (use of reaper_ogg.dll for ogg decoding)
 + screensets: added "horizontal zoom" setting for the track views
 + screensets: fixed "track height" setting for the track views
 + screensets: added default name when saving unnamed preset
 + screensets: window now dockable
 + screensets: fixed window position restoring
 + perf meter: added FX count
 + ReaNINJAM: fixed a bunch of channel issues (will need the new server to fully fix)
 + ReaNINJAM: more responsive UI (better locking granularity)
 + ReaNINJAM: preliminary "session" mode

v1.848 - April 26 2007

 + project render resample mode is now save as default-able
 + fixed plug-in time reporting when stopped + running fx
 + fixes to varispeed loop autopunch enhancements
 + reverb tails are now on by default
 + new option to reduce the reverb tail length (also on by default)
 + moved "always run fx" option to prefs/playback to be with reverb tail options
 + option to flush fx in "always run fx" mode
 + ReaEQ: shelfs behave like lpf/hpf at high attenuation
 + ReaNINJAM: enabled ClearType for the font dialogs

v1.847 - April 25 2007

 + rendering length rounds to nearest sample rather than up 
 + rendered stems are the exact same length as main output
 + tranzport/alphatrack vol/pan show current ui vol/pan rather than trim
 + optional reverb tails on stop (prefs/playback)
 + multicore use when running fx while stopped
 + better end-of recording behavior (less playback interruptions)
 + fixed fader drawing alignment bug
 + when recording looped in "loop selection autopunch" mode, first partial segments 
   arent added if whole loop segments were recorded

v1.846 - April 24 2007

 + Higher quality SRC modes now use Sinc-interpolation for improved quality
 + Playback resample mode is now part of project (project settings)
 + Apply FX/glue/etc use rendering resample mode (can be set in project settings)
 + items with partial samples now have the last sample played
 + better (subsample) positioning/length of rendered items added to project
 + wave source: tweaked small seek behavior
 + VST: added loop cycle timeinfo support
 + ReaNINJAM: fixed looped playback ninjam desync

v1.845 - April 23 2007

 + minimum recording loop selection punch length is now 5ms (down from 250ms)
 + midi editor: lowered time for undo after kb shortcut move to 200ms
 + midi recording: fixed keep/delete file dialog for midi items
 + setting splashimage= in reaper.ini will let you override the splash screen to a bmp of your choice

v1.844 - April 22 2007:

 + better looping (sub-sample accurate!)
 + more alt+* keys in media item dialog
 + overhaul of project/item attaching to beats/time (project settings, track override, item overrides)
 + items that contain midi always have their length/rate adjusted on time signature changes
 + midi editor: quantize quantizes to project grid if currently showing project grid
 + updated dither_psycho that includes 88/96khz support (thanks schwa)
 + better track selection on right click menu 
 + arm/unarm all tracks actions
 + search options for actions in prefs/keyboard/edit
 + focus resetting when closing FX windows using escape (for certain plugins)
 + fixed looping metronome issues
 + media item multi edit dialog: fixed potential for precision loss when editing multiple items
 + ReaNINJAM: server list in connect dialog
 + ReaComp: optimized antialias (oversampling) mode
 + ReaComp: fixed bug with antialias mode storing (might need to check old projects)

v1.843 - April 19 2007

 + new default option to use the same file for looped recording
 + fixes to varispeed loop recording and autopunch recording
 + prefixing + or - in Ctrl+J dialog moves relative
 + better docked/undocked transport sizing
 + new dither_psycho (thanks schwa)
 + ASIO: support for type 27 (32/24 bit) PCM samples 
 + ReaEQ: fixed combobox changing during automation issue
 + ReaComp: default RMS size is now 5ms, to reduce distortion, updated ui for AA/limiting
 + ReaInsert: MIDI channel options
 + ReaNINJAM: revamped reaper-ish UI, better show button behavior
 + ReaNINJAM: remote channels now default to -12dB

v1.842 - April 17 2007

 + added preliminary screenset support 
 + better track tooltip positioning
 + IIR based SRC is now slightly faster
 + reacomp antialiasing and limiting modes
 + ReaNINJAM: optional non-TempoSync mode for tracks (good for non-NINJAM style use)
 + ReaNINJAM: internal updates and optimizations, monitoring when not connected matches connected monitoring
 + I/O dialog: fixed focus after tweaking i/o parameters
 + I/O dialog: fixed midi send combobox ordering
 + updated utility/bitred for much better dither (thanks to loser, billoon and schwa)
 + added utility/dither and utility/dither_psycho (...)
 + midi editors remember their position/options in project
 + disk writes now default to asynchronous, asynchronous write-through (old style) is available in prefs/buffering/advanced
 + faster file copy dialogs
 + Improvements to NINJAM clipsort.log importing (optional conversion of large numbers of files to .WAV)
 + Scott Stillwell's new waveshaping "badbussmojo" effect
 + bonus update: new splash screen, default option to show splash while loading projects

v1.841 - April 9 2007

 + big internal peaks handling overhaul - you may need to rebuild peaks on items to get all of the benefit
 + zoomed in splits will use smaller fades
 + subsample precision when zoomed in editing
 + fixed critical peaks bug when recording
 + fixed mono item mode peaks bugs

v1.838 - April 7 2007

 + routing dialog: reduced mousewheel/keyboard issues when selecting sends to add
 + routing dialog: added "send to all tracks", "receive from all tracks" options
 + routing dialog: alternating colors when listing sends/etc
 + routing dialog: new controls, MUCH faster opening (also work towards mac port)
 + fx window: added cut fx (ctrl+x)

v1.837 - April 6 2007

 + better horizontal scrollbar edge resizing
 + updated (and cleaned up) track I/O routing dialogs
 + tracks can now have multiple sends between each pair
 + default option to show item labels in smallest size
 + reaninjam: local channels arent clipped to -1..1 for monitoring
 + reaninjam: remote channels are clipped pre-fader as well for safety

v1.836 - April 5 2007

 + track midi input indicators don't show "active sensing" events
 + midi inputs can now be assigned as "control only"
 + reaninjam: now supports 8 inputs, all mixed down when not connected
 + copy selected area of selected items trims underlying midi data 
 + actions for selected items on/offline, rebuild peaks for sel items
 + added vertical scroll in long FX chain lists
 + fix for tab to transient on empty items potentially crashing
 + fixed zoom in peaks drawing on looped items
 + action to manually check for new versions (help menu)
 + reacomp: new alternate attack curve mode, "classic attack" mode for old projects/those who prefer it
 + JS: better rng for dithering fx
 + vst: updated problematic track plug-in sustain resetting
 + vst: program combo box updates on fxp/fxb load
 + vst: program names are now editable in combo box and will update the vst if supported

v1.835 - April 1 2007

 + vsti: sustain off sending on stop/reset
 + render stems of selected tracks now sets master/parent stem on new tracks
 + corrected peak display of items with channel mode set
 + right click on track volume fader now shows receives as well as sends
 + midi editor: defaults to showing all channels (rather than last setting)
 + envelope points snap to grid/media items (if media item snap set)
 + increased precision of item position/length/rate in project file
 + rewire: fixes to starting playback with certain slaves
 + bonus: updated autosave logic to only autosave if dirty since the last autosave
 + bonus 2: option to save backup file when saving to timestamped file
 + bonus 3: RADAR importing: pre-3.40 support (wav file in same path as proj*.txt)

v1.834 - March 31 2007

 + using ctrl/alt numpad4/6 to trim items adjusts crossfades
 + MIDI hardware outs: reset of sustain on stop
 + ReaNINJAM: NINJAM support as an insertable effect (usually used on master)
 + Some internal updates for mac port, ReaNINJAM, etc

v1.833 - March 30 2007

 + better empty item drawing
 + fixed item grouping undo bugs
 + splitting has better grouping behavior for grouped items that start after the split
 + loading project with missing files will only prompt once per file (rather than instance)
 + midi editor: single click for insert/remove note mode
 + RADAR session: supports reading markers and project notes

v1.832 - March 27 2007

 + open item in sound forge doesnt require lowercase forge*.exe to be set 
 + midi editor: pasting notes retain note values
 + shift clicking update for items on the same track (not updating loop selection)
 + fixed mixer flicker when toggling track record arming
 + RADAR session: reading supports >24 tracks
 + RADAR session: better support for items before project start time, items at negative position
 + vst: config saving now defaults to saving full bank data
 + vst: "buggy vst processreplacing" compatible mode is now on by default
 + vista compatibility: hopefully reduced routing matrix tooltip cpu use
 + installer now contains 10 good colorthemes

v1.831 - March 25 2007

 + updated take selection+cursor moving behavior in all take view
 + better item shift+click (selection change) behavior 
 + fixed updating of transport selection fields on project load
 + added action: Apply FX to new take (MIDI output)
 + added action: toggle item "play all takes"
 + added action: implode items to takes
 + opening items in sound forge now passes region info (thanks drew)
 + aux send pan snaps to center
 + track edit tooltip tweaks

v1.830 - March 24 2007

 + Option to show all takes for items when space permits, single click to set active take
 + shuffling of items only affects active take when in all take view
 + relative volume bar handling of multiple items
 + fixed pitch shifters not resetting in certain rare instances
 + improved track edit tooltips (more information)

v1.829 - March 22 2007

 + ctrl+dragging items to copy disables autocrossfade for the duration of the drag
 + better autocrossfade behavior when moving multiple items
 + Items now have an "All takes active" switch which makes all takes play
 + "Monitor track media when recording" option
 + mixer option to show pan control at top rather than bottom of mixer window
 + media item properties dialog lets you view all takes, multiple media item editing dialog
 + better editing tooltip positioning
 + fixed FX browsing dialog stealing focus at startup
 + faster undo updating when nudging items
 + better zoom behavior when past end of project
 + added new action: "View: Move edit cursor to play cursor"
 + added a warning for "clean project directory" re: other projects
 + preliminary RADAR backup import support (RBAK\.txt)
 + added script to automatically install REAPER on USB/removable drive devices

v1.828 - March 17 2007

 + automation: touch recording now works for VST and JS FX
 + automation: fixes to render-ahead use of automation 
 + automation: pre-fx envelopes are more accurate on MIDI  data
 + automation: option (prefs/editing behavior) to simplify envelope data when recording automation
 + automation: fader track color for when in inactive touch/latch 
 + reaplugs: updated for touch automation from normal UI
 + ReaFIR: better automation display/cpu use

v1.827 - March 16 2007

 + media item fades: added cosine fade option
 + envelopes: new smooth/fast start/fast end point shapes
 + envelopes: cleaned up context menus
 + automation recording: better return-to-current behavior
 + option to not tint items to custom track colors
 + render dialog renames itself when done
 + fx chain dialog: "remove" button disabled when no selection active
 + optional dirac le mono mode (2x speed)
 + update: more accurate faded peaks display on non-1.0 playrate items
 + update: better automation overwrite recording (less chance for blip through)

v1.826 - March 14 2007 (happy pi day)

 + jump to time dialog takes integers as measure count (if in measures/beat time sig mode)
 + better measures/beats string parsing, | always signifies m|b|f
 + pitch shifting/timestretch glitch fixes for multiprocessor systems
 + undo system: fixed bug on save state (item then fader change would occasionally not undo properly)
 + snap dialog: option to snap to grid at any distance
 + transport: better loop selection editing behavior
 + transport: editing bpm field modifies tempo envelope if present 
 + transport: bpm field updates with tempo at edit cursor
 + MCU support: less midi bandwidth used for time display and metering
 + support for 3GB of address space on systems with /3GB enabled
 + a few nitpick cleanups
 + update: fixed bug in new snap option

v1.825 - March 12 2007

 + SRC: better upsampling in medium/better/best modes, new conversion options (including IIR-based alternates)
 + ReaSamplomatic: added visual indicator and note/sample mode, pitch offset parameter
 + media explorer: inserting items via context menu ignores "move cursor on item insert" option
 + improvements to new track panel selection logic

v1.824 - March 10 2007

 + clicking in track vol/pan faders and buttons does not affect track selection (optional but on by default)
 + option to not have item edits affect track selection (prefs/editing behavior/mouse)
 + added action: "item: select all items in selected tracks"
 + doubleclick on track index number in track selects all items in track
 + media explorer: inserting multiple items using context menu works nicer
 + fixed soundtouch end of sample dropout issue
 + SRC: slightly better antialiasing filters, new "Best" resample mode
 + update: faster file copying

v1.823 - March 9 2007

 + fixed undo state saving for paste with ripple all on
 + setting loop end with } seeks accordingly, if seek on loop selection and repeat is set
 + directsound: better play cursor/output time accuracy
 + better VU meter decay when using large buffer sizes
 + doubleclick envelope points reset to center
 + action to reset envelope points to zero/center
 + actions for move to/select next/previous items, item in next/previous tracks
 + updates for other item navigation modes to ensure track is visible
 + adding/pasting tracks will move track view to show new tracks
 + maximizing view of track (~) will go to last selected track, if any
 + selecting track in the mixer will ensure track is visible in main view (if mixer autoscroll enabled)
 + added option to Preferences/Playback to stop playback at end of loop selection when repeat is disabled
 + action for "remove all markers from loop selection"
 + preference option to not show odd stereo pairs
 + rewire slave: reaper can still open real midi input/output hardware in slave mode
 + rewire slave: low-cpu slave mode midi receive fixes

v1.822 - March 8 2007

 + options (prefs/Recording) to set what info goes in new filenames for recording
 + save as with copy/move will use any relative project paths for media
 + ReaVerb: vastly faster handling of sparse impulses (especially at smaller FFT sizes)

v1.821 - March 7 2007

 + fixed creeping CPU use when using SoundTouch on stretched items
 + internal reworkings of sink configuration for mac port

v1.820 - March 6 2007

 + added "Cockos" plugin category to FX add dialog
 + updated layout on most Cockos plugins
 + Missing file box: more selective auto-file-detection based on previous browse for file logic
 + project setting for record path can now take relative pathname
 + project autosave (to timestampted files) saves to .rpp.bak
 + project open dialog will now optionally list .rpp.bak (in type list)

v1.819 - March 5 2007

 + better punch-in behavior on no tracks armed warning dialog
 + better vst parameter range/envelope display of Rea* plugs
 + timestmaped recording file names, better naming of glued/fx-applied items
 + ReaEQ: added "Restore Defaults" button

v1.818 - March 4 2007

 + track panel/mixer panel tooltips are better restrained to screen
 + adjusted folder solo in place behavior

v1.817 - March 3 2007

 + insert template tracks with first track selected goes back to old behavior (after first track)
 + ReaEQ: fixed labelling of bands for automation
 + ReaEQ: fixed UI updating on preset/config load
 + ReaEQ: master gain fader
 + midi items: fixed bug on items with a <=0.5 playrate
 + vst: plug-in names get channel info when non-stereo
 + midi learn: pitch shift message support (e0 etc)
 + midi learn: relative CC modes

v1.816 - March 2 2007

 + fixed occasional crash at end of render (when multiprocessor rendering is on)
 + fixed routing+folder solo in place bug
 + spacebar passthru in track send (right click on fader) dialog
 + better ordering of many hardware output menus (media explorer, metronome)
 + ReaEQ: fixed some filter issues in extreme cases, fixed switching modes via context menu
 + update 2pm PDT: fixed folder track / folder track children soloing

v1.815 - March 1 2007

 + splitting MIDI items now trims the underlying midi data
 + help/documentation menu now shows all PDF files in the reaper directory (for user guide)
 + ReaEQ: added mousewheel support, tab control optional, tooltips, mode from context menu
 + ReaEQ: using ctrl/alt now slows and restricts movement of points

v1.814 - February 28 2007

 + ReaEQ: a fast, configurable unlimited band EQ
 + fixed alt+dragging of left edges of items that have a 0 startoffset
 + better default focus for "find missing file" box
 + better audio error messages
 + slightly updated modifiers for fades: ctrl+alt fades all items
 + " " " ": alt+fade with overlapping items stretches overlapping items to fit (consistent with alt+drag of item edge)
 + vst: knob mode option
 + update: fixed reaeq having unstable shelfs in certain instances

v1.813 - February 27 2007

 + updating transport time mode updates loop selection display
 + transport time mode is now configurable via keyboard shortcut
 + removed extra transport option for measures/beats + time
 + main edit view better ignores stray mouse up events
 + apply fx to new take and autosplit with track fx now fully support multichannel fx chains
 + rearoute: when not installed, not listed in channel list for reainsert/media explorer
 + fixed paste of tracks / insert of track templates with routing (and not at end of track list)
 + fixed actions for mute/solo/vol/pan/recarm/fx on selected tracks
 + fixed a lot of user assigned track actions when mcu is in mcp global view mode
 + folder + solo in place routing bugfix
 + vst: yet another config locking logic tweak
 + vst: support for audioMasterGetChunkFile 
 + vst: better VST scanning initialization/deinit
 + midi: fixed dropped notes on certain looping instances
 + midi editor: delete/copy/cut items only operates on currently visible channels
 + midi editor: grid/snap can be toggled with alt+g, alt+s
 + midi editor: grid off still draws ruler
 + midi editor: r key toggles repeat
 + updated sstillwell plugins

v1.812 - February 26 2007

 + multiple pitch shifting modes (project and per-item-take settings)
 + Included Dirac LE as a very CPU intensive but higher quality pitch shifter/time stretcher
 + added a fast low quality pitch shifting mode
 + transport loop selection displays use the transport's time mode
 + "insert new track" behavior back to old style (new tracks are always after the last clicked track)
 + js: better denormal prevention

v.1811 - February 25 2007

 + better multiple time signature support when using crop project/insert time/remove time from project
 + transport can be set to a different time unit from the project/ruler setting
 + added actions for toggling track vol/pan envelopes visible as well as active
 + V and P now default to toggling vol/pan envelopes visible rather than active
 + vst: more configuration opening audio-bypass tweaks

v1.810 - February 24 2007

 + automation: recording automation produces better envelope data
 + automation: fixed recording of vol/pan automation via mixer
 + automation: renamed "automation off" mode to trim/read
 + reamote: less reamote errors on loading projects when reamote is disabled and the project used reamote
 + vst: uad sync mode has better clearing for UAD extra dma buffer modes
 + vst: better behavior of slowly opening config panels
 + vst: support for plug-ins that require audioMasterIdle
 + added/updated some of LOSER's JS fx
 + update: fix for routing to children of folders when stopped

