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Recording audio in REAPER is a simple and straight forward process. Before you start recording your audio, make sure your audio device(sound card) is installed and recognized by REAPER. The following sections will take you from recording a single track to an entire band/orchestra, and setting up complex monitoring setups.

A very simple and quick video tutorial on how to record a track in REAPER can be found here:



Setting up your Audio device

See: Setting up your Audio device

Testing Play Back

Import an audio file from your computer onto a track to test playback from your device.

  1. Press "Insert"
  2. Choose file from computer
  3. File will be imported from computer, and added onto new track.
  4. Press "Spacebar".

Spacebar will play the audio file that is imported on the track. If your audio device and speakers are setup up correctly, then you should be able to hear the file being played back.

Setting up Track Input

REAPER records audio material onto a track. Thus, audio input is assigned per track.

  1. Create a new track, select an empty track on which you wish to record audio.
  2. Click on the "Record Arm" button of the desired track.
  3. Click on the "Input" drop-down menu on the track, and choose the input from which you wish to record audio.
  4. Check for incoming audio into the track by looking at the meter displayed on the track. The meter lights should bounce around if there is any incoming audio. You will not be able to hear what is being input on the track until you enable monitoring. To enable monitoring, jump to the section below. [2]]

You have successfully checked for incoming audio into the track. You are now ready to record you audio.

Recording A Track

Once you have setup the track input, recording a track takes only two steps:

  1. Click the "Record" button in the Transport Panel. This should begin recording audio material onto the selected track. As you record, REAPER will draw a waveform of the recorded material.
  2. Click the "Stop" button in the Transport Panel to stop recording. Your recorded file will now show in the Arrange Window, aligned with the track.

It's as simple as that.

Multi-Track Recording

If you want to record more tracks simultaneously, i.e., a band/ensemble or maybe even a large 40 piece orchestra, then multi-track recording is what you're looking for. Multi-Track Recording in REAPER is one of the easiest in any DAW. It is merely an extension of the concept of a single track recording. If your audio device permits the simultaneous recording of multiple audio sources(2 or more), then you can multi-track with REAPER by merely adding the number of tracks you want to record, and recording on them all as you would with a single track.

  1. Add any number of tracks that you wish to record.
  2. Setup the corresponding inputs on each of the tracks using the "Input" drop-down menu as discussed earlier.
  3. "Record Arm" all of the tracks.
  4. Hit Record!
  5. Once you're done, hit Stop.

That's all it takes! You have just multi-track recorded!


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Main Page > REAPER Documentation

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