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REAPER Keyboard Shortcuts

Under the surface of REAPER's GUI lies incredible power and flexibility. The following shortcuts are enabled by default. Open Preferences/Keyboard to edit existing shortcuts or add new ones.

Basic Program Operation

Ctrl NNew project
Ctrl OOpen project
Ctrl SSave project
Ctrl Alt SSave project as...
Ctrl Alt RRender project to disk
Ctrl Alt BSave live output to disk (bounce)...
Ctrl PView Preferences
Ctrl Alt NNew project tab
Alt EnterProject settings
Ctrl F1About box
Shift F1Keyboard shortcuts box
Ctrl ZUndo
Ctrl Shift ZRedo
Ctrl Alt ZShow Undo History Window

Transport controls

Enter Play/Pause
Space Play/Stop
Ctrl Space Play/Pause
R Toggle Repeat
Ctrl R Record (if any tracks are armed)
End Go to end of project
Home Go to beginning of project
W Go to beginning of project
" Go to cursor
' Go to play position
+ Zoom in horizontally
- Zoom out horizontally
0-9 Jump to marker 0-9
Ctrl J Jump to time window
Ctrl Left Rewind a little bit
Ctrl Right Fast forward a little bit

Edit Options

Alt L Show snap/grid settings
Alt S Toggle grid snapping
M Insert marker at current position
Shift M Insert and/or edit marker at current position

View control

Ctrl M Toggle mixer visible
Ctrl Alt M Toggle master track visible
Ctrl NumPad+ Zoom loop selection
Ctrl Page Up Zoom loop selection
Ctrl Shift Up Zoom in vertical
Ctrl Shift Down Zoom out vertical
Page Up Zoom in vertical
Page Down Zoom out vertical
Mousewheel Zoom horizontal
Ctrl Mousewheel Zoom vertical
Alt Mousewheel Scroll horizontal
Ctrl Alt Mousewheel Scroll vertical
` Toggle tracks to minimum height
~ Toggle tracks to maximum height
Alt Down Scroll view down
Alt Up Scroll view up
Alt Left Scroll view left
Alt Right Scroll view right
Left Move cursor left
Right Move cursor right
Shift Down Decrease peaks gain
Shift Up Increase peaks gain

Loop Selection

, Nudge loop selection left
. Nudge loop selection right
< Shift loop selection left (by loop selection length)
> Shift loop selection right (by loop selection length)
Shift Left Move cursor left, creating selection
Shift Right Move cursor right, creating selection
ESC Remove selection

Track Editing

Ctrl T Insert new track
V Toggle track volume envelope
P Toggle track pan envelope
Ctrl Down Nudge volume for selected tracks down
Ctrl Up Nudge volume for selected tracks up

Item Editing

S Split items at edit or play cursor
Shift S Split items at time selection
G Group items
Ctrl G Select all items in group
U Remove items from group
Ctrl A Select all
Ctrl C Copy selected items
Ctrl Shift C Copy selected portion of selected items
Ctrl Alt L Copy loop of selected portion of selected items
Ctrl X Cut selected items
Ctrl V Paste items
Delete Delete selected items
Insert Insert media files to project
Ctrl Alt E Open selected items in external editor
Ctrl Shift N Normalize selected items
T Select next take of selected items
Shift T Select previous take of selected items
Ctrl Shift T Delete current take of selected items
F2 Properties for selected items
Ctrl F2 Properties for selected items source media
NumPad 1/3 Move contents of selected items left/right but do not move the items themselves
NumPad 4/6 Move selected items left/right
NumPad 7/9 Move selected items left/right, but preserve timing of contents
NumPad 8/2 Move selected items up/down one track

Item Editing Modifiers

  • When moving a media item:
Shift Disables snapping
Ctrl Ignores grouping
Alt Moves item without moving contents
Alt Shift Moves contents without moving item
  • Sizing the edge of an item:
Alt Toggles auto-crossfading
Shift Disables snapping
Ctrl Ignores grouping

Envelope Editing Modifiers

Ctrl Disables snap-point-to-center
Alt Limits point movement to horizontal
Ctrl Alt Limits point movement to vertical
Shift if held when clicked on a point, duplicates point
Shift if held when clicked on an envelope segment, moves segment
Shift otherwise, allows you to change order of envelope points

Track Selection Modifiers

Shift Selects a range of tracks
Ctrl Toggles whether a track is selected without affecting other tracks
Ctrl on volume/pan faders When mouse released, will snap back to its original position

Main Page > REAPER Documentation

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