v1.809 - February 23 2007

 + fixed I/O dialog resizing messing with main window drawing
 + VST: updated UAD-1 option to be a synchronous mode, that when combined with 
   fx render-ahead off, should work well on most systems (especially low-end ones)
 + prefs: updated apply button internals to not flush config for every page every time
 + grid: start-of-beat now get slight hilight, new colortheme setting, changed default theme's grid colors
 + better track autonaming extension removal
 + better focus setting on startup
 + fixed bug where vertically locked items could still create tracks
 + actions: fixed "Toggle record arming for selected tracks" to ignore modifiers
 + virtual midi keyboard: keys show midi note number
 + midi editor: updated grid to match main grid
 + reainsert: fixed config display update on preset loading
 + reamote: added protocol version check
 + reamote: per-channel silence detection instead of per-block
 + reamote: mono stream bandwidth optimization

v1.808 - February 21 2007

 + fixed new vst mode for shortcircuit2 and more

v1.807 - February 21 2007

 + assignable actions for fxbypass and recarm for each track
 + vst: new default option to open vst config panels in a more threadsafe manner for some VSTs
 + midi editor: inserted notes are set to selected
 + midi editor: ctrl+doubleclick/drag to insert doesnt unselect other notes
 + midi editor: adding CC/pitch events snap to grid if snap enabled
 + included Teej's extended SStillwell RBJ EQs

v1.806 - February 20 2007

 + ReaInsert plug-in for sending audio/midi to/from external hardware from any fx chain
 + much faster updating (and vista compatible) main edit view tooltips
 + made ReaFIR tooltips vista compatible
 + File/Save live output (bounce) updates: configured on the fly, options for only-when-playing and to autostop on stop
 + automation: touch/latch write modes follow envelope when stopped/seeking
 + ReaGate: fixed midi passthrough
 + VST: optimized some behaviors for Cockos plugins
 + alphatrack/tranzport: optimized display updates
 + bonus: last working directory is now saved across instances
 + bonus: automation mode changes/arming changes now properly update surfaces

v1.805 - February 16 2007

 + solo in place works when sip'ing folder and items in folder have sends
 + Render selected tracks to stem tracks (and mute originals) action (psuedofreeze)
 + import of multitrack midi goes on sep tracks even when prefs mode is set to "auto"
 + better TranzPort display usage (VU metering)
 + AlphaTrack: better touchstrip centering, blinking any solo light
 + AlphaTrack: sticky shift behavior (tap shift to hold)
 + AlphaTrack: F1-F8 send midi CC to control subsystem to be assignable
 + AlphaTrack: second two rotary encoders can be used to tweak plug-in settings
 + FaderPort: mix/proj/trns send midi CC to control subsystem
 + MCU: all unused buttons get passed through to control subsystem

v1.804 - February 15 2007

 + importing type-1 and type-2 midi files will optionally separate tracks
 + preliminary AlphaTrack control surface support
 + faderport: "output" button toggles vol/pan flip, shift+solo/mute/rec clears all, etc
 + tweaks to make sure video/perfmeter/vkeyboard/navigator/docker are on screen when shown
 + MCU updates: (cycle button, better time displays, better seeking with scroll wheel)
 + better record unpausing (rebuffer)
 + vis plugin config fixes

v1.803 - February 14 2007

 + splash screen window disabling tweaks 
 + preliminary PreSonus FaderPort control surface support
 + made FX comment window not resizeable
 + automation mode is now set per-track (in the envelope panel)
 + envelope panel has "arm all/none" buttons
 + enabling vol/pan envelopes for multiple tracks can now be done via right click on envelope button
 + dx plug-ins: fixed automation bug
 + vst: better midi data passthrough for synths that misreport sending of midi events

v1.802 - February 13 2007

 + vst: better support for VSTs that aren't fully thread safe between GUI and audio thread
 + removed & drawing bugs
 + fixed updating of track routing windows on play/stop
 + fixed ctrl+drag in midi editor
 + current vis plugin is no longer held in memory when not running
 + rewire slave: decreased midi input bus count to 1, to not flood other hosts that display all of them

v1.801 - February 12 2007

 + added "clear filter" button in FX add dialog
 + fixed peaks building on save with copy media
 + JS: fixed initialization of slider9-16 on load of effect
 + better handling of loading project on startup, missing fx and splash screen
 + fixed load template browse dialog title
 + label of "clean project dir" in action list made consistent with menu
 + added available system memory option in performance meter
 + inserting empty items sizes to loop selection if visible or cursor in loop
 + fixed deleting of tracks that are routed to causing crashing on some SMP systems
 + midi editor: prevents accidental moves when clicking notes
 + rendering internals update (preparing for "apply fx to new track", and mac port)
 + (hidden incomplete alpha feature) if autoclosetrackwnds=0 in reaper.ini, track routing/env dialogs wont autoclose

v1.800 - February 11 2007

 + added memory usage meter to performance window
 + projects can now be properly saved with no master outputs
 + optimized excess pre-fx send buffering (on tracks that dont have sends)
 + fixed pre-fx sends on monitoring with no items in track
 + better positioning and faster updating of track I/O dialogs 
 + undocked midi editors now update with color theme changes
 + transport can show "Buffering" in initial prebuffer
 + fixed ReaMote FX selection box during dialog resizing
 + added some new plug-in APIs for something nifty coming soon
 + update 8pm PDT: fixed a new pre-fx send bug

v1.79 - February 7 2007

 + track envelope dialog now will show up to 10k parameters (up from 256 per effect)
 + project and track templates are now sorted by name
 + improvements to doubleclick of ruler (context sensitive depending on which lane is clicked)
 + configurable marker/region depth in grid view (over/under/through items)
 + better non-zero-mode flushing for asio
 + reasamplomatic: fixed excess updating of parm fields when no sample loaded
 + autosplit: fixed bug when using track fx (VST track fx that want midi events)
 + midi editor: ctrl+drag left side of notes stretches notes
 + midi editor: increased snap distance
 + update: trimmed whatsnew.txt
 + update: more of loser's multiband js fx

v1.78 - February 6 2007

 + asio: now supports up to 256 inputs/outputs
 + better thread locking code, rme fixes
 + less cpu use on middle mouse button scrolling
 + midi editor: numpad keys move midi item by pixel if snap is disabled
 + reatune: reatune option to have non-overlapping segments in manual mode
 + reatune: manual mode timing accuracy improvement
 + vst: updated anti-denorm to be more resistant to certain plugs
 + update 5pm PDT: fixed rendering

v1.77 - February 4 2007

 + big clock: fix for completely offscreen on startup
 + navigator: shows custom track colors, better vertically shrunk views
 + dx/vst: denormal reduction improvements
 + vst: optional UAD-1 no-flush mode (prefs/VST) to help avoid munch
 + midi editor: CCs show 0/centered events
 + midi editor: display for PC shows 1-128
 + midi editor: doubleclicking scrollbars zoom out
 + midi editor: numpad keys move events when not in step sequencer mode
 + midi editor: midi CC moving with events only moves CCs on same channel as events
 + [update] fixed midi overdub recording first note bug

v1.76 - February 3 2007

 + MIDI inputs track notes during prebuffer/count-in
 + MIDI clock is sent during metronome count-in
 + ASIO: support for 32/64 bit float sample types
 + optimized WAV/AIFF reading
 + zoomed in view now defaults to filling waveforms
 + added grymmjack's fantastic blackmagic color/icontheme
 + added jed's sonar6 inspired theme
 + added LOSER's JS fx

v1.75 - February 2 2007

 + better working directory management in open/save boxes
 + copy/paste shortcuts (ctrl+c/x/v, shift+insert/delete) work in edit controls
 + midi editor: program change and channel pressure editing lanes
 + fx window: added "save selected fx as chain"
 + fx window: save/delete are in a popup, now with import/export preset library for easy exchange of presets
 + js: effects can choose to not be reinitted on seek/play (i.e. loop samplers), they should set ext_noinit to be 1
 + js: effects can now have up to 16 controls
 + js: triggers not visible on effects that don't use them

v1.74 - February 1 2007

 + holding alt key now makes fade in/out adjustment work on ALL selected items (not just ones with the same edge time)
 + mousewheel in the edges to the left/right of the track control panels scrolls rather than zooms
 + midi editor: undo/redo will show you edits to project and let you undo them from within the MIDI editor
 + midi editor: moving mouse up/down while inserting a note changes the note
 + VST: possibly better support for waveshell type plug-ins
 + VST: experimental UAD antimunch mode only affects UAD plugs
 + wavpack: updated to latest version (4.4) and added new "very high" mode
 + wavpack: "high" mode decoding supposedly significantly faster
 + rewire: option to not run fx on stop with rewire devices in use (good for waves tune)
 + asio: unknown sample types report type index in error box
 + fix in I/O routing dialog for some systems with different dialog scales
 + fixed envelope hit testing for selected envelope
 + fixed possible bug in keep/delete files dialog in rare instances (T,MP!)

v1.73 - January 30 2007

 + fixed copy loop for non-1.0 playrate takes
 + track templates now include FX midi learn settings
 + "mousewheel targets window under cursor" works in more windows (including undocked midi editors)
 + Project template support (File->Project templates submenu)
 + routing matrix: color improvements, checked mark shows volume and send type info
 + media explorer: auto-play checkbox is now properly themed
 + midi editor: horizontal scrollbar has minimum thumb size
 + vst: fixed passthrough of MIDI events on many plug-ins

v1.72 - January 29 2007

 + track template support (you can save and load track templates of one or more tracks)
 + inserting tracks inserts at top if last clicked track was the first
 + pasting tracks pastes at last selected track, selects pasted tracks
 + pitch shifting is now limited to 5 octaves to avoid hangs/crashes
 + .wav writing: 8 bit PCM support, 64 bit float support, options to disable BWF and W64 writing
 + fixed js config preservation with no jesusonic dll installed
 + removed xp theming of envelope/routing checkboxes so they are more readable with reaper themes
 + midi editor: removed xp theming of checkboxes
 + metronome: action for setting volume via MIDI CC
 + metronome: hardware output chooser (if no outputs are set, metronome goes to master outputs)
 + vst: fix for synths that report they send midi events and do not
 + vst: updates to uad-antimunch mode (note: most UAD users will likely not want to use this mode anyway)
 + reafir: opengl acceleration for is off by default
 + reafir: fix for crashy opengl drivers
 + installer: upgraded to newer NSIS

v1.71 - January 24 2007

 + smoothseek (seek at end of X measures, or at markers) option (in options menu and snap config)
 + reduced rme skip for project load/undo
 + fixed some VST plug-ins causing heap corruption on "apply fx"
 + bunch of code to better handle heap corruption 
 + renamed "Transparency" submenu of docker menu to "Opacity"
 + added "Auto-opaque when active" setting to docker opacity menu
 + fixed loading of projects with comments with mixed quotes in them
 + Scott Stillwell's expander and autoexpander fx! 
 + [update]: denorm fixes in expander fxs
 + [update]: slight update to asynchronous file writing logic
 + [update]: fix for tobybear humanisator

v1.70 - January 23 2007

 + docker: fixed the unattached docker's child size so it doesn't show borders
 + docker: added transparency setting (in docker tab right-click context menu)
 + enter in undocked track mixer view titles doesnt set focus to master playspeed
 + 'copy loop' gives error message if no loops copied
 + master controls on right option for mixer
 + user configurable mousewheel zoom/scroll modifiers (prefs/editing/mouse)
 + fixed automatic number of cpu/core detection
 + minimized folder tracks dont get unminimized on zoom
 + all notes off sent on stop when "Always run fx" is on
 + midi editor: F1-F12 keys as step sequencer is now optional
 + updated synchronous disk reading logic
 + changed audio prebuffering default to 100%
 + items on record enabled tracks are now delay compensated (though when monitoring with certain routing involved 
   they may not be)
 + rewire slave: performance enhancements, and low-cpu, frame latency mode (enabled by default)
 + asio: buffers are zeroed right before asiostart(), changed shutdown sequence when playing for RME drivers
 + asio: less glitches on stop
 + reamote: removed "experimental" status, reamote is very reliable 
 + sstillwell's fantastic thunderkick and hugebooty bass enhancers
 + [update]: tempo envelope now shows up to 3 digits of precision for bpm
 + [update]: bpm display for project bpm removes trailing 0s
 + [update]: vst: better support for sending midi to effects that aren't synth that can take midi
 + [update]: vst: support for deprecated tempo querying 
 + [update]: fixed playback of empty events issue

v1.69 - January 19 2007

 + tweaked ripple editing behavior on shuffle/slip modes
 + item autosplit snap offset fixes and detection fixes
 + item quantize fixes, autoextend left/shorten previous item options
 + fixed saving of renderahead settings in prefs/audio/buffering
 + option to inform vsts of offline rendering state
 + reaverb: quality fixes (CPU use went up but it's still quite fast)
 + sstillwell plug-ins better support tempo changes
 + [update 5:30pm] fixed glue for midi items that dont have an event at their beginnings
 + [update 6:30pm] autosplit grouping fixes

v1.68 - January 18 2007

 + better zoomed in sample views (easier to see discrete samples, optional)
 + better autoscroll on drag behavior (less accidental scrolls)
 + arrows in main horizontal scrollbar now scroll by 1/8th of a page
 + sunken borders for VU meters, better VU meter muted/unsoloed display
 + reversed colors of fader tracks
 + midi peaks show more information (no longer have overlapping octaves)
 + track panel coloring is now off by default, new background color for label is on
 + reafir: safer default scale gain for convolve l/r mode
 + more fading splash screen flickering fixes!
 + JS size optimizations
 + perf meter: added right click option to show/hide cpu graph
 + perf meter: longer cpu graph history, updates properly when cpu text display is off

v1.67 - January 16 2007

 + midi learn improvements, available in the envelopes dialog
 + clicking an envelope resets its latch state if set (that way you can mix editing/automation recording)
 + doubleclicking thumb of main scrollbars zooms out (or in/out for vertical bar)
 + reatune: increased tuner accuracy
 + reafir: hiding of "reduce artifacts" in subtract mode (it didnt use it anyway)
 + reacomp: lookahead mode uses both the lookahead and current value for attack/release 
 + JS effects: loser's bitred and rbj1073/3x3 denormal updates
 + nag updates (shorter wait, better text, opens after main window appears, modeless)
 + added graphical display in cpu meter window
 + less exciting version number

v1.666 - January 15 2007

 + reafir: subtract mode, great for noise removal
 + basic midi learn for fx parameters (for midi inputs that are "control" enabled, see learn button in fx chain dialog)
 + preliminary recording of fx automation (vst and js only, mostly)
 + automation recording updates, latches reset on loop/seek
 + optional auto-detection of needed number of worker threads
 + re-fixed splash topmost obscuring issues
 + fix to make bugpass not crash when opening ui with automation running
 + fixed cpu meter results when using more than one cpu
 + possible fix for wrongly reported FX usage on Athlon dual cores
 + reaverb: fixed issues with automating parameters

v1.66 - January 13 2007

 + fixed coordinates of routign matrix input menu
 + fixed splash screen obscuring error dialogs
 + midi inputs/sends that have a channel filter set ignore sysex/realtime messages
 + ReaVerb: you can now choose FFT sizes as small as 32, but you should only consider for very short impulses

v1.65 - January 13 2007

 + worker thread track buffering and fx renderahead optimizations -- even better low latency performance and cpu use
 + fixed splash screen blinking during startup
 + bundled scott stillwell's flangebaby (tempo synched flange) js effect
 + preferences typo fix

v1.64 - January 12 2007

 + ReaTune: preliminary manual correction mode, countless other improvements
 + fx add window remembers state when closed 
 + undocking fx add window doesnt reset contents of window
 + windows opened that are completely offscreen are moved onscreen (good for monitor config changes)
 + About box tweaks

v1.63 - January 10 2007

 + Optimized media/fx/vu buffering to lower baseline CPU use especially at lower latencies
 + ReaVerb: fixed some build issues that could result in bad builds
 + midi editor potential deadlock fix
 + option to limit rendering/fx apply to 1x realtime 
 + moved smp rendering option to prefs/audio

v1.62 - January 9 2007

 + ReaTune: added reference frequency adjustment, better pitch detection
 + ReaTune: bigger tuner display and more colors for the cents display
 + ReaTune: preliminary automatic pitch correction mode
 + ReaTune: pitch graph (coming soon: interactive graphic pitch correction)
 + ReaVerb: fixed stretch by 0 bug
 + added doclike's audition-ish colorthemes
 + bounce live output to disk works better when stopped/etc
 + [update] fix for overdub recording + midi edit hangs

v1.61 - January 5 2007

 + ReaTune tuner plug-in. This will be upgraded hugely in time
 + keyboard fixes for fx windows, other child windows
 + save live output to disk no longer closes when closing the audio device (for reaper_sc, coming soon)
 + using ctrl+s in midi editor when editing event saves project

v1.60 - January 4 2007

 + vol/pan envelopes: work when monitoring/stopped/paused (based on cursor position)
 + navigator: added ctrl+rightclick to only resize time and alt+rightclick to only resize tracks
 + midi hardware: option to not send all notes off on play/stop (prefs/audio/midi)
 + midi: reset pitch on hardware outs/vst on stop/etc (optional)
 + midi items: pitch is only reset at end of item if left in a non-zero state (per channel)
 + global all notes off also resets pitch
 + asio: when in pre-zero mode, will flush output buffers before closing
 + vst: fixed some fxb reading issues, preliminary fxb writing support
 + vst: plug-ins remember their last used fxp/fxb path (across instances etc)
 + reaverb: huge performance improvements for large impulses
 + reaverb: maximum FFT size control
 + reaverb: remember last dir, autoprompt for file when inserting a file source
 + reasamplomatic: config loading fixes 
 + new midi_arp, midi_chorderizer, midi_transpose, midi_velocitycontrol effects
 + renamed old simple_arp to midi_note_repeater
 + added distinct_greensolo theme/iconset

v1.59 - December 29 2006

 + enter/escape in text entry fields (transport,tracks, etc) loses their focus
 + increased assignable midi CC to track properties max tracks to 64
 + keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to macros of up to 3 actions
 + fixed adding acidized loops from media explorer
 + clearing the tempo envelope (or deleting all of its point) really clears the tempo envelope
 + item snap offsets are now scaled with bpm if rest of item is
 + right clicking an envelope makes it active
 + added ctrl+alt+pgup/pgdn keyboard shortcuts to switch color themes
 + added "switch to random color theme" keyboard action
 + fix: on error adding recorded media, audio threads are unlocked during messagebox
 + bin/cue writer not listed as option in places where it wont be usable
 + bin/cue writer: crash fix for when used as recording output

v1.58 - December 29 2006

 + preliminary Acidized wave reading support
 + edit cursor/loop selection attached to beats if project is
 + per-item option to attach length/rate to project
 + imported files with bpm info get stretched to current bpm
 + media explorer will play files with bpm info at current bpm
 + glitch fixes for pitch shifting/stretch on looped items and more

