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DOWNLOAD(32/64 bits) It is version! WARNING! change zip to rar if you have problems with unpacking!

Now with Midi2Tabs feature! Please read about Midi to Tab details below.

And now with Keyswitch feature!

To have Tablature Editor inside Reaper was always my dream.

GuitarPro is not flexible enough with sound and multi-contribution. You can only change you sound-font if your card supports that. RSA is limited to basic instruments. And you can contribute into song only yourself. Which is not very good when you work on material with your band.

Reaper has format that allows to have separate MIDI for separate tracks. This allows to keep project under source control systems. And contribute simultaneously!

  • Installation:
Just unpack .dll corresponding to bitness of your Windows to "<Reaper install folder>\Plugins"
And midi_all2channel to "<Reaper install folder>\InstallData\Effects\MIDI" 
  • Track initialization:
In menu you will find Extensions->TabEditor. And in Actions: SwitchTabMode.
Both of them convert selected midi item into tabulature. Most convenient way is to create a keyboard shortcut.
For vsti\dxi commutation you are free to decide between two options:
 1. Select VST/DXI instrument that supports all 16 channels. (I use sfz+ with 11 to 16 channels set to the same instrument).
 2. Use midi_all2channel FX to direct all channels to one and proceed as with usual one channel item.

By default strings are channels from 11 to 16. But you can adjust it in Source Properties (or by clicking next to close button). As well as tuning, strings count and key switches.

If you want to import GuitarPro midi, please export it with option "Force 11-16 channels".

  • Editor supports next keys:
arrow keys - to navigate over tabs and move selected note(s).
With Shift pressed moving changes its meaning: Up/Down keeps tone on moving, and Left/Right changes fret but not position.
0..9 (and numpad) - to enter fret number
Backspace and Del - to erase notes
Insert - to enter/exit insert mode
CTRL - to apply fret number in current position (in insert mode)
 (not very usual, but makes editing faster, resembles fly and fire game)
 you also can set your own short cut in Actions dialog, "TabEditor Extension" section.
To change note length please assign keys for Increase/Decrease in Actions dialog, "TabEditor Extension" section.
  • Mouse:
Double Click to go to build-in Midi Editor.
Mouse wheel over selected note(s) changes length, with Shift - string retaining tone, with Alt - position, with Ctrl - fret, with Ctrl+Alt - velocity
Drag&Drop to move notes around
Ctrl + Click to create note
Click on string creates pitch shift grip
Middle Click on string creates modulation bar
Selection with right mouse button pressed and shift pops up keyswitch insertion dialog

Editor navigates using current grid settings. To have changing grid settings at hand, please add keyboard shortcuts with measures you going to use. See Actions: "Grid: set to ..."

And now it supports conversion of pure MIDI to TABS!!!

MIDI to TAB conversion is not a trivial thing and it takes AI to be involved.
Same note can reside in different strings on guitar and solution must care about fitting all notes into fretboard.
So in this case unusual programming technique is used: plugin uses Prolog language for solving this puzzle.
I am still working on making solver smarter and smarter, but after all you always can manually polish it after automatic transformation.
Ability to drag notes up and down strings without changing tone makes it an interesting game to play.

Please test and write in forum about your experience. BugTracker: Please sign-in under {login: TabEditor @, password: TabEditor} and report bugs You can send dumps to TabEditor @

Please consider DONATION as giving your applauses every time you think this plugin is valuable.
You can find "donate" button in Source Properties(instrument dialog)
Plugin is still free, you can just test/use it.
But if you feel it is profitable for you, please support this project with donations.
You can give as much as you feel it costs.
For example, suppose you're student without money. But you love TabEditor so much that you collect 1$ during several months of starvations and donate it. Such donation will be much more valuable if it was a millionaire giving 1000$.
But if you are millionaire, your applause shall be generous as well. I don't mind having enough money to buy Apple for example. (I don't need Apple except for the sake of this project, BTW)
So consider it as applause. You can give several times, every time you feel that thing is good.
For working on this project I need to feel it is valuable.
Plans are great, to tell the truth. I am going to go beyond limits of string instrument, once I done with strings. Score editor, wind instruments etc...

With deep respect, Alexander Raud.


Special thanks to:
  Reaper team for API and help while solving difficult problems.
  Tim and Jeffos from Standing Water Studios for programming tips!
  EvilDragon and Gofer for active suggestions and testing.
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