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REAPER In Action



REAPER is a digital audio workstation: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

The evaluation version of REAPER is complete and uncrippled. There are no artificial interruptions or restrictions, and you can save and load projects normally. REAPER Home Page

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The Wiki

Welcome to the documentation Wiki! A Wiki is always a "work-in-progress" and this one is no exception.
This Wiki is created and maintained by the user community (that's you and me) so - please - approach it that way.

If you find the answers you're looking for - brilliant. But if you don't... Don't forget that no one's paid to maintain this - so go find out the answer, experiment, ask in the forum at and then add the Wiki entry yourself :) You get a lot of benefit from understanding something well enough to document it. Careful though, it's addictive.

Please visit the Contributors portal for editing, help, housekeeping, discussions and more.

User's Guide

  • REAPER User Guide - This is "The User Guide" - Download this to learn about REAPER. It assumes very little knowledge and covers most subjects; an excellent resource.

Online Manual - Table of Contents:

Start Here If This is All New To You

  • About REAPER - An introduction to the software.
  • Quick Start! - This will get you going quickly with very little pain. Honestly.
  • Common Terms - Some phrases and words you'll need to know. Skim through it now and then come back whenever you need to.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions and (significantly) the answers to those questions.
  • Registration - Once you have evaluated the software you will need to buy a license and register it, this tells you how.

Documentation Sections:

Using The Software

The basics
  • Recording Audio - Get started recording Audio
  • Recording MIDI - Get started recording MIDI
  • Editing Items - Items, how to move, copy and paste, delete them and more.
  • Effects - Documentation of the bundled effects. Always incomplete but growing and still useful.
  • Rendering - Rendering, creating a single file, an MP3 (say), from a project. And more.
Going further
  • Automation - Automating playback so that the volume, pan, delay length is always exactly right for each item & track at every point in the project. Or if not always exactly right, always exactly the same at least.
  • Using Folders - Make your life easier by grouping tracks together logically.
  • Routing Matrix - managing your sends and receives.
  • Grouping and the Grouping Matrix - Grouping controls
  • Macros - Automate the tasks you do repeatedly, also called Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Rendering (freezing) - Print effects and synths to track
Going quite a lot further
  • Control Surfaces - Real knobs and sliders to adjust.
  • ReaMote - Process Effects on another computer in real-time and reduce the load on your main DAW computer.
  • ReaRoute - An ASIO driver that allows you to route audio to and from any other ASIO enabled application.
  • ReaScript - Add your own short-cuts etc. using the Perl & Python scripting languages. For those who feel a bit limited by Macros and AutoHotkey.
  • The API - Extend REAPER using C++.
  • ReWire - Allows applications to share audio, MIDI and synchronization data. Audio and MIDI data are transferred between the two applications in real-time, allowing you to use the features in each application.
  • Post Production - Getting started but with an emphasis on Post Production.
  • Importing Ninjam Sessions - Work with NINJAM sessions.
  • Video support - How to setup and use REAPER with video files.
  • Extensions and Plug-ins - Added features and workflow-enhancements for Reaper.


  • Menus - A Reference to the standard menu system.
  • Preferences - A guide to setting user preferences.
  • Action List - The action-dialog and complete reference of actions
  • MIDI Editor - A guide to the MIDI Editor
  • MIDI Glossary - Definitions of some MIDI terms.
  • Glossary - Definitions of some general music recording terms - and some REAPER terms.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Keyboard short-cuts to make your (recording) life smooth & trouble free (well, a bit)
  • Workspace - The Workspace, and how to play in it.

Learning Resources

Other Things...


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