v1.57 - December 28 2006

 + project setting to attach items/markers/etc to beats rather than time
 + fixed some split/resize issues on midi events with tempo envelopes active
 + ruler: larger ruler, smaller marker shapes, more rows, etc
 + track editing tooltips for fades/snap offsets/etc use current time display mode
 + track editing tooltips can show both beats/time if ruler is set to that mode
 + bigclock startup paint fix
 + splash screen fade (w2k/xp only)

v1.561 - December 27 2006

 + big clock: can set time units independent of project
 + big clock: drawing optimizations, fixes
 + improved midi input accuracy

v1.56 - December 26 2006

 + virtual midi keyboard, activate with Alt+B. keys/mouse to send notes to tracks that use it as input
 + big clock window (alt+C)
 + midi editor: ctrl+drag to copy midi events
 + midi editor: S splits midi events at edit cursor
 + midi editor: shift+arrows move edit cursor/note, I inserts note at cursor
 + midi editor: numpad keys to move edit cursor/note, drop notes
 + midi editor: note properties shortcut is now Ctrl+F2
 + midi editor: F1-F12 and Shift+F1-F12 are now used for step sequencing (offset 
   from current note, shift for no advance of cursor)
 + midi editor: shift+S splits items under mouse
 + fixed dock tab mouse hit accuracy errors
 + Added Akoustic Matrix icon theme
 + possible fix for bugs assigning actions to numpad keys
 + update: midi editor: shift+s snaps to grid
 + update: fixed bug when editing far past extent of project

v1.55 - December 24 2006

 + tab to transient, shift tab to previous transient in selected items
 + zoom default action now does auto play vs edit cursor, depending on what was last modified
 + set loop start/end points with { and } now use edit cursor if it was last moved
 + split items/insert marker use play/edit cursors
 + split items doesnt disable scrolling

v1.541 - December 22 2006

 + fx chain: fixed track buttons updating on move item
 + fx chain: fixed cursor when alt is held on drag for move to new track
 + better behavior with ctrl+alt hotkeys for solo/mute
 + fixed empty space below tracks paint bug
 + bonus: insert/delete only work in fx chain if list is focused

v1.54 - December 21 2006

 + fixed recording midi items not updating track undo state
 + better handling of audio drivers that give error boxes (no reopening)
 + mac preview version available on the forums

v1.53 - December 18 2006

 + FX window handles JS fx chains better, also doesnt eat A when in FX dialogs
 + floating FX windows passes keys to main 
 + new JS: Superpitch pitch shifter
 + fixed bug loading empty js effect lists from projects
 + better trackview doublebuffer bitmap management
 + docker has variable sized buttons, and a little menu button
 + midi editor: removed flicker on piano keys
 + midi editor: option to show note names on notes
 + midi editor: better playcursor behavior on project loop
 + midi editor: shows midi event names, better dock titling
 + midi editor: tweaked midi editor edit cursor behavior (only seeks when clicking ruler, etc)
 + bonus: fixed midi editor selected item left edge resizing, item drawing bug
 + bonus: fixed envelope tooltip tracking

v1.52 - December 17 2006

 + better handling of unattached docker with keyboard
 + better docker keyboard focus setting
 + routing/undo/fx windows pass F* key and ctrl or alt accelerators through
 + cleaned up some track rendering doublebuffering code
 + midi editor now passes through F* key and ctrl/alt accelerators that aren't already used by the MIDI editor 
 + removed grid flicker below tracks when changing loop selection, etc
 + bonus: fixed alt+drag of fx items to move to other track
 + bonus: changed default action for item doubleclick to open in editor
 + bonus: tooltip on loop selection length shows estimated bpm

v1.51 - December 16 2006

 + enabled keyboard shortcuts in cpu meter
 + enabled alt+ and ctrl+ keyboard shortcuts in the media explorer
 + enabled keyboard shortcuts in the video window 
 + changed some fx window shortcuts, added actions for select all fx, toggle selected fx bypass
 + fx windows/fx add window pass through more shortcuts (including space) to the main window
 + to use the space key in FX plug-ins, use Shift+Space
 + more JS internal updates (OS X is fully supported on both x86 and PPC), fixed FFT bounds checking bug (T,MP!)
 + update: fixed excess redraws of track edit view on mouse movement (FO,MP!)

v1.50 - December 14 2006

 + fix for undo on moved items with attached envelopes (T,MP!)
 + fixed view errantly scrolling when mouse gets near edge (FO,MP)
 + internal file copy/media conversion cleanups (T,MP!)
 + user abort for save as with copy works properly now (T,MP!)
 + better error/abort handling for apply fx, open copy, etc (T,MP!)
 + Updated JS internals for OS X support

v1.49 - December 11 2006

 + option in prefs and peaks build box to not show peaks building status window
 + peaks building automatically pauses itself when recording
 + updated to latest Ogg Vorbis libraries
 + changed "normalize multiple items" to 'normalize items (common gain)"
 + fix for control-drag plugin in single fx window mode
 + reafir: fix for crash using opengl on some video cards
 + reafir: fixed latent samples in buffer after stop
 + VSTi don't-reinit synth on stop option (good for LiveTweaker, might be OK all around)
 + VST: excess mainschange reduction
 + updated SStillwell's EQ FX with LOSER's anti-denorm fixes
 + updated JS chorus FX and delay_chorus with interpolation for better quality
 + Ozzifier now has less clicks, interpolation
 + latest Akoustic colortheme and updated current themes
 + [2pm update]: fixed a bunch of item context menu not working stuff (FO,MP)

v1.48 - December 6 2006

 + fixed undo state bug on item move with ripple all and markers 
 + fixed undo state bug on fx automation envelope edits (T,MP)
 + fixed undo state bug on misc item insert (T,MP)
 + EDL TXT reading: fixed random failures bug (T,MP)
 + revamped snap/grid settings dialog
 + added optional dotted grid lines
 + midi editor: fixed bug zooming at note 127
 + midi editor: improvements to last velocity tracking
 + reafir: added hardware accelerated line antialiasing (requires OpenGL)
 + new terminology: (T,MP) = Thanks, Mac Port

v1.47 - December 3 2006

 + ReaMote: added SMP support to ReaMote slave
 + VST: URS plug-ins 0x20100 or greater now support 64 bit mode
 + VST: fixed SR202 (required srate setting before doing ANYTHING)
 + VST: special Drumatic garbage-at-load reduction mode
 + Undo: fixed state saving on insert from media explorer
 + Updated Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames time display to be more standardly formatted
 + MIDI Editor: velocity of new events is set by last selected item or velocity set
 + MIDI Editor: autoscrolling when editing items/marquee/etc, scrolling fixes
 + MIDI Editor: drum/instrument map mode, querying of VST/rewire key names 
 + MIDI Editor: show project time/grid option for midi events
 + CD Burning: added option to have markers starting with # define new tracks
 + CD Burning: added track list in burn dialog
 + CD Burning: added track titles in .CUE file
   WARNING: Only the cdrecord method supports burning the CD track titles

v1.46 - November 29 2006

 + undo system overhaul, smaller memory use, MUCH faster performance on large projects
 + preliminary CD image writing support with optional CD burning (using XP/Vista API or included cdrecord)
 + vst parameter adjustment detection for undo system
 + vst timeinfo tweaks, getoutputlatency support
 + fixed dx plug-in undo tracking on parm tweak for fx that support it (waves, izotope, etc)
 + ReaComp/ReaGate/ReaSynth etc now all send audioMasterAutomate (for undo)
 + better handling of samplerates for apply fx etc when project srate not set
 + option for auto blocksize setting for rendering (default)
 + faster directory cleanup window file scanning
 + support for gluing a single item, to trim it etc
 + much faster MIDI file reading
 + mp3 encoder will force its samplerate to valid mp3 values
 + fx add dialog: added searching for fx chains
 + colortheme changes immediately affect all undocked windows
 + project reading: better excess newline removal
 + fixed bug in render stems (silent areas getting noise on some systems)
 + fixed double-project-settings-opening in certain settings
 + (the following are since 1.46a1)
 + better cdrecord.exe missing support/labelling 
 + midi editor undo fix
 + tweaked undo state merging logic (always keeps at least 10 steps around)

v1.45 - November 27 2006

 + fixed resize of scrolled mixer bug
 + increased max length of track vu meter text
 + more effective dx/vst denormal reduction
 + JS denormal reduction
 + added paste to media item context menu
 + when prefs/buffering/thread behavior is <4 bigger sleep values are used
 + faster VST state loading for large states
 + Better bogus VST processreplacing detection
 + option to only keep most recent undo states

v1.44 - November 26 2006

 + mixer can show multiple rows of items, optional (mixer menu)
 + added time units to ruler menu
 + empty projects will always play regardless of "stop at end of project" config
 + items added by record midi modes are non-looping
 + default setting for looping on imported items and new midi items
 + improved loop indicators on non-looping midi items
 + better new midi item insertion (uses loop selection if any)
 + added 75fps framerate project setting for CD
 + [4pm bonus] fixed midi playback at non-1.0 project playrate
 + [4pm bonus] fix for occasional grid line beat 1 bugs

v1.43 - November 24 2006

 + better support for >32m projects at all zoom levels
 + metronome project setting, with count-in options
 + click source configuration improvements
 + better display of negative times 
 + new time unit mode (measures + beats, no time)
 + new samples and seconds, time + frames, time unit modes
 + project setting for framerate for time+frames mode
 + fixed view autoscrolling sometimes losing play cursor on ' or jump
 + time units are now set via transport context menu, top level menu
   (removed icky combo box from transport)

1.42 - November 22 2006

 + midi peaks fixes
 + glue selected items action (works on audio or midi)
 + better tick rounding in midi writing
 + consolidate with ignore silence off will add silence at end
 + consolidate supports midi (note: overlapping midi/pcm items may behave strangely)
 + consolidate internal updates for glue

v1.41 - November 21 2006

 + moved grid line Z order from preferences to snap/grid box
 + markers/regions show above items even if grid is below items
 + solo in place can now go multiple levels (i.e. track->bus->bus->bus->master)
 + alt-click solo sets solo to in-place (global option toggles default) 
 + updated mute/solo modifiers (ctrl/alt) 
 + fixed solo in place through busses that have items (they dont render their items)
 + internal optimizations to make projects with lots of routing load/update faster
 + feedback routing automaticallly disables PDC and bufferahead for involved tracks since it is problematic in those scenarios
 + vst: store plug-in config as bank option (prefs/vst)
 + video: fixed moving the video window when using video overlays 

v1.40 - November 19 2006

 + fixed stop with always run fx on stuck notes
 + fixed rewire slave mode startup
 + apply fx to items (mono) action
 + solo in place option (prefs/audio) -- note, only works for one level of routing (i.e. track->bus->output)
 + support for project import plug-ins (m3u example available on web site)
 + better single message when warnings on project load
 + better video/media explorer menu item positioning
 + added some missing fx window context menu items (default track chain stuff)
 + video: fixed DV AVI related problems, memory leak, upside down videos
 + video: fixed crash/hang and seeking problems on some QuickTime files
 + mp3 decoder: better resampling logic, faster and more stable first-time indexing
 + internal project file format: support for SRCFN source descriptions
 + project, midi editor: better support for properly restoring saved odd fractions 
 + prefs: moved record latency settings to "Record" panel
 + grid line over/under/through media item options (prefs/appearances/media)
 + renamed "Kernel Streaming" to "WDM Kernel Streaming"
 + recent project list configuration/clearing option (prefs/general), internal overhauls

v1.39 - November 16 2006

 + timebeginperiod setting for better low latency performance on some systems
 + fixed jesusonic fpu state restoring, was causing compatibility problems with WMV
 + added WMV video support
 + added native QuickTime video support (needs QuickTime installed)
 + fixed media item properties clipping gain to fader range
 + midi: noteon tracking for loop only looks at track items (not input monitoring etc)
 + midi editor: better support for big changes to midi items while playing (via undo or otherwise)
 + midi editor: removed playback glitches on opening/closing MIDI editor 
 + midi editor: option to not preview notes on add/edit of midi events

v1.38 - November 12 2006

 + midi editor: editor cursor synchronized with main edit cursor
 + midi editor: default option for transport controls to control main transport
 + midi editor: improved zoom ballistics
 + midi editor: option to not show event velocity handles
 + midi editor: quantization options are saved and global, hotkey is now Q
 + midi editor: better editing options defaults
 + midi: looping playback now sends only the noteoffs necessary, rather than all notes off
 + fixed midi only sends occasionally making bad noises
 + fixed AVI DV playback

v1.37 - November 10 2006

 + video preview hang fixes, other improvements
 + disabled WMV video file support for now
 + fixed bug where drag&drop files would leave stale preview
 + option to not send all notes off on loop
 + disconnect ReaMote slaves when disabling ReaMote processing

v1.36 - November 9 2006

 + installer: uninstaller listed in system add/remove program list
 + fx chain list is resizeable
 + fixed midi item warnings when using save as with copy/move
 + splash screen is now optional
 + improved plug-in scanning dialog refresh
 + options to not warn on errors opening control surfaces/audio/midi devices
 + option to allow record with no tracks armed
 + video item in project support

v1.35 - November 7 2006

 + fixed envelope cropping (for cropping projects etc)
 + fixed notes/project setting auto-opening on startup issues
 + fixed sample flushing for pitch shifting/stretching
 + better handling of write errors and .bak files when saving projects
 + added Reamote network latency and network usage in perf meter
 + cleaned up fx window opening, fixed bug in bypass selected track fx
 + when in "only allow one fx window open at a time", opened window uses last open window's position
 + midi file import defaults to adding to project rather than file reference
 + midi peaks: fixed missing peaks for tiny/zoomed out events
 + midi all input device support (tracks can record/monitor from all devices)
 + midi peaks show notes discretely over 2 octaves, CC/pitch changes
 + midi devices are now closed with audio devices (for better sharing with other apps)
 + midi devices not stopped/started as much (for buggy MIDI drivers)
 + midi overdub/replace record modes
 + hopeful fix for win9x mixer control positioning bug
 + per-item autopunch when in record output modes plays/shows selected media  
 + splash screen not shown in taskbar
 + updated scott stillwell's 1073 EQ

v1.34 - October 29 2006

 + Splash screen
 + initial midi-stored-in-project functionality (optional)
 + midi editor: export to .mid
 + prefs option (default) to create new MIDI items as events rather than files
 + midi open copy length fix (still not perfect (needs fixing) but usually very close)
 + fixed apply fx and open copy for items that lack filenames (i.e. click source etc)
 + fixed undo state changing on apply fx to item
 + Reamote: fixed CPU usage display in reamote.exe 

v1.33 - October 27 2006

 + new default icontheme (alpha2 by Matt Knipschield)
 + optimized read automation mode to not munch cpu
 + optimized fader redrawing (no refresh unless position changes)
 + win98se track control fader fixes
 + updated new control positioning to hopefully fix rare bug on certain systems
 + sized down the transport bar to allow more room for the trackview
 + dynamic gradientfill linkage (in case your old system doesnt have msimg32.dll)
 + optimized multimon code
 + Reamote: added plugin list dialog
 + Reamote: added setting to specify send-ahead during renders

v1.32 - October 19 2006

 + track names are now vertically centered
 + gradient background support for many windows
 + faders have red/green background when in automation mode (colorthemeable)
 + included ReaMote slave executable
 + custom track colors (optionally affecting track headers too)
 + fixed performance issues with tiny peaks files
 + redid track/mixer panels and transport to use less windows
 + fixed master track visible performance issues
 + custom colors are saved across instances
 + improved peaks accuracy while recording
 + fixed while-recording stereo peaks

v1.31-forum only versions

v1.30 - October 16 2006

 + fixed envelope segment editing when in envelope lane mode
 + envelope segment editing snaps to center
 + vertical zoom goes to track at center of view by default, rather than selected (prefs option)
 + option to move edit cursor to end of recording on record stop
 + optimized track item resorting for scenarios where the track hasnt changed
 + updated akoustic theme/icons, new icepack theme
 + ReaMote network FX support (coming soon: keep an eye on the forums for an alpha)

v1.29 - October 15 2006

 + midi: prefs/recording setting for ticks per beat (new default is 960 up from 256)
 + better margins for track name control, track controls/transport cleanups
 + transport can be resized down to hide time display/etc
 + navigator can be resized smaller
 + fixed certain playback starting issues
 + improved routing matrix scrollbars
 + wavpack: async win32 reads instead of stdio, correction file *.wvc) reading support
 + JS: fixed log()/log10(), may affect some JS plug-ins (updated included plugins for fix)

v1.28 - October 13 2006

 + starting playback at end of loop selection doesnt enter loop
 + rendering to mono (and playback with mono hardware) now properly downmixes
 + fixed JS effects in folder issues
 + fixed vst timeinfo accuracy on plugins in chain after plugins that need pdc
 + reasamplomatic5000: start/end control, waveform/peaks dispay, fixed attack/release fades, 
   made attack/release work on looping items
 + mp3 decoder: fixed blips on seeking in some mp3s
 + preliminary babyhui support for up to 128 channels (using a midi channel for each bank of 8)
 + fixed hanging bug in undo system when a large project is loaded and undo mem limit is set to something
 + new Scott Stillwell plug-ins (1073 EQ and 1176 comp emulations)

v1.27 - October 10 2006

 + when recording at non-1.0 rate, recorded takes have preserve pitch disabled
 + fixed tail for apply fx not working with certain plug-ins
 + fx browser won't show "ReWire" category if ReWire not available
 + installer: better ReWire shared library support

v1.26 - October 9 2006

 + tap tempo on transport "BPM" label
 + individual clock setting for each midi output
 + audio info will show depths > 24 bit
 + MIDI input metering (small square on left side of track VU meter)
 + midi inputs can now be set to "control" as well as normal inputs, then you can assign midi events
   to actions (as well as some preliminary vol/pan fader support)
 + renamed "trim silent areas of items" to "Auto trim/split", more trim/split options (split only, grouping)
 + quantize items has option to move grouped items
 + increased max count for searching for unused filenames 
 + option to add tail to "apply fx", default is 1000ms
 + when in "always run fx" mode, fx aren't stopped on stop, for reverb tails/etc

v1.25 - October 8 2006

 + VST: we take steps to better handle incorrectly programmed plugins that 
   return pointers to the stack for their config state (video VST for example)
 + VST/DX: optimizations
 + VST/DX: Plug-in denormalization prevention option (defaults on)
 + FX add dialog: chains are now visible in add dialog, and can be put in favorites folders
 + track phase controls are now properly ganged (with ctrl/alt options)
 + docked transport goes into doubleheight mode at a smaller width (to not waste space)
 + apply fx as new take: uses source samplerate if project samplerate is not set
 + Better peaks support for files on read only media (i.e. CD-ROM), automatic use of alternate path 
   for peaks (optional)
 + ReWire: audio system options are automatically overridden for better behavior
 + ReWire: convert alternate noteoffs to real noteoffs
 + ReWire: slave mode will slave to time signature (note: any project tempo envelope will still override)
 + ReWire: Option to not close audio device when inactive and rewire devices are open
 + "run fx when stopped" renamed to "always run fx" and will also run fx on tracks with no items
 + Updated Scott Stillwell's plugins (including fantastic new EQs!)

