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Video support in REAPER

REAPER supports inserting video items in your project. By default, each architecture uses a different playback system:

  • Windows: Video playback is provided by DirectShow
  • Mac OSX: Video playback is provided by QuickTime

This could be overridden by using the advanced FFmpeg support described below.

Rendering video

Starting with v3.52, REAPER supports loading and rendering into AVI and MKV (Matroska) files. The supported codecs are DV, FFV1 (lossless) and Huffyuv (lossless).

If the FFmpeg libraries are installed, a lot more video rendering formats will be available.


Note that when rendering video using the DV codec format, the video width and height have to be of a suppported DV profile. The 2 most common DV profiles are DV PAL (720x576@25fps) and DV NTSC (720x480@29.97fps).

Improved video support

Starting with v3.45, REAPER supports decoding and encoding video files using FFmpeg. FFmpeg provides faster video decoding and is usually more supported than the default DirectShow and QuicktTime architectures.

To install the improved video support, you'll need to obtain the FFmpeg libraries. These could be found at the following websites:

For REAPER x86, you'll need the 32 bit version. For REAPER x64, you'll need the 64 bit version.

You'll need to install the library files in the following folder:

  • Windows: REAPER's program file folder (usually C:\Program Files\REAPER). The needed files are:
    • avcodec-52.dll
    • avformat-52.dll
    • avutil-50.dll
    • swscale-0.dll
  • Mac OSX: <REAPER ini file dir>/UserPlugins (usually <home folder>/Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins)
    • Alternatively, you can compile your own version of FFmpeg and have it installed in /usr/local/lib. REAPER will first look in the UserPlugins folder, then in the local library folders.

You can check which video decoding system is used when right-clicking on a media item in REAPER and choosing Source Properties:



A video tutorial on how to sync up audio recordings to a video shot with any video camera and render it out can be found at the Homebrewed Music site :

More information and a discussion of the tutorial can be found here at the Reaper forums:

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