v1.24 - October 4 2006

 + envelope and peak drawing optimizations, abstractions
 + playback position is now always rounded to the nearest sample, so items that are spaced at 
   fractional sample positions will always be synchronized
 + prefs/buffering "Advance Disk I/O" button so you can tweak disk read/writes
 + updating pooling so wave file instance hangs on to pooled item much longer for better performance
 + ReWire option to automatically enter slave mode if mixer/device detected on startup
 + VST: better VST configuration window switching support, preference for which VST UI to use by default
 + Wave reader: resampling instances created on the fly for lower normal memory use
 + [11pm bonus]: ReaSynth gets a volume control, saw/triangle wave generators

v1.2345 - October 2 2006

 + Preliminary ReWire device/panel (slave) mode
 + fixed ReWired slave's position jumping to/from 0:00 on seek
 + fixed ReaFir config window focus bug
 + fixed filename prompting for open copy/apply fx/etc
 + midi editor: midi editor preview transport will autostop main transport, and vice versa
 + midi editor: updated zoom behavior to be nicer
 + midi editor: fixed preview when previewing to hardware out and no track fx enabled
 + midi editor: fixed midi editor previewing with project tempo (previews at project tempo)
 + midi recording: properly maps content to tempo changes/maps/etc

v1.22 - September 29 2006

 + fixed ReWire playback issues
 + fixed right click of selected item resetting selection to just that item
 + internal updates preparing for ReWire slave support
 + [updated 4:30pm PST] better stopped/paused rewire behavior

v1.21 - September 28 2006

 + Preliminary ReWire support (big thanks to Propellerhead Software)
 + right click+drag anywhere in tracks is now marquee selection
 + removed tabstop from transport entry fields (to keep them from accidentally getting focus)
 + fixed track index display for aux send dialog
 + fx chains: better locking (more stable, less chance of sound interruption)
 + fx chain: doubleclick fx floats it
 + DX/DXi: plug-ins are now sorted properly in the Add FX dialog
 + vst: plug-ins are now sorted without regard to case
 + vst: audioMasterProcessEvents ignores midi event size field (since most other hosts seem to)
 + midi editor: clicking on items doesnt move edit cursor
 + midi editor: right click+drag does multiselect (no need for alt)
 + midi editor: updated rounding for midi time display
 + midi editor: better ruler time display
 + midi editor: inserting items default length is snap size
 + midi editor: fixed bug where adjust a single item in vel lane wouldnt update value display
 + new Akoustic RADAR color/icontheme

v1.20 - September 25 2006

 + scrollbars for large aux send/io/envelope dialogs
 + updated tab ordering of window panels to ease navigation between tracks etc
 + option to disable mousewheel for faders
 + when pasting items, the paste position is offset by the first item's snap offset 
 + update akoustic icons/theme

v1.19 - September 22 2006

 + fixed "apply fx" for plug-ins needing vsttimeinfo etc
 + made selection lock work on some of the newer selection logic
 + made locked selection completely pass mouse through to items below
 + looping in loop selection works past end of project
 + midi looping accuracy fix (was one sample off)
 + fullscreen mode goes to current monitor on dual monitor systems rather than primary
 + midi editor: fixed vol bar adjustment precision for midi events
 + fixed external editors preferences screen on win9x
 + fixed fullscreen repaint bug on some machines
 + post-fader sends also use track phase inversion setting

v1.18 - September 21 2006

 + added fullscreen mode (press F11)
 + looping midi file timing fix

v1.17 - September 20 2006

 + fixed routing bug with sends from empty tracks
 + better render dialog default filenames/paths
 + launching items from render dialog uses default verb rather than "open"
 + added support for media file on command line (opens new project with media specified)

v1.16 - September 18 2006

 + fixed midi bug relating to restoring pitch state
 + launch file/folder buttons are now shown when rendering completes
 + track drawing optimizations
 + UI refresh rate option
 + fixed window floating fx size bug

v1.15 - September 17 2006

 + made looped recording add items more intelligently, both for midi overdub and normal
 + startup audio init works better with certain audio hardware when system audio samplerate pref 
   and project samplerate config differ
 + optimized midi device open/closing in prefs
 + different cursor for fade out adjustment
 + keyboard actions for mute/unmute all, unsolo all, bypass/unbypass/toggle FX
 + added "send all notes off" command (F3 by default)
 + marker navigation: previous marker within 0.5s of marker when playing goes to previous
 + reafir: fixed stability/quality on >48khz samplerates
 + reaverb: fixes to convolution engine

v1.14 - September 15 2006

 + save as now has optional "copy with trim" mode
 + save as with copy/move now copy/move all takes (not just current takes)
 + fixed envelope point editing showing dB on fx envelopes (oops)
 + removed (broken) ability to create notes lower than C0 in midi editor
 + vst blocksize fixes, mainschange behavior switches for uad-1/etc
 + alt+shift+c = add measure from loop selection (good for making tempo maps for live content)
 + rendering to WAV will include BWF info for the rendering start time/etc
 + open copy/etc now include BWF info for position (when rendering to wav/etc)
 + midi events when routed from multiple sources are now properly sorted before written to file/sent to vst

v1.13 - September 14 2006

 + volume envelopes can be set to chip attenuation only (+0dB max) mode in prefs/editing behavior
 + undo/redo sets project to modified status (art)
 + fixed start-of-playback issues when recording (going from stopped to recording uses prebuffer settings)
 + fixed/improved midi loopselection looping bug where items outside of loop would sometimes get in
 + midi file reader sets current pitch value on seek/start of new item
 + vst: changed mainschanged process to make certain VSTi happier (hope this doesnt break too much)
 + updated akoustic night theme images

1.12 - September 13 2006

 + project option to use recording format for item open copy/apply fx/reverse
 + fixed cut tracks for track context menu
 + better locking for midi inputs (should be more stable when starting/stopping them)
 + updated version of majortom compressor that uses 30% less CPU

v1.11 - September 12 2006

 + made so cleaning peak values also clears RMS accumulator
 + redid envelope UI so that you have the "current" envelope, that many 
   of the controls (i.e. delete, ctrl+a, cut/paste, etc work on)
 + current envelope shows centerline
 + option for autoselecting added envelopes
 + option in prefs to not overlap envelopes (with configurable minimum sizes)
 + envelope point multi-select, multi editing, etc
 + marquee selection works on current envelope for selecting points
 + you can now cut tracks using ctrl+x when the focus is on the track control
   panels, and copy them using ctrl+c, etc.
 + blocksize and latency display in audio status menu item
 + when in alt+space loop skip mode, main transport shows "Playing/loopskip"
 + fixed seeking bug in ogg reader
 + fixed bug where "autodock fx windows" would prevent you from undocking fx windows
 + fixed one-fx-window-mode for master track fx too
 + fx window shows pdc for effects along with CPU use
 + reaverb: resetting playback resets latency properly

v1.10 - September 11 2006

 + corrected loop selection nudging action labels
 + updated peaks display to switch to waveform farther out
 + better downsampling for waveform views, more accurate positioning
 + sources now show zoomed in waveforms even when they lack peaks
 + options in media item properties to choose new source files, and 
   rename source files
 + better save w/ move files handling of peaks
 + vis plugins: support for plugins getting project title
 + bundled some new icon sets/color themes (thanks everybody!!!), removed some old color themes
 + included a bunch of sstillwell's awesome JS effects
 + reacomp: auto-release mode 
 + [bonus update 7pmPST] zoom in now can go as high as 1mpix/s

v1.09 - September 9 2006

 + winamp visualization plugin support
 + updated ctrl+[] to use all items if no item selected
 + sinks now remember their last used settings and default to them when selected
 + fixed bug where loaded keymap would not be saved to config for next run
 + seek on item edit option with preroll configuration
 + preroll configuration for seek on loop selection
 + reduced volume of demo project
 + removed "flush track bufs on edit" option 
 + option to try to avoid UAD-1 cpu munch (prefs/VST)
 + made installer not overwrite keymaps/themes if newer versions installed

v1.08 - September 7 2006

 + optimized locking behavior when splitting and many other actions
 + (hopefully) fixed looping glitch on pitched/stretched items
 + ctrl+,. and ctrl+alt+,. now nudge the left and right edges of the loop selection
 + actions (ctrl+[]) to navigate edges of selected items
 + made marker nav [] keys navigate (but not seek) when recording
 + fixed bugs in marker nav [], and made it include loop selection in the list
 + included olzzon's Danish and German keyboard maps
 + ReaFir v0.9 with new convolve L/R mode
 + uninstaller will notify user that files were left in the REAPER directory

v1.07 - September 6 2006

 + greatly optimized peaks/waveform drawing
 + fixed JS requiring newline at end of last line in file
 + mixer folder icons now correctly use themed icons 
 + fixes to the way fx chain/floating windows are titled (they should always be updated correctly now)
 + adjusting item volume/fades on other tracks changes track selection (if this bothers enough people
   we can make it optional)

v1.06 - September 5 2006

 + alt+space action plays skipping loop selection
 + cleaned up some internal playback looping logic to enable the above
 + changed track insert behavior to select inserted track
 + vst: fixed vst time info for /8 projects etc (big thanks to rayzoon)
 + midi editor/media explorer play buttons hilight when playing
 + UI image set support, color themes can specify which images they prefer
 + the default icons are included in ColorThemes\default_ui\
 + for an annoying icon set: (extract to colorthemes\)

v1.05 - September 3 2006

 + added "trim silent areas of items" function (edit->item processing->)
 + added "quantize items to grid" (edit->item processing->)
 + added "autodock new fx chain windows" setting
 + fixed docker saving position when at (0,0)
 + fixed docker keyboard focus bug
 + fixed some menu item enabling issues
 + seek on loop selection right edge changes when looping disabled
 + improved looping (no longer does seeking to right after a selection cause it to enter the loop)
 + moved "normalize items" and "move items to preferred positions" to edit->item processing submenu
 + fixed reverse item/open copy/etc when an item is muted
 + midi editor: note properties now shows bars/beats instead of just beats
 + installer: won't overwrite last project with demo project

v1.04 - September 2 2006

 + seek on loop selection change uses loop change info to decide whether to seek to start or end
 + you can attach/unattach the dock to/from the main window (right click by tabs)
 + fixed scroll whenever the mouse gets near the right edge of track view bug
 + cpu performance meter dialog improvement
 + updated version of js: majortom

v1.03 - September 1 2006

 + remove selected area of selected items is now (by default) cut selected area of selected items
 + cut selected area of selected items obeys ripple editing, better item selection behavior
 + shift click in the same item as the edit cursor is in sets loop selection
 + added assignable actions for ripple off/one/all
 + added option for resetting VU meter peak indicators on play
 + added option to control whether changing the loop selection seeks playback
 + shift+doubleclick of items now sets the selection to the area of the item 
   (if configured to open the editor by default, and vice versa)
 + fixed vst timeinfo resetting to bar 1 on time signature marker
 + fixed item/loop splits not locking (causing playback glitch)
 + fixed midi/rearoute recording when no audio input device active
 + fixed end-of-item peaks bugs on looped items at certain zoom levels
 + wav/aiff/w64 writer: writes correct riff header length
 + routing: fixed pre-fx sending of midi

v1.02 - August 31 2006

 + added "Delete selected area of selected items" (ctrl+delete) 
 + ability to resize a loop selections edges over items
 + ctrl+right drag over items sets loop selection 
 + added "insert marker" to timeline right click menu
 + fixed a bug when switching themes in prefs/color themes
 + added keyboard shortcut list as help menu item, added mouse modifiers to help text
 + list of kb shortcuts from prefs page shows unassigned actions
 + media explorer: fixed loading of projects from media explorer
 + midi editor: centerline/from center CC mode for pan and pitch only
 + midi editor: CC lane shows integer value of mouse position
 + midi editor: ctrl now turns on snapping to center for pitch/pan (default is no snap)

v1.01 - August 30 2006

 + ui: transport icon updates
 + ui: cleanups to track/mixer controls, smaller
 + ui: color themes can override button background/border
 + ui: smaller vertical fader buttonsont for volume/pan labels
 + configurable keyboard shortcuts, with a LOT of new actions (some are assigned, some arent)
    + ctrl+pagedn zooms out full
    + ctrl+alt+up/down selects tracks
 + fixed keyboard shortcut preferences bug under win9x
 + keyboard shortcut list as web page generation
 + added "move items to source preferred position" for BWF files etc
 + play on record paused now goes back to record
 + fixed fx browser thinking it should be opened on startup in many instances
 + fix for looping pitch shifted downsampled items
 + fix for all notes off sending when looping (and multiple ANOs when routing)
 + fixed default volume bug in click source
 + removed warning when overdub loop recording and track was unarmed
 + tons of mixer optimizations to reduce memory bandwidth used
 + simplified start of recording thread synchronization
 + when in +6 item adjustment range, better support for >+6dB gain
 + when in +0 item adjust range, you can go over +0dB for an item if you hold shift
 + fixed monitoring issues on >2 ch tracks
 + fixed scrollbar bug when clicking on thumb edges
 + put minimum buffer sizes on ks/waveout/ds modes to avoid misconfiguration crash
 + midi editor: ruler at top
 + midi editor: grid fixes, visual appearance improvements
 + midi editor: mousewheel over piano roll scrolls by default
 + midi editor: CC lane has centerline, and things snap to center (hold ctrl to disable snap)
 + midi editor: better pitch lane mode
 + w64 file format support, bwf "bext" chunk support
 + AIFF/WAV file readers can read up to 4gb .wav files, > 4gb non-standard .wav files, and .w64 files
 + AIFF/wAV reader handles properly files that claim to be larger than they are
 + AIFF/WAV/w64 sink: writes meaningful header so a power outage during recording will usually produce
   a readable file
 + updated wav/w64/aiff reader to handle chunks in any order, better error messages 
 + internal cleanups in preparation of...something coming later

v1.0 - August 23 2006

 + installer: check to see if REAPER is running before installing
 + added "Track" to top level insert menu
 + option (prefs/defaults) to crossfade items when splitting
 + added some other JS fx (autoloop, loopsamplers, etc)

v1.0rc2 - August 22 2006

 + fixed rare crash when recording+scrolling+etc
 + fixed project settings BPM updating main window display
 + fixed bug where certain editing operations would stop playback
 + control surfaces: option for surface update frequency (default is now 15hz)
 + reaverb: fixed state loading for reverse
 + midi editor: paste goes to cursor at last clicked note
 + midi editor: vertical zoom zooms on last clicked note
 + midi editor: hilite of last clicked note
 + midi editor: note editor dialog (via F2 or context menu)
 + rearoute: now compatible with sonar and project 5
 + new Brad Sucks demo project!

v1.0rc1 - August 21 2006

 + new icon (thanks to Arthur Reeder)
 + improved save live output to disk (buffering)
 + peaks-while-recording display refreshes (in an ugly fashion) on scroll/etc
 + peaks-while-building-peaks (updates every few seconds)
 + better zooming when trying to zoom outside of the project range/etc
 + options for registered users to configure what registration status is 
   in the titlebar 
 + fixed mixer docked size on fresh install
 + vol/pan tooltips update when adjusting
 + item right edge tooltip shows start position
 + control surfaces: made mcu/tranzport modes less midi bandwidth saturating
 + control surfaces: fixed mcu smpte/beats button

v1.0b6 - August 18 2006

 + fixed fx browser closing on opening track with empty fx chain
 + optimization so that soloing a subtrack in a folder still has the 
   folder running in worker threads
 + routing dialog: fixed tooltip bug for non-audio sends
 + increased accuracy of FX cpu meters
 + vst: fix for support of plugins whose latency decreases during playback
 + reacomp/reagate: fixed sync issues when tweaking pre-comp/pre-open
 + reafir: fixed sync issue when changing FFT size
 + reaverb: better echo generator (error distribution control)
 + reaverb: fixed sync when tweaking settings/preverb

v1.0b5 - August 17 2006

 + pan law curves now produce correct mono results
 + pan displays can optionally show -90dB..90dB instead of percent (prefs/editing behavior)
 + fixed audio preferences for manual recording latency
 + adding fx via doubleclick/OK from docked fx browser doesnt close fx browser
 + shift+F closes docked fx browser, if visible
 + alt+D show/hides the dock (if windows are in it)
 + ctrl+click in navigator moves cursor/playback to time

v1.0b4 - August 16 2006

 + reverted reasamplomatic to not fully buffer files (pitch fix for now) 
 + pan law is now a quadratic curve instead of sine curve, which may impact existing projects
 + reafir: lots of small fixes, better low-range support, separate analysis floor control
   (you can now set the EQ range to something small but still get the full picture on analysis)
 + fx browser is now dockable, and remembers its state
 + docked fx windows have more of their controls usable via keyboard
 + fixed normalize on <1s long items
 + on program startup, keyboard focus is now explicitly set to the track view
 + nifty new usage stats in about box

v1.0b3 - August 15 2006

 + added option to try to avoid restoring VST state on undo/redo (prefs/plugins/vst to enable)
 + TranzPort: shift+mute/solo/arm now clears all of them (like ctrl+click in reaper)
 + updated buffering prefs page, more thread priority options, new thread behavior option
 + JS effects now have input/output VU meters
 + reasamplomatic: now if files are <10s in length, they are fully buffered rather than streamed

v1.0b2 - August 14 2006

 + pan law now applies to track pan envelopes as well, BUT it will boost levels on those envelopes.
   WARNING: this may change the way projects created with older versions sound, IF they used pan 
   laws and pan envelopes. hopefully this will be the last time we need to do this for a long time.
 + added track default record parameters to preferences (input, arming, monitoring, mode)
 + fixed "open copy" on midi files picking correct start offset
 + improvements to looped recording when stopping recording in the middle of the loop 
   (if not first time through, doesnt split at end time)
 + click source can play (short) samples for beats, has "save defaults" button
 + track FX cpu meters filter data for more usable output
 + fixed drag&drop FX to tracks when single fx window option is on
 + fixed piano roll always sending to first channel
 + fixed some floating fx window behavior
 + VST: only try to save config as chunk if VST reports it supported (bugpass etc)
 + included scott stillwell's new JS MIDI drumtrigger effect
 + undo/redo will not reinit unchanged plug-ins UIs
 + updated 8:15pm - fixed reasamplomatic not storing configuration correctly

v1.0b1 - August 13 2006

 + reagate can now optionally send MIDI events on gate open/close (great for triggering 
   with reasamplomatic)
 + JS now supports midisend(), midirecv(), so JS fx can support MIDI
 + JS now supports the variable "tempo", so JS fx can get the current effective BPM
 + made pan envelopes not use project pan law
 + no longer restart playback on undo/redo
 + configurable fx render ahead (default is 200ms)
 + made it so that plug-ins can notify REAPER of how much disk bandwidth they use
 + new disk performance usage reading method (should fix the floppy disk scrubbing)
 + preliminary TranzPort surface support
 + tweaks to MCU support (play is now play/pause, stop is always stop, tweaks to flip mode etc)
 + babyhui mode supports bank switching
 + vst hack: disable double precision mode on URS plug-ins

v1.0b0 - August 9 2006

 + made "open copy" on midi files handle tempo envelopes properly
 + fixed a folder solo related routing bug
 + better floating fx window deletion for some VSTs
 + fixed some tempo envelope related bugs
 + MIDI events now follow project tempo map! (needs testing)
 + a MUCH better sample project that opens by default after install!

v1.0pre9 - August 8 2006

 + click source now (by default) follows project settings
 + fixed some grid drawing bugs with gradual tempo transitions
 + changed default audio renderer threads to 1 (if you have dual core you may wish to up this)
 + made autoscrolling of window happen after resize/etc for bugfix when stretching items offscreen
 + prefs apply button enables/disables accordingly
 + added track phase buttons to track/mixer controls
 + updated track send controls to take less space
 + better routing matrix label drawing, sizing 
 + more configurable default track/send parameters
 + midi editor: shift+click and drag to draw lines in CC lane 
 + optional asio thread priority override control
 + added "autofloat new fx windows" option
 + added "Options" menu in fx chain dialog
 + added "single fx chain window" option
 + added option for auto opening fx browser on opening empty chain
 + fixed "set foreground to floating windows" issues
 + made switching to different items in the fx chain timer driven, so it switches once you stop
 + fixed alt+lmb in reafir on win9x
 + added JS kanaka[tm] m/s processors

v1.0pre8 - August 6 2006

 + L/Shift+L tooltips, and in keyboard shortcut list, checkmark on menu
 + fixed feedback routing (note: if you have SMP support enabled, feedback routing 
   may produce slight "clicks" under certain circumstances. there are plenty of 
   workarounds, though)
 + better track buffer locking, may reduce rendering bugs in SMP rendering (test this please)
 + fixes all around for getopenfilename failing with bad paths
 + uninstaller will no longer delete user installed .chm files from reaper dir
 + prefs: fixed browse bug in project tab
 + prefs: opening to audio/device tab won't stop playback
 + prefs: opening to audio/device tab, then to aliasing now works properly

v1.0pre7 - August 6 2006

 + initial x/y time signature support
 + preliminary lock modes (can lock items, loop selection, envelopes, markers, regions, etc)
 + FX envelopes: now supports up to 256 envelopes per effect
 + better "open in editor" labelling
 + fixes to some time signature bugs that went unnoticed
 + made some internal time conversion code more threadsafe when using tempo envelopes

v1.0pre6 - August 5 2006

 + disable dx scan doesnt show dialog at all
 + reaverb: normalize impulse option
 + fixed vu meter bug on project loop
 + updated track buffering logic to better handle sel/project looping with multiple pdc sends on
 + fixed project settings opening twice if configured to do so
 + fixed checkbox for "snap at distance" in snap dialog
 + ripple editing improvements (splits overlapping items on delete, other fixes) 
 + updated playback behavior when tweaking loop selection
 + removing selection when looping, and undo/redo restart playback
 + update 2:45pm: fixed VU meters, project loop stuff
 + update 4pm: fixed prefs/project/defaults vol/pan envelope option (was pre-fx instead of normal etc)
 + update 4pm: switched a few radio controls to combo boxes in prefs dialogs

1.0pre5 - August 4 2006

 + minor prefs improvements
 + added "disable DX plugins scanning" option
 + reaverb: lp/hp filter item (good for making synthetic reverbs with the echo generator)
 + reasynth and reasamplomatic: support pitch wheel messages
 + (GM?) CC labels for midi editor
 + shrunk whatsnew.txt (old text is available online)
 + midi editor loads icons from main EXE
 + midi editor ffwd/rewind buttons
 + option to save project and/or open properties immediately on new project 
 + better master vu clip indictator (no point in showing RMS clip when peak clip is available)
 + basic CC/pitch editing in midi editor. so tired.
 + fixed potential sysex memory leak in midi reader
 + sends can now specify midi source/destinations, as well as disable audio (midi only)
 + I/O dialog: fixed track receives refresh on channel count change
 + huge improvements to snapping system to snap to the closest item
 + flush track buffers on recarm switch even if not recording (better routed record sync) 
 + made project length updated when using region copying/etc
 + fixed floating point .wav format
 + fixed vu metering of record-output modes
 + vst: better dealing with plug-ins whose latency decreases
 + pdc now deals with bypass envelopes (more) correctly
 + better support for decreases in plug-in latency, I hope?
 + cleanups to audio configuration system
 + MUCH nicer color theme editor
 + more preferences dialogs improvements
 + audio system wont open when audio/device tab is open
 + adding an effect (via d&d or otherwise) to a track that lacks fx wont open the fx browser
 + preferences wont let you see the audio/device tab when recording
 + moved snap settings from prefs to snap dialog
 + made navigator/mixer/fxadd/midi editor windows doubleclick maximize
 + added mousewheel option for window under mouse vs window with focus
 + better record preview display for loop/autopunch rec modes (shows where items are actually recorded)
 + updated version checking code to better support 1.0preX and 1.0 beta X etc.
 + added new license agreement, license tab to about box
 + wav/aiff reader: support for 20, 32 bit integer samples
 + revamped FX plugins configuration screen
 + fixed record automatic file switching sync (error introduced in v0.971)
 + fixed routing + latent fx related record sync issue
 + fixed record sync when punch-in recording a track via its record arm button
 + cleaned up cursors/region resizing for timeline
 + better support for 1/128 grid settings etc
 + renamed "tape style" record modes to be just "normal"..
 + external editors: primary/secondary editors for each type, and default. context menu shows editor names, too. 
 + reasamplomatic: improved note-offs (more accurate timing, and a note off ends all of that note)
 + reasamplomatic: attack/release controls
 + more drag&drop fixes
 + clicking and dragging a region lets you reorder the project (hold alt to move the region
   relative to the project, and hold ctrl to copy)
 + added option (prefs/recording) for adding new recordings per-loop when looped recording
   (good for "record channel output" overdubbing for both MIDI and audio)
 + reduced size of send controls for I/O dialog
 + registration key stuff. a nag screen on unregistered shareware will only be displayed 
   once a week, and it's easily dismissable.
 + reasamplomatic5000: supports drag&drop of sample files from explorer/media explorer
 + midi editor: piano roll is higher velocity at right side of keys
 + fixed midi looping note repeat bug
 + fixed time map rebuilding on certain ripple editing functions
 + fixed routed track that sends to next track crash on delete+play
 + fixed prebuffer preventing really short loop selections from playing looped
 + fixed default record path configuration bug
 + fixed grid/snap issues for fine divisions (<beat) on non-4/4 projects
 + fixed some dialogs for proper Cleartype support (Perf. meter, Rea* FX plugins, etc...)
 + fixed some drag&drop issues with FX plugins windows
 + rearoute: better support for other apps when reaper not running

v0.999 - July 27 2006

 + made pan tooltips match display near center
 + record button no longer hidden on folder tracks
 + app wide fixes for getopenfilename calls with filenames with / in them
 + grid extends onto timeline in measures mode
 + timeline update bug when editing timesignature markers
 + some new color themes (thanks, chip and darko)
 + installer: rearoute defaults to not installed (unless it is already installed)
 + ReaSamplOmatic5000: a simple midi triggered sample player
 + reaverb: will look in project directory/etc for missing files, and prompt if not found

v0.998 - July 26 2006

 + transport display updates
 + timeline, when in measures mode, shows measures as well as time
 + fixed loading/saving of font information in color themes
 + modeless about and preferences windows
 + reorganized audio preferences some, option to run FX when stopped (for certain VSTi etc)
 + removed recording preview gain
 + fixed broken send while stopped bug introduced in .997
 + disabled keyboard shortcuts when mouse is captured
 + fixed bug when recording the output of a record armed track in a folder track and the folder is muted
 + removed some excess locking code in floating fx windows
 + floating fx windows resize even if config option not set for the normal fx window
 + unfloating FX windows work better with BFD
 + snapping/grid overhaul, alt+g toggles grid, alt+s toggles snapping, alt+l shows settings for grid/snap 
 + menu items for other toolbar items, hotkeys (alt+x, alt+p, alt+shift+g, etc)
 + better default snap/grid options
 + option for not loading template project on startup
 + mousewheel in mixer scrolls mixer
 + mousewheel in midi editor when docked doesnt affect main window zoom
 + ReaComp/ReaGate get up to 1s RMS control
 + vst: floating will no longer show scrollbars (unless required)
 + vst: support for generic UI on any vst plug-in

v0.997 - July 25 2006

 + when recording channel outputs, you can now choose mono/stereo as part of the 
   record mode (rather than being tied to the input's channels)
 + made transport better looking, time display uses timeline colors/font, etc
 + fixed bug in record output (midi) selection
 + fixed record monitoring VU on stopped
 + fixed drawing bugs in on the fly peak display
 + made peak gain (shift+Up/down) apply to on the fly peak display
 + mp3 decoder: support for mp3s with samplerates < 32khz

v0.996 - July 24 2006

 + track VU meters are more in sync with played content
 + added track view scrolling with middle mouse button
 + optimizations to internals of track and record buffering, should have less heap activity
 + track control panels refresh more quickly when scrolling/zooming
 + better track name field appearance (border with hilite/shadow colors)
 + fader tracks are colorthemed with hilite/shadow colors
 + fader slider is colortheme tintable (try out the sink-ableskin theme)
 + better vst generic ui scrolling support
 + reafir: added context menu with manual setting window
 + reafir: double click resets the selected point to 0db

v0.995 - July 23 2006

 + fixed buzzing on muted items
 + VU meters colors/interlacedness is now part of each color theme
 + master VU meter has new default RMS+peak mode, configurable settings via right click
 + fx windows remember which fx was active
 + right click on master mono button lets you choose mono mode (L+R, L, R, L-R)
 + mcu: fake touch support for pan knobs (they latch for 3s after moving when in touch mode)
 + midi editor: ', " support
 + midi editor: right click on piano roll selects all events in that note
 + midi editor: selected items always appear over unselected items in velocity lane
 + midi editor: grid/snap division labelled with beats to avoid confusion

v0.994 - July 22 2006

 + sends, track hwouts, and master pan all default to 0.0dB pan law, instead of 
   project pan law (though you can override them individually). THIS MAY IMPACT EXISTING PROJECTS.
 + more vst scrollbar fixes
 + auto open fx dialog when adding fx to from shift+F etc
 + shift+F now defaults to last selected track for adds/etc
 + option to disable DirectX plug-in support
 + move items with ripple all now updates top timeline
 + better black key hit testing in midi editor
 + new VU meter sytle is optional
 + optional dx plug-in scan at startup instead of first add window open
 + mp3 decoder: fix 0 byte mp3 crash

v0.993 - July 21 2006

 + floating transport updates on color theme change
 + updates to plug-in API: plug-ins can now easily read/modify config on the fly
 + MIDI editor autoscroll is now tied to the main autoscroll option
 + "close window" menu items for docked undo/routing windows
 + close all tabs menu item in empty space of tabs
 + perfmeter now reopens docked after close while docked
 + fx windows will try to stay on screen on sizing/opening
 + made fx add dialog a modeless tool window, that is openable by itself, too, with Shift+F
 + right clicking fx buttons opens add dialog
 + when opening fx chain that is empty, add dialog opened by default
 + slight pan snap to center on track pan controls
 + more size optimizations
 + updated 3pm: removed labels on tiny track meters
 + updated 3pm: interlaced VU meters

v0.992 - July 20 2006

 + fixed some inaccurate midi peaks display when zoomed far in
 + better peak meters, with labels etc
 + better zoomed in peaks view
 + optional per-track/send/item pan law override
 + made big I/O dialog preserve kb focus when toggling sends
 + reaper.exe size optimizations (more to come)

v0.991 - July 19 2006

 + feedback routing will no longer feedback MIDI
 + waveout+dsound+ks are more killable for bad drivers
 + better dsound output-only support
 + tooltips in track display go away when you move out of the window 
 + different cursor for snap offset adjustment
 + midi editor autoscrolls when playing project
 + "Reverse item to new take" context menu item
 + fixed "render fx to new take" for MIDI items
 + better color theme saving handling
 + some new color themes, removed some old ones
 + optional no-move-cursor-on-insert-file mode (prefs/editing)
 + holding middle button switches mousewheel zoom to scroll (same as holding alt)

v0.99 - July 19 2006

 + project setting: auto-mute master output option if it exceeds X dB
 + project setting: open notes on project open option
 + project setting: pan law (configurable attenuation on center)
 + routing: feedback routing option
 + routing: better multithread reentrancy support for feedback etc (no more hangs I hope)
 + ui: mono switch on mixer/master track control
 + ui: fixed holding control when clicking a volume fader on an unselected track 
 + ui: ctrl+A, Alt+M, delete keys all now use keyboard focus instead of mouse cursor to 
   decide whether acting on tracks/items/etc
 + ui: moved snap/grid options into their own easily accessible window
 + ui: autoclosing of I/O, envelope dialogs now deals more nicely with keyboard focus
 + ui: fixed transport hiding context menu
 + vst: vst config scrollbar fixes
 + vst: if names aren't retrieved for VSTs, uses relative DLL path+name for name
 + midi editor: fixed previewing of looped items/etc when playing project
 + midi items: fully overlapping midi items replace contents (but do not send noteoff messages, yet)
 + audio/midi items: muted/empty items replace audio/midi of overlapped items
 + perf meter: more stable main thread locking
 + kernel streaming: shows min/max values available in config dialog

v0.989 - July 17 2006

 + media items: snap offset (grab lower left edge of items to set)
 + media items: open copy of a midi file now creates a new file of the range of the old item
 + media items: open copy updates undo state, display
 + ui: fix recording moving to cursor on punch-in
 + ui: if record+paused, hitting ctrl+space/enter/etc will unpause rather than play
 + ui: play cursor displayed in navigator
 + ui: most keys hit in navigator go to main window
 + ui: snap enabled on drag&drop from explorer/etc
 + ui: prefs option to zoom in on mouse cursor when zooming
 + sinks: wav writer runs synchronously when rendering
 + sinks: ogg/mp3 writes run synchronously
 + sinks: wavpack uses larger async buffers
 + midi editor: will show play cursor of items played in project
 + fx: plug-in delay compensation now properly delay compensates midi events
 + vst: won't autoresize window down narrower than the I/O controls etc
 + vst: added cando sendVstTimeInfo to VST support (for MusicLab Drumtools etc)
 + vst/dx: if state hasnt changed, dont reload config (good for bfd when undoing/redoing, makes undo/redo faster)
 + option to set/adjust manual recording delay offset in prefs/audio
 + dsound/waveout: better support for 24/32-bit PCM, <>2 channels
 + dsound/waveout: somwhat better recording latency compensation
 + kernel streaming: added device selection
 + kernel streaming: fixed crash during initialization on some cards
 + internal: in async mode, buffering goes sync for worker threads if buffering ahead
 + internal: updated plug-in API (in a somewhat not backwards compatible fashion)

v0.988 - July 14 2006

 + slightly more aggressive worker threads (above 48khz they get even moreso)
 + no more reloading audio config every time we open the audio
 + (hopefully) improved prebuffer behavior (should work better with plugins that have 
   lots of delay)
 + disabled scrollbars thumb snap back
 + reaverb: file loaded impulse normalizing, better defaults for wet/dry mix

v0.987 - July 13 2006

 + Now includes ReaVerb! 
 + MIDI editor: fixed undo/redo resetting endpoint
 + MIDI reader: if file doesnt end with all-notes-off event, round length up to next beat
 + improved time display rounding
 + fix for rendering with some VSTs (i.e. BFD)
 + various pdc related fixes/speedups (wdl_fastqueue bugfix)
 + update 2am: reaverb loading files are attenuated -18dB

v0.986 - July 13 2006

 + fixed pan automation bug
 + preliminary navigator window
 + made perf meter context menu work on its tab too

v0.985 - July 12 2006

 + automatic slide editing when the border between two selected items is moved 
 + enlarged generic vst dialog
 + fixed media explorer window position restoring bug
 + automation write latch mode
 + fixes to deletion in ripple all mode
 + fixed routing window annoying tooltip sticking around
 + envelope toggling dialog to let you easily add/remove/arm/hide envelopes in mass
 + right click envelope button gives old style envelope menus
 + updated send levels/routing dialog (a bit crazy, maybe, but a step in the right direction)
 + right click I/O button gives old style send/recv menus
 + updated VU meter fonts
 + midi editor: clicking velocities adjusts instantly
 + midi editor: doubleclick adds/removes event
 + reafir now defaults to point mode, has output gain fader
 + reafir: holding ctrl moves all points/curves, holding shift in point mode moves segments
 + reafir: no longer stores entire FFT state in point mode, better point->precise conversion settings, etc
 + added docking mode to perf window
 + reordered outputs in I/O menus and boxes (stereo pairs, then mono outs)

v0.984 - July 10 2006

 + better support for very small playspeed adjustments in master and items
 + insert menu cleanup/correction
 + selection setting from transport now fixed
 + internal fader range improvements for better reusability
 + js autoresize support in fx window
 + better JS effect UI, bug fixed for editing parameter (notifies effect properly)
 + JS effects now support edit/recompile
 + better VST generic UI
 + big automation updates (faders without automation armed are left in trim mode etc)
 + MCU touch automation mode
 + updating of horiz scrollbar during recording so you can scroll to the current position
 + ReaComp/ReaGate get better metering
 + ReaFir v0.5, with point editing mode, as well as new experimental per-band Compressor/Gate modes
 + master VU now shows temporarily held VU value at the bottom instead of instant

v0.983 - July 8 2006

 + larger master playrate field for more accurate setting/viewing
 + jump to marker menu in transport context menu
 + shift+C now inserts timesig marker/tempo change
 + added marker/region inserting to the "insert" top level menu
 + midi editor: fixes to cc lane when scrolled
 + midi editor: better Cx drawing

v0.982 - July 7 2006

 + added changelog in about box
 + fixed scrolling while editing when mouse is near right edge of screen
 + midi editor: adjusting velocity on multiple items moves them all relatively
 + midi items starting on timesig marker now properly use that timesig (rounding error)
 + fixed rounding inaccuracies in midi sink (length now saved correctly, and more)
 + option to run fx in workers (SMP support) when rendering to disk (disabled by default)
 + new supermonkeyball-ish demo song

v0.981 - July 6 2006

 + faster PDC for DX/VST (uses less memory bandwidth especially)
 + initial MIDI editor velocity lane support (todo: CC support etc)
 + open midi editors prompt user to save when closing project or quitting
 + better midi editor zooming behavior, mousewheel modifiers (ctrl/alt)
 + consolidate browse box gets create dir button like everywhere else

v0.980 - July 6 2006

 + midi editor multiple item resize back to old behavior, hold ctrl to stretch multiple items
 + optimized VST/DX PDC and non-PDC modes (much better for >2 channel tracks)
 + VST output no longer broken on 64 channel tracks 
 + fixed some midi note dropping
 + global memory management optimizations

v0.979 - July 5 2006

 + preliminary track record output (MIDI) mode for overdubbing
 + made so track media items always play when recording track outputs
 + more worker thread tweaks
 + midi editor has reverse option, stretch items, stores internal state with more precision
 + midi editor preview only previews visible channels, can now change event channel
 + midi editor has better selection logic when clicking items
 + midi editor home/end key support
 + midi editor preserves unknown data
 + fixed occasional stuck peak meters in reacomp/reagate
 + tweaks to reacomp/reagate's sliders, fixed combo box issues
 + hopefully fixed reacomp's self-bypassing-on-low-signal bug
 + reacomp's attack/release curves are more accurate at 0ms
 + fixed ripple/mixer flags not being read from project correctly
 + [updated 11am july 6] midi editor: fixed brokenness

v0.978 - July 3 2006

 + made l/r borders on small items
 + fixed record button lighting when recording
 + fx preset system can now update existing presets (todo: import/export)
 + better handling of current dirs in various open/save dialogs
 + added track numbers and names in FX floating windows
 + set prebuffer behavior to not run worker threads until buffers full
 + adjusted worker thread waiting-for-media-behavior
 + fixed popup menus in VST/DX plug-ins that dont handle it right
 + optimized preferences config writing
 + moved the following settings to project settings:
   envelope attach to items, autocrossfade, mixer show/grouping flags

v0.977 - July 2 2006

 + better handling of envelope ranges when unknown plug-in is used
 + double precision vst plug-in support
 + ReaComp overhaul (much better sounding, configurable knee, feedback mode)
 + ReaComp and ReaGate are now double-precision-only (require reaper .977+)
 + added option to move floating FX windows to the foreground when selected
 + tweaked project loading on startup sequence 
 + media item z order is now ordered left to right instead of using selection state
 + autopunch record mode defaults to tape style if no item was autopunched
 + fixed peaks building wanting to build peaks for offline media items
 + wont display every instance of every unknown effect when loading a project 
 + fixed bug where midi editor will keep midi file locked
 + fixed unpausing related bugs
 + 24bps encoding in FLAC seems buggy, don't use it for now
 + update 5:51pm: fixed some reagate/reacomp automation issues
 + fixed unpause behavior when recording

v0.976 - June 28 2006

 + vst save fxp dialog now shows "save" instead of "open"
 + in media item volume +6dB mode, you can go past +6dB for more gain
 + reafir v0.4, much smaller configuration state
 + reacomp and reagate get better, faster filters, and rms window support
 + added FX floating windows
 + fixed right click menu issue in FX chain list

v0.975 - June 27 2006

 + ctrl+alt+t toggles transport
 + supercrappy peak preview while recording
 + added a very preliminary version of ReaSynDr (drum synth)
 + fix for left/right/downmix channel modes in mono output (and consolidate)
 + fixed consolidated rename bug

v0.974 - June 27 2006

 + fixed loop selection snapping when "move cursor to start of loop selection" is set
 + fx window doesnt get focus on project load
 + moved selection controls to transport
 + moved editing state buttons to top left
 + transport can be docked/undocked now, or hidden
 + fixed one sample off media item issues
 + fixed pasting precision issues
 + flac/wavpack encoding supports tracking output size (for autosplitting like wav/etc when recording)

v0.973 - June 26 2006

 + fixed recording getting behind on some machines
 + fixed poor playback performance on some machines
 + better FX window docking/focus behaviors

v0.972 - June 26 2006

 + added FX window docking
 + better support for direct recording to formats that take time to init (mp3/ogg, less glitchy)

v0.971 - June 26 2006

 + fixed some 1-sample-off mp3 decoding errors
 + fixed record latency compensation when recording track outputs
 + added Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut to play/stop from any window
 + lowered cpu use on worker threads
 + fixed peaks not updating when playrate increased on items
 + vst: (slower) compatibility option for broken fx, plug-ins with mono out 
   default to both channels, better softsynth delay compensation
 + record output mode has optional record latency compensation
 + support for launching reaper with (only) the filename of project on the command line
 + vast improvements to recording (worker thread support) -- should support recording many
   more channels, better support for direct recording to wavpack/flac/ogg/mp3, etc.
 + open copy of unknown bitdepth items are rendered to 24 bit wave
 + [updated 3:04pm: safer worker thread locking when recording]

v0.970 - June 22 2006

 + make synth happy release
 + fixed midi editor rightclick drag/alt drag popup menu coming up
 + media explorer: close window item in context menu
 + fixed midi preview stopping hung note issues (reset fx)
 + timesig markers get "T"
 + cleaned up mcp item hilite
 + visual preview when dropping files onto the tracklist window
 + ESC key closes routing and undo windows in undocked mode
 + alt click mute/solo/recarm unsets all mute/solo/recarm and sets this one (like ctrl but setting current too)
 + made view switch to waveform from peaks much further in
 + improved disk reading performance, MUCH MUCH better now for large numbers of tracks. WAY. 
 + worker threads are sleepier when not playing (lower idle cpu use)
 + updated 12:30am june 23: fixed midi/ogg/mp3/etc disk reading bugs

v0.969 - June 21 2006

 + MUCH faster editing/overall performance when using VST plug-ins
 + VST config saving now stores program instead of bank (MUCH smaller state info) 
 + Included ReaSynth, a tiny and very basic additive synthesizer VSTi
 + potential fix for some (rare) mousewheel drivers with new scroll modes
 + fixed master track envelopes being saved/restored correctly in undo state
 + ESC key closes mixer window in undocked mode
 + VST/JS load default presets now work

v0.968 - June 20 2006

 + updated internal plug-in API
 + turned "flush track buffer on edit" off by default
 + turned "look for files in project directory first" off by default
 + midi items now use the BPM of their start position for timing
 + mousewheel on tcp does vscroll
 + when saving project, option to create subdirectory
 + option to copy/move media when saving projects
 + browse directory boxes have create directory button
 + directory creation is recursive

v0.967 - June 19 2006

 + fixed Enter key in media explorer when docked
 + fixed routing window item tick in main menu
 + fixed mouse clicks in MIDI piano roll window
 + fixed menu disappearing after undocking a MIDI window
 + fixed midi notes being sent twice with fx that lookahead
 + vst support improvements, vst plug-in midi output support
 + vst/dx plugins show the correct number of channels when changed and not playing back
 + better error messaging when cant open audio
 + better midi editor focus grabbing when docked
 + midi preview through sends work again
 + reafir v.03 with reduce artifacts/less effective option
 + [update: 12pm June 20: fixed midi monitoring]

v0.966 - June 18 2006

 + fix: editing note in fx window updates undo state
 + fixed various send/hwsend issues with mono source/mono destinations
 + tempo map envelope points are now also accessible as markers!
 + markers can also override project beats/measure
 + fixed rec arm showing sources at zl3
 + fixed sticky rude solo light in mcu
 + made how VST inputs/outputs route to/from channels chooseable
 + changed VST config format for better forward compatibility, but the new format will no
   longer work in versions older than v0.966.
 + FX in master track + tracks that have receives no longer run when stopped
 + updated ReaGate and ReaComp to work more cleanly with new VST routing

v0.965 - June 17 2006

 + can now edit FX comment directly from FX window
 + better media item peak caching, MUCH faster display while editing
 + peaks files are now mmapped in for better performance
 + optimized zooming/scrolling/etc too
 + routing window fixes (updates more, menu item updates, etc)
 + better multichannel vst delay comp
 + slightly better looking MIDI peaks display
 + fixed so bundled VSTs show up even when no VST path is configured

v0.964 - June 16 2006

 + Support for more than 2 channels per track, sends can now specify source and destination channels
 + Multi-output and multi-input VST/VSTi support
 + DX plug-ins can be set to input/output on choice of channels
 + JS now supports multichannel audio (spl0..spl15 in code)
 + support for longer VST path lists
 + added FX comments
 + media explorer will only take keyboard if visible
 + MIDI editor remembers position, is dockable
 + fixed bug when recording to dir that doesnt exist
 + ctrl+click of a peak's VU meter clears all peaks
 + included ReaGate, ReaComp, and ReaFir FFT EQ, our VST plug-ins
 + mp3 decoder sync improvements
 + better installer organization

v0.963 - June 14 2006

 + (hopefully) fixed scrollbar bug on multi monitors
 + fixed some midi message timing stuff, better sending of noteoffs, sending of noteons when starting in the middle of a note, etc.
 + new scrollbars in midi edit window
 + fixed midi editor preview playing when editor closed and reopened
 + midi editor has space/ctrl+space hotkeys for play/stop, playback start cursor, auto scrolling
 + media explorer midi preview goes to first selected track
 + media explorer allows use of more keys
 + VST: preliminary fxp read/write, fxb loading
 + better dealing of record paths that are root directories of drives
 + fx window now has minimum size
 + holding the zoom buttons on scrollbars continuously zooms
 + multiple item normalization
 + holding control when clicking a record arm button unarms all tracks
 + holding control when clicking an FX bypass button toggles bypass, and sets all tracks to that setting

v0.962 - June 11 2006

 + fixed pre-fx sends (when combined with latent fx) bug
 + fixed aux send dialog for right clicking on routing matrix master column
 + mute display (dimmed box) in routing matrix
 + themed scrollbars for mixer and routing windows
 + new recording modes (in options menu, new tape style, etc)

v0.961 - June 8 2006

 + scanning VSTs can optionally not scan for names
 + rename plug-ins can now change instrument status
 + version update dialog has scrollbars in the text display
 + close button for aux send dialog
 + routing matrix tooltips
 + added .rpp/.edl/.txt and clipsort.log file drop to main window
   and support for those types in media explorer
 + loading last used project will not give error if it was not found
 + added FLAC reading/writing support
 + added AIFF reading/writing support
 + added import/export for Samplitude's EDL format
 + importing a vegas EDL TXT now lets you choose replacements for missing files
 + added -resetconfig command line switch to reaper.exe, and shortcut to start menu
 + updated 2:09pm PST: fixed crash

v0.960 - June 1 2006

 + fixed routing of record input bugs
 + entering negative project bpm will no longer hang things
 + potential resampling fix for fixing looping/ends of items
 + added dblclick track control panel selects all items in track
 + fixed hard to reproduce white noise pitch shifting bug
 + faster cubic interpolation (reduced filter size some)

v0.959 - June 1 2006

 + fx drag&drop from one track to another (hold ctrl to copy, otherwise it moves)
 + fixed bug in resampling .wv files
 + internal fader reworking
 + ensured that sliders set to 0.00dB are EXACTLY 0.00, instead of possibly some very small amount
 + volume faders can be configured to go down to -150dB
 + asio input is now optional
 + rearoute will not show in reaper as an asio option if reaper is in rearoute master mode
 + stickier selection behavior when recording
 + Routing Matrix window
 + deferred file closing/opening when recording
 + updated looping logic which should make doing looped recording of multiple takes better
   (since each take will start at the exact same time, the takes will be added in a cleaner fashion)
 + rendering now disables mixer/undo history windows so you can't mess things up during a render
 + fixed item to item snap when moving across tracks
 + changed track buffering logic to be in "ms" instead of "blocks" 
 + updated fx chain/buffereahead internals (better but still not great UAD-1 support)
 + new improved scrollbars (removed zoom sliders, soon we will reorganize the UI some)

v0.958 - May 26 2006

 + better vertical zooming (more steps when zoomed mostly out)
 + option to hide tracks from the mixer
 + default track mixer-hide and main-send options
 + fixes to MIDI sending events multiple times, etc
 + mcu flip button now works, mcu global view button now cycles tcp/mcp modes for mcu
 + color themes that are not saved are still saved across instances, other improvements
 + fixed bug in vst pdc
 + option to confirm midi filename when creating new midi file (off by default)
 + doubleclick on item to edit option (prefs/editing)

v0.957 - May 25 2006

 + color themes menu in main menu, better ui in prefs for loading
 + midi editor has themed colors for dialog
 + midi file reader sends more accurate timing info, should drop less notes
 + apply fx uses render blocksize from prefs
 + added drag&drop from the FX add dialog to the tracklist and mixer
 + better peaks building behavior (will make sure all are built if you edit while building)
 + better themeing of more of the tcp/mcp UI

v0.956 - May 24 2006

 + color themeable window background/text colors, UI updates
 + fixed bug relating to missing dx plugins and presets
 + rearoute output support for media explorer
 + automatic new version notification (which you can easily disable if you do not want it)
 + some icon updates to be more compatible with color stuff
 + modeless peak building (moveable, hideable window)
 + added drag&drop to folders in FX add dialog

v0.955 - May 23 2006

 + big MCU support improvements (banks, time display, track labels, vu meters, 
   better jog wheel support, save/undo, modifiers, etc)
 + added "auto-stop preview after adding an item" in Media Explorer
 + configurable volume fader range and shape, better default shape, range
 + item volume adjustment, fades (>=250ms) pre-fx volume envelopes, now affect midi note velocities
 + item volume can optionally be -inf..+6dB instead of the default -inf..0dB 
 + peaks display now by default looks nicer (though old style is still available via option)
 + increased maximum zoom from 50kpix/s to 80kpix/s
 + fixed track mono hw outs being 6dB too hot
 + added FX folders management in FX add dialog
 + option to move edit cursor to beginning of loop selection on loop selection change

v0.954 - May 19 2006

 + added performance meter window
 + improved CPU time display in the FX window
 + always on top option
 + fx rename supports multiple items
 + ReaRoute performance and stability improvements
 + reworked MIDI internals for sysex record/playback support, hope nothing broke too bad
 + .syx file support
 + fixed crash in the Media Explorer

v0.953 - May 16 2006

 + vst scanning dialog doesn't come up unless actually scanning a new vst plug-in
 + vst transportchanged notification for flstudio/etc
 + option for no scrolling view to edit cursor on stop (default)
 + improvements in the FX add dialog (renaming, rescan, JS effects editing)
 + Experimental new feature: ReaRoute! ReaRoute acts as an ASIO driver usable by other
   applications, and lets you route their inputs/outputs to REAPER.
 + hardware outs are affected by solo as long as they are post-fader
 + synth's tiny "C64" sample project
 + [updated 9:38pm] fixed looped recording synchronization
 + [updated 9:38pm] ReaRoute stuck buffer fixes

v0.952 - May 12 2006

 + reordered Help dropdown menu
 + added oldschool about box screen
 + moved "parent folder" button in media explorer on the left side
 + fixed multi-item resize (crash) bugs
 + added a track buffering mode configuration (low latency hardware optimized, or not)
 + option to adjust blocksize used when rendering
 + track control panel can now be resized to very narrow

v0.951 - May 7 2006

 + made enter/ctrlspace start playback if stopped
 + Hopefully fixed some looping midi bugs
 + media explorer config saving bugfixes
 + better VSTi timeinfo reporting (works with jamstix and others now)
 + hopefully correct midi clock/SPP sending option in prefs/midi
 + updated May 8, 12:17am, DEP support for Jesusonic

v0.950 - May 6 2006

 + better ctrldrag copy behavior for multiple items
 + fixes for default project template
 + midi editor improvements: playback support, previewing of clicks/etc
 + ctrl+numpad 4/6 adjusts left edge of selected items, alt+numpad 4/6 adjusts right edge
 + fixed bug where auto monitored but not record armed channel wouldnt play
 + better take adding for auto-punch-in/out (auto-split when you start too late)
 + (update 6:20pm): fixed bug in open copy on non-looping items that are longer than source,
   made view gain (shift-up/down) go up to +36dB from 24

v0.949 - May 4 2006

 + clicking track mixer panels without modifiers makes only that track selected
 + wave writer now supports overlapped writes for more resilient recording
 + recording format selection now allows you to choose formats other than .WAV
 + ogg, mp3 sinks now support on the fly peak creation
 + preliminary WavPack reading and writing support
 + new hotkeys { and } for setting loop selection start/end
 + "explode takes" option to expand an item into its takes across new tracks
 + made open copy/apply fx rename the new take to the new filename
 + reorganized edit cfg prefs, options for envelopes on by default
 + template project option in prefs/editing/defaults
 + zero crossing line when zoomed in on items
 + fixed play cursor for wine

v0.948 - Apr 24 2006

 + fixed context menu in MCP
 + holding ctrl+moving now copies items (optional, prefs/editing)
 + slightly larger underrun indicator
 + option for vertical zoom to center on the topmost track instead of last selected track
 + midi editor snap to grid when pasting

v0.947 - Apr 22 2006

 + option to change maximum number of tracks to snap media items to other media items (can be 0)
 + option to center zooms at current center of view instead of cursor
 + updates project better when properties dialog edited
 + fixed a worker thread read buffer bug, better entire project looping
 + reduced size of underrun meter (smaller rectangle behind the time display)
 + fixed (once again) bugs relating to moving selection, added ctrl modifier for disabling snap
 + internal work in preparation for better MIDI previewing/playback within editor
 + mixer keeps master controls visible when scrolling
 + fixes to midi media item support (handling of start offsets, all-notes-off at end of file, etc)

v0.946 - Apr 20 2006 - I'm so messed up, I don't know what's going on...

 + reworked track buffering, much cleaner now (hopefully better too)
 + fixed a rare bug where timeline loop region would not get updated in certain instances
 + input monitoring in midi mode now works (rather, disables properly)
 + readded ctrl+shift+up/down for vzoom
 + added alt+shift+T for crop to current take
 + project length limit project setting (to stop playback/recording at a particular time)
 + fixed loop selection moving snapping being on when it shouldn't

v0.945 - Apr 18 2006

 + disabled some all notes off sending that was causing problems
 + added preferences option in preferences/general to disable 
   space/enter/up/down accelerators so they can be used for navigation

v0.944 - Apr 17 2006

 + fixed selection snapping to grid when cursor snap to grid is set
 + reverted some track buffering logic back to old style
 + more configurable colors for selected items background
 + option to show cur track in mixer
 + midi editor: can now resize multiple items at same time
 + midi editor: snapping makes minimum size for events be snap size
 + midi editor: page up/down, up/down, +,- now zoom like in main window
 + midi editor: alt+arrows scrolls view (like in main window)
 + midi editor: fixed grid for 1/3 divisions etc
 + midi editor: end of track adjustment (puts all notes off message at eof)
 + midi recording: adds all notes off message at end of recording
 + midi playback: all notes off sent on edit of track, and loop

v0.943 - Apr 15 2006

 + keyboard: up and down zoom horizontal, page up/down zoom vertical
 + fixed media explorer repainting bug
 + more OGG output options (CBR, ABR)
 + more MP3 output options (CBR, ABR, VBR, quality, etc...)
 + VU meter in render progress
 + big changes to the way looping, bufferahead, etc work (track.*, playback.*)
    - needs more work, but looping with lots of FX should be smoother
    - loop playback granularity is now temporarily the block size, doh (will be fixed)
 + updated .chm that doesnt phone ms

v0.942 - Apr 12 2006

 + midi editor: undo/redo support
 + midi editor: alt+left mouse does marquee selection in addition to alt+right
 + midi editor: highlight current note on piano roll
 + help menu now has "documentation" submenu
 + included the lovely reaper routing guide .chm, thanks to Malcolm Jacobson

v0.941 - Apr 11 2006

 + initial region support (shift-R adds a region, etc)
 + improved look of markers
 + fix for muted/unsoloed MIDI hw outputs
 + initial preset support for VST/JS, preset system still needs work

v0.940 - Apr 7 2006

 + fixed "run fx in worker threads" issues
 + presets for FX

v0.939 - Apr 6 2006

 + Preliminary MIDI editing: grid options, snapping, velocity/length controls, saving/reverting, etc
 + new APIs for plugins to register editors for file types, get colorthems, register hotkeys, etc
 + fixed track name updating in mixer view
 + auto sizing of FX window now allocates room for VST scrollbars
 + auto sizing of FX window won't go too small
 + [update 3:19pm PST - fixed a couple midi editor bugs]
 + [update 11:30pm PST - MIDI: beat/measure colors for grid, better scrolling]

v0.938 - Apr 2 2006

 + smpte mtc generation option
 + more snapping options, cleanups
 + made hardware midi output not rewrite channel for 0xFx messages
 + items fully overlapping other items replace audio (crossfading if fade set) rather than mix
 + item labels have opaque backgrounds for readability
 + item peaks get border between peaks and edge
 + optimized some low-worker-buffer modes

v0.937 - Apr 1 2006 (no fooling, even)

 + moving items down below all tracks adds new tracks
 + removed some old docked mixer border drawing that is obsolete
 + cleaned up some internal track state code
 + fixed track background painting when normal color overridden
 + removed some bad on-exit code
 + fixed some dock clip issues, made resizer custom drawn rather than a control
 + internal (unreleased) midi editor updates

v0.936 - Mar 30 2006

 + rendering won't render main mix when just rendering stems (faster)
 + smpte ltc generator now works properly (thanks steven blumenfeld!), 
   29.97 df/nd modes
 + fixed rendering errors introduced in .935 (re: SMP support)

v0.935 - Mar 29 2006

 + option for not saving undo state on item/track/loop selection changes
 + fixed grid drawing using tempo envelopes on right side of grid
 + main window can be sized down smaller 
 + ability to render "stems" in addition to the master mix in render dialog
 + made consolidation not append -consolidated- to filenames if they already have it
 + rendering now utilizes SMP (if worker threads are enabled in the prefs)

v0.934 - Mar 28 2006

 + win98 docking window gdi resource bugfix
 + made right clicks in context menus allowed to select items
 + can jump to marker using ctrl+j m<index>, or ctrl+j "namestr"
 + markers > 99 now draw correctly
 + ripple editing setting used when inserting/deleting items 
 + fixes to peaks not being rebuilt in certain instances involving drag&drop
 + better snapping labeling, things snap to loop selection now as well
 + static link of soundtouch dll, possible runtime error fix
 + fixed grid line beat 1 drawing again
 + fixed bug where mousewheel could crash in certain instances (in other apps windows)

v0.933 - Mar 27 2006

 + tracks can be copied/pasted (coming soon: choice of what settings to apply to existing tracks)
 + media explorer menu item updates when docked
 + selected items that are in groups will show group border
 + fixed fx flushing when rendering
 + fixed grid showing first beat in measure being wrong
 + [UNTESTED] SMPTE LTC generator (will get to test with real hardware soon)

v0.932 - Mar 26 2006

 + now smart about not scrolling when editing items/etc
 + option in prefs to not move edit cursor when shift/ctrl selecting items
 + when adding a partial take via recording, if no other take loops, looping is turned off for item
 + made non-looping items only show one loop indicator
 + highlighting of grouped items (new colortheme item -- updated bundled colorthemes but 
   all you colortheme designers may wish to post your own new versions :)
 + added new jesusonic effect chanmix2

v0.931 - Mar 24 2006

 + made dragging in a loop selection start a new selection, old behavior is optional in prefs/edit
 + all-note-off sent at end of MIDI files
 + right click: apply fx to item (applies fades, volume, pre-fx envelopes, FX, adds as take)
 + tabs in dock, dockable mixer/media explorer/undo history
 + aux send controls show as multiple columns if need be
 + scrollbars for VSTs when sized down
 + ctrl click mute/solo clears all mute/solo
 + more color themes
 + color themes can be drag&dropped into the main reaper window
 + updated mar 25 2am -- fixed some apply fx bugs, other bugs, changed the way fx are 
   stopped, for better autotune support (option in prefs/playback to flush fx on loop too)
 + updated mar 25 1pm: stopping of fx when applying happens more reasonably, 
   fixed bugs when flush fx on loop on
 + fixed drawing of track resizer
 + removed vst mutex locking   

v0.930 - Mar 22 2006

 + made midi files/etc support pitch shifting
 + made consolidate merge in click sources too 
 + hardware midi outs get all note off messages on stop/seek
 + VSTi get all note off messages on stop/seek
 + fixed looping with record armed creating files
 + made it so items can't be resized lower than .1ms in length

v0.929 - Mar 21 2006

 + time displays now count hours
 + better looping of pitched/stretched items
 + per-track MIDI hardware output support
 + fixed zoom selection able to set the scroll to a negative position
 + fixed a win98/me drawing bug
 + renamed "Direct Hardware Output" to "Audio Hardware Output"
 + ripple all mode moves markers too
 + buttons for grid and snap controls on right hand toolbar
 + smaller sample project (thanks to the wonderful Stephen Boullion)

v0.928 - Mar 20 2006

 + added text display for items that are stretched/pitched
 + added new default option to always show item info/label text for items even
   when their edges are offscreen
 + default color theme: more readable item text  
 + explicit FP exception disabling for some systems that have them on by default

v0.927 - Mar 20 2006

 + fixed take pitch issues
 + fixed pitch cent tweaking keyboard shortcuts
 + fixed pitch/stretch cpu/buffer issue when rendering
 + changed labeling of WAV render format to bit rather than confusing bps
 + added new menu items to timeline context menu

v0.926 - Mar 19 2006

 + pitch shifting/time stretching modes for media item (per take) thanks to SoundTouch
 + alt click on the edge of a media item to stretch/shrink it
 + shift+7/8 adjust pitch down/up cent, shift+9/0 by semitone
 + Show only supported files in Media Explorer
 + Media Explorer preview shows you what you are previewing
 + fixed loop indicators on non-1.0 playrate items
 + alt+right click/drag is marquee, makes using alt with other modes easier
 + default option to make UI flush track buffers when items are edited

v0.925 - Mar 19 2006

 + Made dialog fonts Windows 98 and XP (Cleartype) friendly
 + Media explorer improvements (location bar, context menu, Enter key, "Go to parent" fixed)
 + Fixed peaks display on items with channel mode mono/left or mono/right
 + Eliminated/reduced playback stutter when modifying track sends, record arming
 + when zooming in (vertically) on tracks, folder compacting resets itself if in the compact state

v0.924 - Mar 17 2006

 + new Media Explorer window for preview/adding of media (does not yet support MIDI)
 + fixed playback when there are no tracks bug
 + fixed bug where items often default to mixdown modes

v0.923 - Mar 17 2006

 + ripple editing all mode affects master track envelopes
 + fixed playspeed envelope when combined with fx that buffer ahead
 + ability to open items in their configured external editor or the default editor
 + try 2 at win98 midi config fix 

v0.922 - Mar 16 2006

 + option to close audio when app loses focus and tracks are record armed
 + fpe fix for fluffy
 + asio driver handles driver reinit requests
 + ripple editing moves envelopes that are over empty space too
 + new hotkey: W == home
 + when pasting/inserting files, edit cursor moves to end of items

v0.921 - Mar 15 2006

 + ripple editing moves envelope points 
 + cursor snaps to grid on items as well as empty space
 + shift + click on crossfade adjustment edges (not the fade itself) slides the fade position 
 + fixed checkmarks on win98 in midi prefs
 + made clicking edge of item move cursor to that edge
 + better hack to make Waves not crash on SMP systems
 + fixed (hopefully) some occasional but annoying recording positioning issues 
 + update 10:18pm PST: fix for fluffy

v0.92 - Mar 14 2006

 + better fx-enabled looping
 + individually resizeable track heights
 + less memory use for tracks with buffering fx
 + vst flushes blocksize on stop (so if you change blocksize settings it 
   should work nicer)
 + window resizing down for VST configs now works
 + tooltips are no longer topmost

v0.91 - Mar 13 2006

 + made worker threads more aggressive when using smaller blocksizes 
   (works decent at 64 sample lateancy on RME hardware for us at least)
 + improvements to looping playback in worker render modes
 + made looping playback not flush fx
 + option in prefs to make clicking an envelope segment adjust it, vs adding point
 + fixed some splitting behaviors
 + insert/remove contents under loop selection
 + ripple editing has "all tracks" mode
 + stupid hack (thread synchronization nightmare for making Waves 5 work properly on 
   SMP systems, UGH!)
 + some new color themes from the forum

v0.90 - Mar 12 2006 - Happy Sopranos Day

 + fixed gdi leak when recording and showing outlines of items 
 + fixed bug in wav reader (excess data was being read at eof when looping)
 + you can now zoom in EVEN closer
 + better resampling modes (filtering, cubic interpolation)
    - these need more work still, but are a step in the right direction
 + fixed start/stop on DXi softsynths
 + made peaksbuild dialog not show up if it has been up in the last 5s
 + optimized worker thread scheduling for lower CPU use on small projects
 + added worker thread option to not run non-fx tracks in worker threads

v0.89 - Mar 9 2006

 + big internal audio rendering architecture changes
 + SMP support (runs FX in worker threads when possible)
   + this may make this release less stable overall than .87, but fear not, we will
     get it back to par, and then some!
 + removed noteoff on stop for VSTi
 + DXi tempo map support
 + fixed flushing in some DX effects (Sonitus FX Gate for example)
 + added exception check during DX effect initialization (Guitar Rig 2)
 + safer DX plugins scan
 + mixer has more showing/grouping options
 + fixes to record-monitored sends when stopped 
 + selection lock icon instead of checkbox
 + ripple edit, grouping ignoring options
 + big drawing bugfix (oops, fades were often hidden)
 + option to always render muted tracks, for a higher cpu use-faster response tradeoff

v0.87 - Mar 6 2006

 + VU meters look nicer, peak indicators show clip status until cleared
 + dave hayes's fader bitmaps
 + recording preview outlines
 + more precise vertical zooming (2x steps)
 + master VU improvements (updated!)

v0.86 - Mar 5 2006

 + made bypassing fx for one track bypass all selected tracks fx (and vice versa)
 + fix for crash on fluffy's system, presumably many other peoples systems as well
 + now keeping mapfiles of all releases to make peoples crash reporting more useful

v0.85 - Mar 4 2006

 + fx: fixed DXi names in the FX selector dialog
 + fx: added better DXi detection (you'll have to rescan your DX plugins)
 + fx: more accurate DX envelope processing
 + fx: added keyboard shortcuts and context menu in FX window
 + render "add to new track in project" option
 + consolidate now lets you consolidate to OGG/etc
 + bouncing now lets you bounce to ogg/etc
 + hardware output channel name aliasing
 + envelope visibility is now (partially) separate from enabled state
 + more accurate VU meters (they now only show red when >= +0.0dB, etc)
 + increased VU meter dynamic range to -60dB
 + vertical zoom more correctly zooms in on the selected track
 + clicking media items selects their track
 + alt+shift+s splits at play cursor
 + when splitting right item is left selected
 + snap option to keep items a certain time apart
 + fixed bug in rec mode selection

v0.84 - Mar 1 2006

 + fixed new (v0.83) crashing bugs
 + preliminary super-alpha DXi support

v0.83 - Mar 1 2006

 + fixed underruns when sends and solos are combined in certain ways
 + updated envelopes to support a new "square" shape, useful for tempo envelopes, 
   bypass envelopes, etc
 + documented bug (that will not be fixed soon): effects that have latency may
   result in underruns when a playspeed envelope is used, and track buffering is on.

v0.82 - Feb 26 2006

 + fixed send issues when FX with latency are used
 + VST latency compensation fixes

v0.81 - Feb 23 2006 (special drunk edition)

 + looping now doesnt cause buffer underruns
 + undo/redo tooltips
 + grid lines now drawn above waveform for easier viewing
 + fixed some autocrossfade issues

v0.80 - Feb 22 2006

 + fixed a lot of non-1.0 playrate item editing/peaks/playback stuff
 + open copy as copies section to wav now if supported
 + fixed drawing of loop indicators when refreshing
 + media item channel mode is now per-take

v0.79 - Feb 21 2006

 + hopefully fixed fx window bypass checkbox drawing on win98
 + made consolidate start new files when output gets close to 2gb (.wav file limit)
 + prettier/easier to see loop indications for media items
 + made tempo map absolute instead of project bpm-relative
 + improved top ruler drawing in beat/measure mode (not perfect yet though)
 + increased distance for cursor-grid snapping
 + Ctrl+Shift+S splits while ignoring grouping, holding Ctrl and right click->split also

v0.78 - Feb 20 2006

 + time display background flashes red when there are underruns
 + better mouse cursor positioning (clicks put it at the center of pixel)
 + peaks automatically switch to waveform at peak cache resolution (prefs item)
 + marker insert go to play cursor if on screen, or the normal cursor if not
 + doubleclicking a media item sets loop select to that item
 + pooled wave readers, so having lots of splits in wave files will not result in
   insane open file counts
 + hopefully fixed faders not drawing properly in win98 (todo: optimize)
 + preliminary experimental track consolidation feature (to render media items)

v0.77 - Feb 19 2006

 + fixed HUGE ineffeciency in disk reading, disk reading performance 
   should be as much as 50% greater now.
 + better version checking in plug-in system
 + initial work on consolidation function (not enabled yet)
 + [updated 10:40pm PST] : fixed address space leakage on large numbers of open files! ouch!

v0.76 - Feb 19 2006

 + improved track header UI (dynamic moving of controls), and some smaller mixer UI cleanups
 + volume/pan faders: holding ctrl while moving makes it much more accurate,
      holding alt when release will restore to original value
 + mousewheel movements are now sent to the window the mouse is over
 + mousewheel over main scrollbars do different things
 + upper limit on how much cpu worker threads can really suck, fixes some hang bugs
 + fixed delete-first-playing-item-in-track-bug
 + more RME quietdown fixes

v0.75 - Feb 18 2006

 + async disk reads for wav/ogg/mp3, more buffering [still need to do writes]
 + reworked a lot of thread synchronization to keep everything more reponsive
 + beginnings of a file toolbar
 + redid track reordering, much nicer now and should keep folders intact
 + made zoom only center on play cursor if play cursor is the only cursor currently visible
 + small fixes to menu items/etc

v0.74 - Feb 17 2006

 + better thread sync for more responsive ui and less skippage
 + Preliminary direct NINJAM session importing 
   -- needs a lot more options, though, and it will get them soon

v0.73 - Feb 16 2006

 + more multithreading (configurable number of threads)

v0.72 - Feb 16 2006

 + fixed first-load fx bug
 + made ASIO mode clear buffers on stop/close
 + increased default number of worker buffers -- note: now depending on your audio driver's 
   blocksize, you may want 128-1024 buffers (less for bigger blocksize, more for smaller blocksize)
 + made worker thread high priority higher
 + changed track buffer logic substantially--it no longer will hold up the audio thread
   waiting for source. this may have negative implications! we will see!
 + optimized .wav reader for small forward seeks (which often happen on underruns)
   + there is room for improvement here, async reads, buffering, etc

v0.71 - Feb 15 2006

 + auto view scrolling when making selections/moving markers/etc
 + made it so you can't move markers before 0:00
 + new color theme
 + shift clicking an empty area/timeline/marker sets selection between cursor and new cursor pos
 + made newer selection modes update selection display
 + selection display tooltips
 + tracks that are not folders, have no receives, no items, and not record armed, will not process their effects
 + made slip mode or whatever you call it keep envelope points attached
 + improved viewing/selecting tiny items
 + project BPM on main window (upper right)

v0.70 - Feb 14 2006 super lovely edition

 + made fx chains track each fx latency so that when you remove/bypass it the sync is maintained
 + fixed a bug that made one dx plug-in in particular hang
 + new mute/solo behavior for sends/hardware outs, should be a lot better overall
 + project cropping crops markers too, as well as adds envelope endpoints
 + added phase inversion for tracks (per-send, in the send control panel)
 + media item muting (alt+m as shortcut)
 + more media item options in right click menu
 + made ctrl+a better context sensitive (mouse position)
 + made clicking on edges/fades of media items still able to move cursor
 + [bonus 8:56pm PST version] changed item/track clicking behavior
 + [even more bonuses, 11:37pm PST]
 + made hitting delete when mouse is over tracks deletes tracks
 + fixed selected track control panel resize redraw bug
 + made moving tracks up and down scroll view if necessary
 + made moving/editing items scroll view if necessary
 + made hottrack buttons not steal keyboard focus

v0.69 - Feb 12 2006

 + made cursor moving on item clicks on by default
 + VU falloff option, more accurate
 + made alt+click+drag do marquee selection even when started on an item
 + open copy has the option of prompting for the filename (prefs/media)
 + doubleclick in time line selects between markers
 + ctrl+shift+M inserts markers at edges of loop selection
 + cursor moves to current position on pause
 + multiple hardware outputs per track
 + multiple master hardware output support (including mono outs)

v0.68 - Feb 12 2006

 + ASIO pre-zero mode optimization
 + [ and ] navigate markers now
 + holding shift while selecting outside of the current selection adds to the current selection
 + holding shift while selecting inside the current selection starts a new selection
 + holding alt while selecting acts as marquee mode, selecting items in rectangle
   + hold shift to add to a selection, ctrl to toggle selected items
 + option to move cursor when clicking on items (off by default)
 + fixed accuracy of render dialog's VU meter
 + option for adjusting desired framerate of VU meters
 + clicking a track's control panel makes ctrl+a work for tracks rather than items now
 + made changing loop selection not unselect media items or change track selection
 + made seeking in timeline or empty area below tracks not unselect media items
 + made track VU meters have decay as well as master meter
 + made VU meter unlit background somewhat lighter, added channel separation so you 
   can more easily see

v0.67 - Feb 11 2006

 + prebuffering fixes (option now works properly, doesnt break monitoring anymore, etc)
 + fixes to paused play cursor behavior
 + ctrl+a when in a track's control panel now selects all tracks
 + made muting multiple tracks display properly

v0.66 - Feb 10 2006

 + bugfixes
 + prebuffering option
 + increased default number of worker bufs, made worker thread high priority by default
 + overall improvement to playback stability with this

v0.65 - Feb 10 2006

 + made default audio device be waveout instead of kernel streaming for compatibility
 + redid peaks display for better accuracy/lower overhead
 + fixed EDL reading crash error, fixed EDL writing bug
 + setting undo max memory to 0 disables undo/redo support completely
 + when you specify a replacement file for a missing file, it now uses that new filename for
   all instances of that file, and uses that directory as an additional search path
 + midi file reading has only play channels flags, and a send as channel option
 + fixed peaks building for second/third/etc takes
 + greatly optimized bringing files back online
 + auto track naming for tracks that get their first item and dont have a name

v0.64 - Feb 8 2006

 + (rare) undo bug fixed

v0.63 - Feb 8 2006

 + optimized track drawing for large numbers of items
 + tempo envelope support for VSTs
 + optimized undo/redo system for better dealing with large projects
 + fixed undo/redo memory leak
 + clicking on items no longer changes track selection
 + moving items with the keypad now correctly updates the undo history

v0.62 - Feb 7 2006

 + MIDI data sent through sends and to folder tracks
 + added effect bypass envelope for effects that dont support it
 + grey colorthemes from forumers
 + rendering no longer restores playback state when finished (goes to stopped)
 + shift+m when near a marker edits that marker
 + vst: option to not save full state of fx
 + vst: multiple directory support (unlimited number of directories)

v0.61 - Feb 7 2006

 + fixed sends to non-soloed tracks higher in the list causing soloed tracks to go silent
 + fixed peaks inaccuracies when zooming out (peaks are now slower zoomed out, though)
 + flipped sign of peaks display to be consistent with other apps
 + super preliminary automation envelopes for FX plugins, need lots of work
   + doesn't send deltas for the envelopes, just values per block
 + rendering dialog defaults to project sample rate, and if changed, it keeps that new 

value as the default

 + samplerate now is a combo box for rendering and project configuration dialogs
 + made wav reader support 32/64 bit float inputs
 + made wav writer support 32 bit float output
 + EDL import guesses track names based on the first event's filename
 + Better Mackie Control Universal support, though still very incomplete
 + project notes area in project settings
 + marker support (hit M/Shift+M to set marker, you can also hit 0-9 to jump to a particular marker)
 + if you grab the top half of the timeline, you can grab it to scroll with control
 + made top timeline update properly, not so deferred
 + fixed some of the alt+shift moving contents of media items bugs
 + made it easier to grab fades at the top of each media item, when they are close to the edge,
   and made it easier to grab size near the edge
 + better VSTi compatibility
 + keyboard shortcut list in help menu (Ctrl+F1)
 + a few color themes from the forum posts
 + fixed bugs where send envelopes were not attached to media items, and didnt get cropped with project

v0.60 - Feb 4 2006

 + generic VST configuration dialog for VSTs that lack config
 + better VST state saving (uses chunk saving if it can, otherwise falls back to 
   saving/restoring parameters)
 + better vst parameter adjustment undo support
 + made VSTi support send all note off messages when flushing the fx
 + fixed a noisy midi bug added in 0.59

v0.59 - Feb 4 2006

 + envelopes for sends, direct hardware outputs
 + fixed looping related bugs in midi reader
 + fixed peaks display for MIDI when fades (that dont do anything anyway) are on
 + updated track sends, better send tooltip order, fixed track duplication of track with sends
 + fixed cursor being drawn under grid lines in bottom area
 + fixed occasionally not tracking play cursor when it should
 + fx automation won't be too much longer, a lot of the work was doing the send envelopes...

v0.58 - Feb 3 2006

 + shift up/down scales peaks up/down
 + redid automatic crossfades, should be a lot nicer to use now, though needs more testing
 + fixed some issues in hilite of first beat in measure display
 + option to store peaks/index files in a configurable directory,
   instead of with the media (which is pretty damn useful)
 + new (slightly smaller, vastly better) sample project by Stephen Boullion

v0.57 - Feb 2 2006

 + ui: reorganized track header to put mute/solo at edge
 + ui: snap items to cursor option (well, hardcoded along with the grid for now)
 + ui: made vertical zoom zoom master track too, for editing envelopes more precisely
 + grid: tempo envelope, lets you add points that start a new measure/beat, and change the tempo
     + limitation: the timeline will not always show the best labels, but
       it tries to most of the time
 + grid: better beat/measure time displays (measure mode now shows correct value for lengths)
 + grid: grid parameters specifiable as a fraction (i.e. 1/4 beat ), combo boxes
 + grid: first beat in measure is now a different color
 + envelopes: added point editor so you can specify exact values/times
 + envelopes: stable sorting (mergesort)
 + envelopes: made envelope add point put it exactly where it should be
 + envelopes: modifiers: alt is move only horizontal, ctrl+alt is move only vertical
 + fx: internal cleanups in preparation for automation envelopes
 + fx: copying and saving chains now saves bypass state
 + fx: add dialog list filtering
 + made volume faders go to -90dB (todo: options for where -inf is)
 + made peak cache less picky about file times for different filesystems rounding errors
 + fixed color theme saving of grid line color
 + internal fade cleanups, in preparation for improving the auto crossfade behavior
   (hopefully nothing broke)

v0.56 - Jan 31 2006

 + loop start/end/length/lock have controls/display on main UI (upper right)
 + project has bpm/measure length parameters associated with it
   + time display can now be time or measures/beats
   + optional grid display
   + optional grid snapping for items, cursor, selections
   + midi source now uses project BPM setting
 + tracks can now be marked as the last track in a folder
 + fixed items with playrates of non-1.0 not playing right when they have an internal start offset
 + fixed post-fx send when track is empty and has no fx enabled
 + doubleclicking faders resets them (in addition to doubleclicking the their readout display)
 + made zoomin go as far as 20,000 pixels/second
 + added ' and " hotkeys to go to play cursor and cursor respectively

v0.55 - Sonique Tribute Edition Special - Jan 30 2006

 + hot tracked buttons
 + added default fade length, shapes preferences item (default is 10ms fades on new media items, splits, etc)
 + project autosave options (off by default), .bak saving option (on by default)
 + made clicks in fader windows that dont hit anything passed to parent, for easier track moving/etc
 + what were busses are now called folders, "aux sends" are now just simply "sends"
 + I/O setting changes apply to all selected tracks, now
 + ctrl+alt+mousewheel scrolls view up/down
 + alt+mousewheel scrolls view left/right
 + alt+left/up/down/right scrolls view
 + resizeable mixer view, resizeable track headers
 + made right click of I/O button show I/O volume controls
 + auto input monitoring mode updates (monitors input when recording only when over a "selected event")
 + fx window autoresizing, with options
 + fx add window resizeable, and remembers position/size
 + added load/save default track chain to fx window, new tracks created will have these fx by default
 + better support for empty events, insert empty event menu item
 + added more channel options per media item (left and right as mono)
   + note that in these modes, the peaks display still shows the mixed down peaks (big deal)
 + track direct hardware output has own volume, other parameters like a normal send
 + made VST scanning only scan at startup once a directory has been configured

v0.54 - Jan 28 2006

 + initial multiple take per media item support
   + substantial internal changes to support the above
   + when recording to a track, if items are selected, the recording, 
     if overlapping the selected items, will be added as a take. note that
     this happens at the end of the recording, and audio is still recorded for
     the entire time (so you can go recover it if you need)
   + new hotkeys: T/Shift-T for next/prev take, Ctrl+Shift+T for delete active take
   + open copy in editor option (creates copy, new take, selects new take)
   + recording with repeat enabled now loops, and starts a new file at the new loop time
     (effectively creating multiple takes)
 + when recording to a track, any selected items on that track will not play
 + items recorded are automatically selected after recording now
 + pre-zero ASIO output option for "buggy" hardware
 + better automatic recording latency adjustment in ASIO mode, waveout/dsound/ks still need work
 + better current directory handling on open file dialogs
 + dynamic tooltips on fx button (shows chain), tooltips on i/o button (shows aux sends, hardware out)
 + added "mix to mono" option for aux sends (happens before send's pan)
 + force mono and swap stereo media item properties
 + fixed bugs when shuffling media item contents near the beginning of the track
 + better zoomed-in peaks display (switches to using a copied reader to give accurate waveform display)
 + made zoom go 2x as far in (3200pix/s)
 + made playback/recording minimum loop lengths 100ms/1s respectively
 + made fx button show config, smaller button toggles bypass
 + fx window has menu, more options (load/save chain, among others)
 + option for where clicks cause playback seeks (to emulate your favorite apps)
 + option to show m/s letters instead of our mute/solo icons

v0.53 - Jan 26 2006

 + fixed media item invert phase sticking on
 + fixed master volume fader being twice as potent as it should have been
 + renamed post-fx volume/pan envelopes to just volume/pan, and renamed the pre-fx ones to 
   volume (pre-fx), etc.
 + hotkey updates:
   + alt when moving an item "slips?", alt+shift moves contents only (shuffles?)

+ shift click on an envelope segment causes it to adjust the values of both nearby envelope points

   + ctrl+up/down nudge track volume up/down
   + v toggles selected tracks post-fx volume envelope, p pan, added main menu item for these

+ numpad 8/2 move selected media items up/down + numpad 4/6 nudge selected media items left/right (by 1 pixel's time) + numpad 7/9 "slips" media items, numpad 1/3 "shuffle" them (by 1 pixel's time)

 + improved slider click accuracy (a single click no longer moves it)

v0.52 - Jan 25 2006

 + more fixes to audio configuration
 + fixed ctrl+shift+up/down
 + fixed mute/solo icon loading, updated icons
 + updated buttons for track controls
 + "tape style" auto input monitoring mode (monitors except when when playing)

v0.51 - Jan 25 2006

 + fixed fx undo state reloading (more stable)
 + fixed tons of audio configuration related problems (audio being open 
   when it shouldn't)
 + new sleek buttons for track/mixer settings (icons need more work though)

v0.50 - Jan 24 2006

 + added parameters for aux sends (accessible via right clicking volume controls on 
   that track, or via the i/o menu)
 + other bugfixes

v0.491 - Jan 24 2006

 + fixed ASIO multichannel outon some cards crashing
 + mono direct hardware output modes
 + when vertically zooming, the last selected track gets kept in view

v0.49 - Jan 23 2006

 + made clicking below tracks remove track selections (and item selections as well)
 + added ` track zoom hotkey (at shane's request, though modified a touch)
 + added ctrl+shift+up/down to vzoom, at pipeline's request
 + added copy/paste to fx window (for easy fx duplication etc), removed clone button
 + added undo history maximum memory use configuration/display

v0.48 - Jan 23 2006

 + fixed aux send related bugs, rearchitected internals
 + added multichannel ASIO output, hardware output option for each track/master
 + added master mute/solo controls
 + made split items split any grouped items too
 + fixed a bug when rendering and audio device gets reopened by activating app

v0.47 - Jan 22 2006

 + menu item for normalizing items
 + open in external editor menu item, configuration
 + made EDL TXT writing compatible with Vegas 6 (hopefully)
 + added version resource to reaper.exe

v0.46 super special deja vu revision - Jan 21 2006

 + fixed track panel volume slider redraw bugs
 + made muted busses show contained tracks as muted
 + clicking in the timeline or below all of the tracks now moves the cursor but does not
   deselect any selected items
 + made zoom keep cursor centered (rather than in the same place it used to be)
 + made VU meters show when a particular track/bus is muted (or not soloed)
 + made copy loopable clone set the loop flag even if source wasnt set for looping

v0.46 - Jan 21 2006

 + unlimited sends/receives for each track/bus
 + made the track view dim for muted/unsoloed items
 + made left/right move cursor by 1pix, shift+left/right can create/adjust selections,
   and ctrl+left/right seeks playback
 + fixed copy/paste across instances when relative pathname saving is enabled
 + added option to close audio device when stopped and reaper is not active (default)
 + added option to set media offline when stopped and reaper is not active (default)
 + offline media controls in menu
 + big optimizations to .wav writer (should be more stable for lots of tracks)
 + made wav writing default to 24bps
 + updates to dsound/waveout modes of audio system
   + fixed input device selection
   + better sync, recording sync is now more accurate (though still not as good as ASIO)

v0.45 deja vu edition - Jan 16 2006

 + added display of current audio device parameters in the right part of the top menu bar
 + fixed track name entry bug

v0.45 - Jan 16 2006

 + ui: added track height slider, removed a bunch of obsolete preference items (ctrl+mousewheel adjusts too)
 + ui: new custom bitmapped faders (holding ctrl while releasing goes back to original position, too)
 + ui: made scrollbar click focus the track view (for mousewheel etc -- thanks bas)
 + ui: changed envelope rendering order to be consistent with ui hit testing
 + ui: fixed scrollbars not updating in certain instances
 + ui: made project crop affect envelopes as well
 + ui: better volume string formatting
 + audio: projects can now specify a samplerate, which will be requested from the audio hardware
 + audio: ASIO samplerate configuration option
 + audio: fixed some audio closing on stop when disabled bug
 + new feature: remove all peaks command
 + new feature: project directory cleanup option (for Plat)
 + new feature: preliminary control surface support
   + Behringer BCF2000 preset 1 mode
   + BabyHUI mode (untested on a real BabyHUI, subset of real functionality)
   + Mackie Control mode (untested on a real Mackie, subset, etc.)
   + this will improve once we get access to more real hardware
 + new feature: envelope automation record modes (preliminary but neat)
 + midi: file reader fix, updated to use win32 file io and lock midi file when in use
 + import/export: fixed newer EDL TXT reading, made read EDL items use filename for titles
 + OGG Vorbis rendering output support (this is the reason for the installer size increase)
 + MP3/lame rendering output support if lame_enc.dll (and patent license where applicable)
   is present (we do not include it however)

v0.44 - Jan 10 2006

 + Core: huge improvements to playback stability (media reading worker thread, optional)
 + Core: prepared a lot of code for OGG/MP3 writing, coming soon
 + Core: greatly optimized audio inputs (for when large number of inputs are enabled)
 + Import/Export: EDL TXT support (for getting basic media item layouts from/to Vegas)
 + UI: made item split leave only left half selected
 + UI: separated play cursor from current position (where actions happen) cursor
 + UI: better auto view scrolling and zoom behavior
 + UI: left/right now move cursor/play position 
 + UI: fixed a bunch of dialog style issues (you can now tab just about everywhere)
 + MIDI: peaks display shows notes
 + MIDI: transpose option for MIDI files, in midi file info box
 + VST: subdirectory scanning
 + VST: latency compensation
 + VSTi: fixes to MIDI support for some synths
 + audio config: bugfix (config not loaded in certain instances)
 + audio config: show buffer size in samples for waveout/dsound/kernel streaming

v0.43 - Jan 6 2006

 + made configuration files stored in application data\reaper by default
   (if the config files exist in the exe dir they will be used instead)
 + basic VST effect and VSTi softsynth support
 + effect bypass support in effect list
 + DirectX plugins properly use channels/samplerate info for processing
 + made record arming of tracks able to be toggled while recording, and record 
   channel change (mono/stereo) creating new file(s) at the change)
 + record option to start a new file every X megabytes (1024 by default)
 + option to save relative pathnames in project file for media items
 + preferences uses treeview instead of tabs, to allow more stuff/better organization
 + preferences page for configuration of DX/VST/JS paths etc
 + preferences has audio configuration now
 + MIDI input and recording support (VSTi-only output)
   -- NOTE: the MIDI input support is very crappy at the moment, the accuracy of the timing of
      MIDI events is HORRIBLE. Sorry. It will be improved.
 + MIDI file reading support (VSTi-only output)
 + switched most media item/peaks file i/o to use native win32 functions, so no longer
   limited to 509 open files

v0.42 - Dec 27 2005

 + dockable mixer window that has master mixer, can have bus and track mixers too
 + changed track VU meters to work when shown even when not recording armed, shows output
 + changed recording of channel output to reflect volume/pan settings (though not mute/solo)
 + fixed some envelope related bugs
 + rewind/ffwd buttons (ala home/end)
 + improved zooming scrollbar accuracy

v0.41 - Dec 26 2005

 + made accidental item moves less likely
 + made holding alt toggle the auto crossfading settings
   (holding shift turns off snapping, control turns off grouping)
 + option for keeping envelopes attached to media items
 + better crossfade when dragging items across tracks
 + better snapping (snaps to closest items), menu item option for it
 + undo/redo history stack window
 + changed some keyboard controls -- space is now play/stop, ctrl+space is pause/play,
   and escape clears any loop selection
 + option for intersecting recording with selection region, for auto punch-in/out type functionality
   - it actually records everything, but just inserts the intersection into the project
 + optional master track view for envelopes
 + playspeed envelope on master track (playback only)
 + VU peak hold improvements when clipping
 + made loop selection part of undo state
 + directx plug-in tab support
 + better directx plug-in undo support, though not done quit yet
 + made buffering dx plugins fully supported by master fx channel
 + coming soon: mixer view

v0.40 - Dec 23 2005 - preview release

 + tons of ui cleanups, flicker reduction
 + media item normalization
 + missing fx plug-in graceful handling

v0.22 12/21/05

 + fixed recording on muted/solo items etc
 + made recording arm system better, for easier recording of busses etc 
   - this is an interesting realtime mixing/recording tool now :)
   - perhaps I should make a shoutcast source plugin
 + new VU meter

v0.21 12/20/05

 + redid a lot of code pertaining to track control window sizing
 + made busses collapsable

v0.20 12/18/05:

 + bus support
 + first installer, private release

Older Reaper Changelogs

  • v0.x - December 2005 - July 2006

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